Real Housewives of Beverly Hills’ Joyce Giraud de Ohoven Wants to Tear Down Brandi Glanville On WWHL Tonight

Real Housewives of Beverly Hills' Joyce Giraud de Ohoven Wants to Tear Down Brandi Glanville On WWHL Tonight

No one should play the victim when they know exactly how to handle themselves. I mean we haven’t even heard anything much from newcomer Joyce Giraud de Ohoven on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills and yet sneaky Andy Cohen is going to put her on Watch What Happens Live so that she can continue her sob story. He’s only doing this to keep the viewers riding off of last week’s fight over Brandi Glanville’s racist ‘joke.’

Andy isn’t choosing to hear Joyce’s side out of any sense of camaraderie. Please know as he steps back to watch his divas got at it – remember that all of these feuds are good for TV and for him. It doesn’t make him a bad guy but he does need a few more scruples.

As for Joyce, she’ll most likely get into a history lesson tonight just to explain how hurt she was by Brandi but let’s simplify her response. Brandi had used “You’re Black” towards Joyce as a joke. Did it go over well? No, it did not. It kind of sounded really racist. Brandi was offensive that time and being an adult she owned up to what she did and apologized. Over and over again she apologized via phone interviews and Twitter. And although many would not agree; she should be forgiven for that when it was never a malicious comment or said from any misguided conviction. Brandi did it for shock value and everyone at the time knew it.

Brandi does not deserve to lose gigs from that comment. Joyce could have defended herself in real time but instead she was passive. She kept her comments to her solo interviews.  Going as far to bring up that she was quarter this and quarter that. One question for her though. What does she fill in under race? Nowadays anyone can fill in all their identifying circles on racial identity forms rather than being forced to decide on one.  It’s highly doubful she’d filled in all the circles that she claims she’s a part of.  Joyce probably fills in Latina or Puerto Rican if available and leaves it at that. So she can’t get upset at being called Black when she most likely denies her own African American heritage.

She didn’t grab onto that comment because she was offended. She did it to shut Brandi up. All vacation long Brandi was pushing her buttons. Brandi was simply a horrible person to her during what was meant as a rest and relaxation getaway. It’s perfectly understandable if Joyce lost it with her at least once. Want to be mad at a woman then do so. Joyce is an adult! Don’t going running to Andy to tattletale and then play the race card. If you have problems with Brandi then take her aside and talk to her alone. Doing it in front of crowd means you want people to sympathize with you. Speaking behind Brandi’s back about being hurt is playing for sympathy.

Why should anyone fight Joyce’s battles for her? Two grown women should be able to work things out without any type of cheering squad.

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