Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 Filming Problems: Teresa and Joe Guidice’s Trial Timing Trouble

Real Housewives of New Jersey Season 6 Filming Problems: Teresa and Joe Guidice's Trial Timing Trouble

Filming of Season 6 of Real Housewives of New Jersey is not going well. Production started later than planned and now there are problems with the storyline of the show.

Radar Online is reporting Teresa Giudice and Juicy Joe’s fraud trial is being pushed back to April 2014. Production was moved up to capture the trial but now Bravo won’t get any of that footage. I previously wrote Teresa begged Bravo not to air any footage of the trial. It looks like Tre got her Christmas miracle.

Bravo will also miss out on Jacey’s other legal trouble on film. In November Joe went to court regarding another fraud case. He was there to answer to charges of obtaining a false driver’s license. Producers were not able to get everything together to start production until the beginning of December.

To add insult to injury new cast members Nicole and Teresa Napolitano are not doing well. They don’t like the drama and threatened to quit the show. A source told Radar Online “The twins are over it and ready to quit. I don’t see them lasting longer than this season.”

Something that would give the show a shot in the arm is unfortunately not available to the New Jersey producers. Former cast member Albert Manzo (Caroline’s husband) is involved in a scandal right now. A former employee is suing him and his brother, Tommy’s, for racist and sexist behavior. The accuser said Albert and his staff at The Brownstone banquet hall made her feel very uncomfortable while she was working. Albert denies these allegations.

Bravo should just cut their losses and cancel season 6. Their juicy story line is gone, the new blood is not breathing life into the show and they brought back a cast member that has no personality (Kathy Wakilie). The only thing left is seeing what Dina Manzo will bring to the table. She made up with her sister Caroline Manzo but don’t count on a cameo appearance by the red haired dragon. Caroline and her family are busy filming their spin off show Manzo’d with Children. My guess is Bravo will film Dina’s divorce from her husband, Tommy. I’m sure the producers and editors will come up with something creative. Last season they edited out crucial moments the audience should have seen to put the story together. Also, they showed the events out of sequence to heighten the drama.