Rihanna Thinks Chris Brown Is Scum And Won’t Have Him Back – She’s The Most Eligible B**ch In Town

Rihanna Thinks Chris Brown Is Scum And Won't Have Him Back - She's The Most Eligible B**ch In Town

Rihanna and Chris Brown have been in limbo for several months now, with their on-again/off-again relationship confusing everybody. Right now, reports state that the Rihanna and Chris are separated, but that the separation might not be permanent. However, a source close to Rihanna saidthat even if Chris wants to get back together with her, Rihanna is not interested because she’s sick of his behavior and thinks she’s more eligible than him.

The source, speaking very eloquently might I add, says, “Rihanna’s tired of this back and forth s**t [with Chris]. A b**** wants someone that’s going to be down for her and respect her. She just need to be about her tour and not worry about that fool. She’ll be all right. She’s the most eligible b**** in town.”

Way to not sugarcoat it, supposed insider person. This insider source also added that Rihanna is not actively looking to date, explaining, “If someone comes across her path, and they’re both feeling it, then she’d make a move. But my b***h isn’t searching for anybody. She’s not thirsty, that’s all.”

Is this a new strategy? ‘Sources’ are going to be talking in gangster speak to seem more legitimate? I mean, I buy the report – but I don’t necessarily buy that someone speaking to a tabloid would talk like that. Then again, what do I know? I never thought Rihanna would go back to Chris in the first place.

That being said, I love how this ‘source’ was so honest about this situation, without sugarcoating anything. I don’t know whether I’d call Rihanna the ‘most eligible b**** in town’, but she’s hell of a lot more eligible than Chris Brown is. She deserves better, and always has.

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