Robert Pattinson Abandons Kristen Stewart For Golden Globe Party With Old Friends (Photos)

Robert Pattinson Abandons Kristen Stewart For Golden Globe Party With Old Friends

Things between Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been tense since a nasty string of holiday fights. The couple are on our celebrity break up watch list, and for good reason! They’re never out and about looking casual, carefree, or happy, and instead look tense and irritable. Sources on Rob’s side say he’s unhappy with her, and looking for a way out. We’ve also heard that Kristen is trying to tie him to her using weird, borderline gross sex. (It would be less gross if she would just consent to showering with any regularity. Alas!) But tonight, Rob enjoyed a rare night away from her, opting for a party with friends.

Rob appeared at the Golden Globes, presenting with Amanda Seyfriend. Despite the completion of the Twilight franchise, he was bombarded with questions about his former alter ego. It looked like he regretted coming for a bit actually. Why did he make the appearance? He gushed, “It looked exciting! I’ve watched it the last few years.” Maybe now he’ll have learned: once the world’s leading vampire, always a vampire! He also went to support his favorite actor, Joaquin Phoenix, who was nominated for best actor in a dramatic film for The Master (and lost to Daniel DayLewis in Lincoln).

But the night wasn’t all irritating questions and disappointment! Rob reconnected with fellow Brit and longtime bud Eddie Redmayne, who just broke my heart with his performance in Les Miserables (and then again in My Week With Marilyn, which I rewatched because I hadn’t realized it was him!). The two were sat at he same table, and enjoyed a quick drink at the bar before the show began. During his presentation, Rob looked comfortable and in good spirits, leading me to conclude that the best medicine for him is immediate removal of happiness-sucker Kristen! Rob is a pretty smiley guy during interviews, but it was nice to see him let loose with people his own age. Do you think their relationship is reaching its own twilight?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet