Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson New Year’s Eve Together With Secret Engagement Plans?

Kristen Stewart And Robert Pattinson New Year's Eve Together With Secret Engagement Plans?

Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson began this year together, and they’re ending it apart, leaving a shallow hole in many Twi-hard hearts where hope used to lie. I kid. Well, I hope I’m kidding. Don’t worry Twi-hards, we’ve got some good news for you. Rob and Kristen have been apart for the better part of the year, save a few random reunions here and there. Despite everyone’s assumptions on the status of Kristen’s and Rob’s relationships, we’d always heard that they were staying friends, even if they had some ‘fun’ hanging out. For lack of a better term, let’s just say they were friends who were slightly more than friends.

Anyway, at that point, Rob was still not interested in getting back together, even if Kristen was. He’d been humiliated and betrayed, and he just wasn’t ready to get back into that relationship, despite his feelings. But after a few failed flings and a few more realizations, our sources tell us that Rob is seriously looking at a possible reconciliation with Kristen. They claim that he’s been missing her more and more lately, especially since he broke up with Dylan Penn. Think about it – a guy like Rob would never stay single for months on end, especially if he’s looking for a rebound. Unless he wanted to stay single, of course.

Rob and Kristen did date for many years, and it was always obvious that Rob had a crush on her even before that. He pretty much admits that he took the first Twilight movie solely because of Kristen, and it’s not impossible to think that he would still have feelings for her. Obviously, everything’s still early, and he could easily change his mind. But the fact that he’s even thinking about getting back together probably means that he’s at least allowing himself to forgive her, bit by bit.

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  • These two are ridiculous.

  • jcars

    God, just let it go. These two haven’t been seen together in months.

  • thebutcher

    Your obsession with these 2 talentless nobodies is pathetic

  • catherinedove

    Not ONE of you has a good reason to NOT KISS AND MAKE UP! )*(

    Why is 50 Shades of Grey So Addictive for Many Women and HOW Could Twilight Have Inspired These Power-Play Novels? What is the difference between Twilight obsessions and every other teenage obsession like Elvis, The Beatles or Harry Potter, etc.? Twilight obsessions were ACCIDENTALLY caused by professional NEGLIGENCE as opposed to creative BRILLIANCE. There is no other FANBASE on this PLANET – and there NEVER HAS BEEN – that is so
    divided, hateful and MEAN to each other.

    Stephenie Meyer and her ARMY of desperate housewives – Book on the obsessions of OLDER TwiLadies coming out for Twilight’s 10th Anniversary in 2015. Only you can STOP it – or SEARCH explaintwilightbreakingdawnending on blogspot for the TRUTH about robsten and info on Hollywood’s long-standing & misogynistic smear campaign against Twihards. SIGN the petition for Hollywood to initiate its

  • ellenj49

    They are done. This story is bull. Robs not inclined to reconcile. It’s sad that they split but Kristen’s mistake ruined it. She knows it. Had she been true she’d probably be married to him by now. Don’t get more wrong, I love Kristen. She’s great but, she really screwed it up. Now she is paying the price. She lost him forever. I feel for her. It was an immature mistake but it had harsh consequences. I wish her the best and to have a good future. I’m sure she learned a lesson the hard way. Rob is moving on and working hard. Wish him the best also.

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