Kristen Stewart Called The Paparazzi To Out Her Secret Relationship With Robert Pattinson: Trampire Attempts To Boost Her Image

Kristen Stewart Called The Paparazzi To Out Robert Pattinson Secret Relationship: Trampire Attempts To Boost Her Image

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart are having sex, and the Twihards have stopped stalking message boards and forums. Rob and Kristen met up at Rob’s house in Beverly Hills, and they reportedly spent four hours on Wednesday and then attempted to hang out later. The paparazzi cock blocked them, but it’s not for lack of trying.

So there’s a couple of different questions that have arisen from this situation. 1) Are Rob and Kristen back together, or are they just having a fling? As we all know, exes do have momentarily lapses in judgment and they often return to each other when they’re feeling lonely. We can only hope that’s what happened with Rob, and that he’ll realize that he’s much better off without the trampire in his life.

2) How did the paparazzi find them? Rob lives in a gated community, and there haven’t been any pap pictures of Kristen or Rob published within the last few weeks. Of course, both of them are popular paparazzi targets, but it’s still suspicious that E! Online managed to get an exclusive on them hanging out, especially if either one of them were being followed by their regular tail of paparazzi. Kristen’s known to have called the paparazzi when it suits her, so I actually wouldn’t be too shocked to find out that she did that here. Her image is still in the dumps, and she might have thought that a possible reunion with Rob might make her look better, especially in the eyes of her ‘fans’.

Obviously, that’s still an unlikely situation considering that both Kristen and Rob looked shocked and irritated when they saw paparazzi trailing them after their rendezvous. But I can guarantee you – Rob is going to be very, very careful after this. Kristen may not care about whether the public sees them together, but Rob has a lot more to lose. He’s already looked at as a pansy for going back to Kristen once after she cheated on him and humiliated him, and if he gets back together with her, all the public sympathy he ever garnered is going to be thrown down the toilet.

What do you guys think? If Rob and Kristen are actually back together, do you think they should dispense with the evasion tactics and just come out with it? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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  • busybeeblogger

    Is she now going to complain that the paps won’t leave her alone?

  • AirTita

    They shouldn’t “announce” it if they’re together but if they are, they shouldn’t “hide” it either. Public opinion shouldn’t factor into it. If your reputation, public perception, etc., is more important than your relationship then you shouldn’t be in one.

  • carrie

    Stewart is known to call paps ? when? when she kissed the director in the street?
    since some weeks,the rumors are that Stewart and Pattinson came back in touch

  • saraemna3

    How can you tell if Rob was shocked and irritated. You can’t even make out that it is him. If Rob goes back to Kristen and she hurts him again, then he must be into that. I am so done with their relationship, but I do like his movies and will watch whatever comes out.

  • Sandy Cheeks

    lol, the op is a bitter & silly nonnie. :D

  • Lourdes M. Collazo

    If anyone needed some damage control was Robert for his constant partying and womanizing ways. And I really suspect E! has become part of Rob’s team pr… And for the love of God, stop calling Kristen names, for the sake of your daughters… you could be the next victim of harassment, because that’s the legal term of what went on with Mr. Sanders.

  • allie

    I’m so over this girl, and he’s so much better off without her.

  • Janelle

    Robert just doesn’t learn, does he?

  • 1Jazzi2

    Real truth Liberty said she had and affair with Rupert and stupid Twilight garbage is coming out. So this silly ho think she can pull a pr trick on her silly fans.

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