Robert Pattinson And Sarah Gadon Getting Closer On Set, Should Kristen Stewart Be Worried?

Robert Pattinson And Sarah Gadon Getting Closer On Set, Should Kristen Stewart Be Worried? 0721

This is a little disappointing to me. Not because I’m Robsten FOREVER but because she doesn’t seem his type. I actually liked the Riley Keough connection. She made sense because she also wore that “Don’t f-ck with me. Don’t you know I’m a badass?” expression all the time similar to Kristen Stewart. She’s basically Kristen 2.0 and a lot of fun gossip can come out of that. But Sarah Gadon? Who the hell is Sarah Gadon?

Well, we are about to find out. I just checked out her IMDB page and she’s got like 100 movies coming out this year and then I realized I’ve seen her in a couple things – mostly David Cronenberg movies. That’s where she and Robert Pattinson are supposedly “bonding” right now on the set of the new Cronenberg film, Map to the Stars.

Here’s what a source told The Mirror: “The pair are filming out in Toronto and they have an obvious chemistry. They laugh a lot. But they are also very serious about their work and have been discussing their roles and rehearsing loads together, one on one…. Rob is in no hurry to get a new girlfriend, though, so officially he and Sarah are still very much just friends – but it’s definitely a case of watch this space.”

I suppose we should just get used to this. From here on out Rob and Kristen will be linked to whoever they’re working with. It doesn’t help that they both have a history of dating whoever they are working with. But if you were Kristen, who would you rather Rob be rebounding with – Riley or Sarah? I’d have to say Riley. Kristen can handle Riley but Sarah is a wild card. She’s on the upswing, super beautiful, and poised to jump into the limelight this year. So who else thinks the source on this Robert Pattinson and Sarah Gadon story was Sarah’s publicist? What better way to break onto the public’s radar right now then by creating a faux relationship with Robert Pattinson?

Photo Credit: FameFlynet Pictures

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6 responses to “Robert Pattinson And Sarah Gadon Getting Closer On Set, Should Kristen Stewart Be Worried?”

  1. DesPee says:

    In what world is Gadon on the upswing? Wake me when someone not named Cronenberg gives her a job.

    But sure we’ll play pretend. But I do think she’s Pattinson’s type. She won’t take the limelight from him. She could be an EXCELLENT. +1.

  2. JenFre says:

    Not buying it, same crap back during Cosmopolis. Then today they are trying to link him with Mia.

  3. charlotte crowder says:

    Come on every time Rob gets close to a woman “watch out Kristen”. Why? Who cares they are not together are they?Someday maybe we will find out the TRUTH but not any time soon. Even apart they are still hounded!!! Go bother Miley and Liam. Oh yes!! Kristen was holding Garrison’s hand while he helped her down some steps!!! Watch out Rob Kristen is OVER you!!!

    • thebutcher says:

      This “author” and I use the term very losely, has a very messed up infatuation with them. I swear she thinks these 2 are royalty or something. Why worship 2 actors who don’t have any talent what so ever. My ex got me to watch the movie she did with charlize theron. Her acting was THE WORST I’ve seen in years. I fell asleep during the movie because I thought it was all around shit

  4. Sarah Gandom in a relationship with Robert Paterson, real or fake, I could not care less!! This is ballyhooed for generate interest free of media for the film and yet does not interest me!

  5. […] Ok, so starting from the beginning – people seem to not understand this, but Rob was the one who made the decision to break up with Kristen. While I’m sure he’s had his fair of flings and rebound hookups after he broke up with Kristen, he literally wouldn’t have time to be in all the relationships that the tabloids have linked him to in the past month. What happened with him and Katy Perry, well I’ll leave it to you guys to figure that out [wink]. But sources say that nothing concrete happened with him and Riley Keough [a.k.a. while they may have slept together, they were never dating], and the latest rumors of his dalliance with Sarah Gadon are false. […]