Robert Pattinson Dating Riley Keough? Weekend Mystery Woman Finally Identified

Robert Pattinson Dating Riley Keough? Weekend Mystery Woman Finally Identified

It didn’t take very long but sources are saying that they’re pretty, just about, almost, quasi sure that the woman Robert Pattinson spent all weekend with was Riley Keough. Robert Pattinson and Elvis’ granddaughter were spotted out Saturday in Los Angeles when he bought and transported a ping pong table back to his place. Many thought the mystery red head in the passenger seat could have actually been Kristen Stewart, the two likenesses were so similar, but that seems unlikely now since Kristen just landed in Paris looking not exactly like a chick who spent the weekend reconciling with her ex.

Now let’s get to the point. Is Robert Pattinson dating Riley Keough? I have no idea and no one else does either. Riley seems to always be engaged and/or dating someone. Just a couple years ago it was, inexplicably, Ryan Cabrera and then she was attached to Alex Pettyfer after he broke it off with Dianna Agron but that fizzled out. Then she was briefly (reportedly) attached to Jennifer Lawrence’s ex, Nicholas Hoult, after he broke up with his Oscar-winning beau. Riley just always seems to find herself in the right place at the right time when young Hollywood actors are on the rebound.

And here’s the real kicker, she’s Kristen’s co-star from The Runaways. What is with Kristen’s friends? Why did they all side with Rob post break-up (see also: Katy Perry). Is Rob too big a catch making all loyalties completely fly out the window? Or do they just know she never was that into him to begin with? We’ll have to wait and see. But I can totally believe in this couple. Riley’s got the musical background to entice Rob and she’s also one of those wannabe free-spirited types. Katy Perry I didn’t understand but this attraction is all too obvious. Still though… they could be just friends who like ping pong… right?


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