Are Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Having Sex Again?

Are Robert Pattinson And Kristen Stewart Having Sex Again? 1015

Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart’s reconciliation photos are flooding every news agency this morning. But the pics aren’t having the desired effect of answering the age old question of “Are Rob and Kristen really back together?” I can stalk Charlie Hunnam all day long and even manage to get creepy close for a snapshot for my desktop/facebook/twitter/instagram pages but that doesn’t mean we’re going home together at the end of the night. So we got the pictures of Rob and Kristen. Great. That’s step one. But now we have to critique their body language and guestimate whether they’re having sex. It’s only then will we climb the stages of lameness and figure out if Rob and Kristen are the real deal or just using us to sell their new movie. Oh, what we’ll do for the truth!

So have you watched the video? I did because that’s what I do at night when they’re no Real Housewives reunion specials on. It was… telling? I don’t know. On the one hand Rob and Kristen looked like the familiar couple that’s been together long enough that they don’t have to glue to each other’s sides when their friends are around. Rob held court on his side and Kristen on hers. Fine. Cool. Whatever. Then Rob finally goes over to her and they touch a little and sort of get close and then after a few moments they notice the paparazzi are watching and scatter.

Real enough. So they’re together then? Not so fast! The group of friends was small and neither of the two were hiding in the fray. Why were they outside to begin with? I didn’t see anyone smoking. Does California have smoking bans in bars? I’ll need to check that out. Regardless, Rob and Kristen stood next to each other just long enough for the photographer to get some shots in before they scurried off. Kristen definitely knew the photographer was there. She was looking right at it so I’m surprised she waited so long to hide. I know I’ve been an Kristen/Rob apologist for awhile now but I’ve got to say… this shit was staged… and uncomfortable.

So let’s say all these sightings are staged, does it matter? Does it prove Rob and Kristen are faux fooling around? I don’t think so. They could easily still be together but playing along with Summit to excite people over the next movie. I’ve said it before. The first two movies were so much fun because no one knew for sure if they were a couple and it was entertaining to analyze and guess. We’ve back to where we started!

Look, I have no idea if Rob and Kristen are kicking it in the sheets (although their psychiatrist told them not to ). I would love to leave them alone and let them figure everything out, but because everything feels so staged, they’re leaving themselves up to the scrutiny and talk. I never thought Rob and Kristen played the game. I thought they were the cool kids; the anti-Hollywood bunch; the anti-brat pack but it seems like I was fooled. The issue isn’t whether they’re back together or not, it’s if they’re using their relationship status to sell their movie. I’m no fool. I know that happens. Jennifer Aniston has made millions of dollars and tons of crappy movies off the idea but I thought Kristen was better. I thought she was different. But her momentary indiscretion with Rupert Sanders continues to haunt her. Not only has it potentially ruined her relationship with Rob but it also stripped her of her confidence to walk against the grain. And that is much worse.

Have you looked at the pics? Are Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart having sex again? Do you think the body language is familiar or uncomfortable?

Photo Credit: Famefly