Robert Pattinson Writing Break Up Album About Kristen Stewart?

Robert Pattinson Writing Break Up Album About Kristen Stewart?  0614

I’ve got to say it. Poor thing! My heart bleeds for Kristen Stewart in these pics. Here she is just minding her own business in LA yesterday and some paparazzo caught up with her. He followed her for awhile too. And she was pissed. She didn’t lose her shit though. You have to give her credit there. She kept it together. She looked like she wanted to break a few times but she kept her middle fingers in line. At least she’s trying, right? She’s not cloistered in her house avoiding sunlight and protein like all the tabloids seem to suggest. She’s out and about unlike SOME people who are sneaking into Bjork concerts and taking girls to weddings.

Oh but Robert Pattinson is hiding because he’s grieving! Actually he’s grieving and writing. Robert Pattinson is a double threat after all.  According to The Sun, Rob and his trusty guitar are creating music to get over the break up. He’s written a few songs that he plays for friends when they come over. Jesus Christ how much does that have to suck for them? I’d bet Rob’s company has dwindled as of late….

Apparently Robert Pattinsons music is not meant for any record labels. It’s just for the healing process. I want to punch myself in the face right now. It’s too early for this nonsense. This is The Sun so let’s assume it’s complete bullshit but god damn! You broke up with her! You are taking her ex-friend Katy Perry all over town. You have knew Dior ads splashed all over the place. You are the victim in the public’s eye. Stop crying!

This might be it for me and Rob. Kristen, and my love for Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, were pretty much the only things holding me to him. But now that’s gone. It’s pretty safe for me to think he’s never going to win me over with his acting. And if there’s no break up album then I’m just bored by this whole thing. Taylor Swift should call him up and set him straight! Break up albums are the best for gossip and keep people interested so much longer than they should be.


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