Kristen Stewart Fights Back Against Robert Pattinson, Katy Perry Relationship

Kristen Stewart Fights Back Against Robert Pattinson, Katy Perry Relationship 0611

I like this new Kristen Stewart. Just look at how agreeable she’s been lately! A day can’t go by without her stopping to take a pic with fans (smile included) and she looks relatively well-groomed and washed. Perhaps she wasn’t a fan of those “Kristen Stewart Too Brokenhearted To Bathe stories…. Or maybe she’s tired of the Robert Pattinson/Katy Perry rumors going around. As we reported Katy and Rob snuck in a Bjork show together this weekend in Hollywood. That’s the same day Kristen posed with a fan for this latest instagram pic. Coincidence or conspiracy?


I like to think it’s a quasi-coincidence. I’m sure Kristen hears through the grapevine the comings and goings of Rob and Katy but I also like to think Kristen knows Katy has absolutely no interest in the vamp that sparkles. Katy might think she’s playing us and throwing us off the John Mayer scent but Kristen would know better. The Kristen Stewart fan pic is just pure self-preservation at this point. And good for her. Why does she have to be the one who’s moaning around her mansion, upset and dejected? Why can’t she take the break up like a man and move on? She has friends. She has upcoming jobs. Why is she always the pathetic one?

So I’m not saying these little photo ops aren’t little publicity stunts. Kristen has done them in the past but there seem to be more lately, right? I totally prefer them to her middle finger (although it isn’t half as fun for gossip). But they are showing she’s willing to play. She’s not going down without a fight. She got dumped. So what? That’s nothing. Rob made the first move and ran off with Katy. Did he want the press to pick it up and insinuate they were dating? Fine. He can win that game. But the true test it to see whose career can survive post-Twilight. And that’s where Kristen will flourish. Trust.

Photo Credit: Famefly/Instagram

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  • diana

    Guys I don’t get you Im proud of her shes awesome the way she is just look how happy she is and how great it is to see her with her fans. I mean it doesn’t matter if her relation ship is over there are 7 billion people in the world she can chose from. The haters that comment on Kristen’s stuff if you don’t like her why comment there’s no point you wasting time commenting bad stuff about her because to be honest shes the greatest actress of all she doesn’t care how she dresses she doesn’t mind how cheap or expensive stuff she wears are shes like us and she will always be like us so guys don’t comment if you hate or another way dislike her because shes awesome the way she is and you cant change her by saying really stupid things about her which you would probably not like if someone will say to you. Xx

  • Janet L Davis

    Katy Perry, the first rule in the book o’ female is:
    Thou shalt NOT try to fuck your friends man.


    I’m not Stewart fan, but I’m not a Perry fan anymore now either. Or Pattinson come to think of it….actually I like Kristen the most of all now. Huh. Go figure…..I guess hell HAS frozen over.

  • saraemna3

    But, he wasn’t shown in broad daylight making out with another person, was he?

  • Lojze

    @JJ yep so bad she is laughing all the way to the bank

  • saraemna3

    I did not even know who she was until Twilight. I did know who he was in Harry Potter. I would never have bothered to see any of her movies but I will see all of his. As he gets older, he gets better. Lots of directors and authors are wanting him for a project.

  • syl

    She did the wrong thing in the relationship, he adored her which the whole world could see and its going to be a long road back but I do think that there are few people in this world which are meant for eachother like these two are. Personally I think everyone of us out there would have trouble getting over someone cheating on us if that’s all you heard about and had screamed at you (papz)when out in public, its hard enough to work things out in private so imagine if the whole fuckin world was part of your pain.

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