The Bachelor Season 17 Contestant Sarah Herron Wants To Build A Future With Sean Lowe

The Bachelor Season 17 Contestant Sarah Herron Wants To Build A Future With Sean Lowe

The first month of a new series of The Bachelor or The Bachelorette is always heard—there are so many girls, and most fall through the cracks during the editing process. It’s hard to give equal screen time to 15 women, so viewers don’t get a good idea of who’s on the show. This season, Sarah Herron has been one of the lucky ladies to get screen time from early on. Sarah was born with one arm, and the show seems rooted to her disability, and the awkward lack of awkwardness about her condition makes for good TV.

Last week, we watched Sarah and Bachelor Sean Lowe enjoy a one-on-one date together, during which they jumped of a 30-story building. “It made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world,” Sarah said of the date. The two bonded immediately, and Sarah opened up, sharing a terrible story in which she wasn’t allowed to go zip lining because of her arm. But after that night, Sarah “felt sparks and could definitely picture . . . building a future with him.”

But like all contestants, she’s learning that it won’t all be fireworks and champagne. “I woke up the next morning realizing it was going to be a lot harder than I thought [because] X number of girls get to go out with him.” But Sarah won’t be discouraged by the unique circumstances their relationship is growing in. “I felt so strongly that Sean is this incredible guy that I’ve looked for all my whole life,” she gushed.

Sarah’s list of pros wasn’t lacking. She described Sean as “100 percent authentic, patient, passionate, compassionate, creative, sporty, adventurous, good-looking, and a gentleman. He has a very big heart and an awesome sense of humor.” But it doesn’t stop there! Sarah describes Sean, who is, by all definitions, a hunk, as having “this way of making you feel like you are this incredible, perfect woman.”

Sean’s charisma is certainly having it’s affect on the other contestants. Last week, we saw women crying over him, after being denied one-on-one time. During the rose ceremony, the girls got vicious, relentlessly stealing Sean away, refusing to give up any opportunity to bond with him. “This coming episode is going to be a pretty big shocker,” Sarah teases. “True colors are coming out; there’s a lot of drama . . . Sean does something that really surprised me. I didn’t see it coming.”

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