Scott Disick To Take DNA Test To Prove Mason Is His Son – Kourtney Kardashian Has Doubts!

Scott Disick To Take DNA Test To Prove Mason Is His Son - Kourtney Kardashian Has Doubts!

So the latest story from OK! Magazine claims that Scott Disick has agreed to take a paternity test to prove that he’s the father of Kourtney Kardashian’s son, Mason. If you’ve been following this whole debacle, you’ll know that Michael Girgenti, Kourtney’s supposed ex, has been claiming that Mason is the result of a one night stand between him and Kourtney several years ago. Michael issued a challenge to Scott to take a paternity test and prove that he’s Mason’s son.

Now, a source tells OK! that Scott is apparently determined to take the test. This source, who claims to be a family member, supposedly told OK!, “Of course, Scott will take a DNA test, just to quiet the doubters.” This family member also added, “I don’t like what this is going to do to our family. I hope to god it doesn’t go to court.”


Ok, you had me until this family member ‘hoped’ the case didn’t go to court. If you know anything about the Kardashians at all, you will know they thrive on any bit of publicity, especially the amount that a court case would get them. Also, considering that Kim Kardashian is already involved in a court case, and other members of the family have been before as well, there is absolutely nothing this kind of court case would do to the family that hasn’t been done before. Besides, this court case would probably paint the Kardashians as winners, which is even better for them.

Let’s be real here – no one legitimately doubts that Scott is actually Mason’s father. For one thing, Mr. Girgenti’s claims have giant, gaping plot holes in them. For another, this sort of scandal is exactly the kind of the thing that keeps the Kardashian name in the news and makes the family look sympathetic, and it wouldn’t be surprising at all to hear that Michael was paid off to make these ridiculous claims. Even if he wasn’t, and he’s just another golddigger out for fifteen minutes of fame – it won’t make any difference. Scott might well end up taking the DNA test – but it wouldn’t be to ‘quiet’ the doubters, it would be to stretch out this ridiculous saga as long as possible.

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  • BlaKat

    He (Scott ) knows, knows, knows-
    that he is his.
    I mean, come on’
    He looks exactly like him.

  • BlaKat

    Scoot KNOWS that he is his.
    I mean, come on’
    He looks just like him.

  • For how may Koutney dated I’m sure she has her doubts! Well, if that’s the case might as well to be certain and take that DNA test to have the result and to prove something about these doubts and speculations…

  • Tina Kay

    Excuse me but I am not blind. That little cute boy does not look like Scott in the least and I mean that whole heartedly. I would not be surprised that this guy has a real concern regarding this otherwise he would not do this. I am usually right too. Hopefully the truth will come out.

    • alyce1213

      The little boy looks just like his mother’s family. Have you really never seen a child who did not resemble one parent, but looked like the other?