Sean Lowe Defends Himself Against Catherine Giudici Breakup Rumors

Sean Lowe Defends Himself Against Catherine Giudici Breakup Rumors

In front of cameras, Sean Lowe and Catherine Giudici have been blissfully happy – after a seemingly idyllic engagement [on national television, no less], the couple has been seen out and about in Los Angeles, looking happy and loved up while Sean competes on Dancing With the Stars.

Now, a large part of the rumors surrounding Sean and Catherine’s love life has to do with the simple fact that the general public likes reading about them. After having watched the Bachelor and gone through the entire season with Sean, they feel like they know him and are invested in what he does. However, the other part of it is that Sean opened himself up to speculation by putting his private life out in the public, and he really shouldn’t expect any leniency from the tabloids.

The tabloids have obviously been having a field day with Sean’s ‘no sex until marriage’ pact, as well as his budding friendship [relationship, flirtation, etc?] with DWTS partner Peta Murgatroyd. Of course, it helps that Peta oozes sensuality and is an accomplished dancer to boot, something you would be hard-pressed to say of Catherine.

However, Sean has now hit out against the tabloid rumors in an interview with E! Online, saying, “Every time Catherine and I go to the grocery store, we will flip through the tabloid magazines and it’s all fictitious. We couldn’t be happier. I’m so happy that we are finally in the same city having somewhat of a normal relationship. I couldn’t be happier!”

That’s a lot of repeat sentences about how he simply ‘couldn’t be happier’. Trying a little too hard to prove something there, are we Sean? For the record, I don’t think anybody would call his relationship ‘somewhat normal’. For now, though, we’ll have to continue buying into their façade, especially as long as fans like this exist on Twitter:  “When you start having dreams that Sean Lowe is leaving Catherine for you, you know you have an obsession #thebachelor.”

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  • regardless what Sean Lowe does or says, tabloids will always be taking it out of context to their benefit or advantage, that is to sell their so called news .Tabloids have no concept of empathy nor respect for ppl’s feelings, they believe once ppl choose to be in the limelight, they lose their right to defend themselves or refute the lies thrown out there by tabloids.Am positive, if Sean didn’t say anything about how happy they are, they’d bring in a body language expert to put their 2 cents.Am one of the millions who watched season 17 of the Bachelor, & IMO, Sean & Catherine’s romance that led to them falling in love gave the Bachelor a wholesome, endearing, real, genuine rep as a reality show. Prior episodes focused on sexy making out, couldn’t even appreciate the depth of most of them bcoz honestly, their interactions were all physical.

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