Sean Lowe Breaks Up With Fiance: She Lied About Everything! (Spoiler)

Sean Lowe Breaks Up With Fiance: She Lied About Everything! (Spoiler)

The Bachelor’s Sean Lowe is in for a nasty shock! The world is just a week and a half away from finding out exactly how he proposed to his chosen woman, but their real life romance is proving to be far less romantic! Sean has been sincere and devoted to the TV show’s premise from the start, and seems to naively believe he will find his best friend, wife, and soul mate on the show. We’ve heard mixed reports about his current romantic status—most recently that he and Emily Maynard have had a fling—but his behavior on the show paints him as a devoted guy, almost to a fault.

Sean gave one of the finalists an engagement ring, and they’re hoping to get married as soon as July,” an insider told In Touch Magazine, print edition March 11, 2013. “Sean has told everyone at ABC to get ready for it. He’s head over heels in love with her, and he can’t wait to share it with the world.” But after learning the shocking truth about his fiancé, he “might find he’s not settling down as quickly as planned.”

So what has changed? Since the finale wrapped, Sean has learned that the woman he picked lied about moving to Dallas, and doesn’t want to start a family right away! Instead, she wanted to use the show to boost her career, and is hoping to move to New York City! After learning some of the contestants’ secrets, Sean admitted that he “tried to make the best judgments . . . but in certain situations, I was fooled.”

It wasn’t just the winner who lied to Sean, a lot of the girls signed up for their fifteen minutes of fame! “Some of the girls were even opening up with each other about finding Sean ‘dull,’ but they got into the competition, so they acted like they were madly in love—even if he wasn’t their type.” A friend notes that “Sean can be so naïve,” and “had no idea about some of the women.” So what will Sean’s dream wedding look like? It sounds like his chosen bride will be in NYC, leaving him brokenhearted and single, again!

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