Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Back Together? – She Wears The Infamous “J” Ring During Recent Spotting At LAX

Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber Back Together? - She Wears The Infamous "J" Ring During Recent Spotting At LAX

Jelena fans, listen up! There’s news that Selena Gomez and Justin Bieber might reconcile. Pull up your jaws and read what we have to say. Gomez was spotted at LAX on Saturday night wearing the infamous “J” ring on her pretty paws. According to a Celebs Gather report, “In the past, when they were rumoured to have broken up, the ring was noticeably absent. Maybe they are already back together or never broke up in the first place.” We doubt it, but it’s a good theory.

Allegedly, Gomez looked as pissed as Ripley in the first Alien movie – before she kicks the angry alien’s butt – when she arrived at LAX. This is an opportunity for heavy gossip, so pull your chairs up, switch off your brains, and eat cookies and milk. The ring is a strong indicator that La Gomez is one: still in love with Bieber – or two: back with Bieber. Both theories are plausible – the couple have a history of reconciliation. In all of the images snapped of the heartbroken teen star, she uses her jacket to cover her face, but accidently – or not – shows off the ring to the flashing light bulbs. Might this be a devious ploy to get back at Bieber? Might Gomez actually be playing with his heart strings? It’s possible. She’s a cool chick, but she’s not immune to heartbreak and post-breakup craziness. (We’ve all had our Single White Female episode, haven’t we?)

Unfortunately, while the above might be plausible, Gomez has never actually stopped and chatted to paparazzi. She’s super shy and super bitchy when her personal bubble is invaded by Fabio and his team of slick-haired vultures. She was most probably really, really tired – our souls die when we fly long distances – and really didn’t want to handle the insanity of Los Angeles’ local paps.

Ultimately, like the film, the ring might result in reconciliation – or a scary black-haired demon climbing from a well – in exactly seven days. Let the drooling commence. (It is, after all, the only thing Bieber currently has going for himself – drooling and waving, drooling and waving…)

Photo Credit: FameFlynet