So You Think You Can Dance RECAP 8/20/13: Season 10 Episode 15 “Top 8 Perform”

So You Think You Can Dance RECAP 8/20/13: Season 10 Episode 15 “Top 8 Perform”

Tonight on FOX SO YOU THINK YOU CAN DANCE continues with a new episode. On tonight’s show as the remaining eight talented dancers try to win your votes in their quest to become America’s Favorite Dancers. Did you watch the last episode? We did and we recapped it HERE, for you!

On last week’s show the 10 ten dancers had been chosen and we entered the second phase of competition when the hopefuls met the All-Stars.  Debbie Allen joined Nigel and Mary at the judging desk.  Eliminated last week were Makenzie and she went home along with Nico.  The top 8 contestants of season 10 are Paul Karmiryan, Jenna Johnson, Amy Yakima, Fik-Shun, Aaron Turner, Hayley Erbert, Tucker Knox and Jasmine Harper.

On tonight’s show we will see the  All-Stars both choreographing and dancing with the Top 8.  If the decision of who to send home last week was tough imagine what it will be like this week after last week’s amazing performances.  By the end of tonight’s show 2 more dancers will be eliminated.

So You Think You Can Dance Season 11 Episode 15 airs tonight at 8PM and you don’t want to miss the Top 8 dancing with the All-Stars.  Celeb Dirty Laundry will be live blogging the show each week, so don’t forget to come back to this spot at 8PM EST for our live recap!

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

Tonight’s show begins with a creepy, burlesque type number choreographed by the always fabulous Mia Michaels. Think of the edgy work by Sonya Tayeh and turn it up ten notches. After the top eight perform we get to meet this weeks judges.Nigel Lythgoe and Mary Murphy are joined by guest judge Jenna Elfman who has quite an extensive dance history.

Fikshun, Jenna, Tucker and Hayley are in the bottom four and two of them will be leaving at the end of the show. All four get to dance for their lives. It’s anybody’s guess who will be leaving. Tucker and Hayley are contemporary perfection on the stage, Fikshun is just amazeballs with his isolation’s and Jenna’s ballroom is impossible to look away from.

Aaron is paired with all star Chelsie for a jive that better be great. Thankfully Great Balls of Fire- is. Little west coast swing was also in there and some other styles. He wasn’t perfect but he is fabulous and he owned it. Mary critiques him on a missed connection but he did it. Jenna thinks he is so charismatic and when it’s time to be on he really brings it. Nigel tells Aaron he believes he has done enough to become a finalist.

Fikshun is lucky enough to be paired with all star Alison this week for a contemporary piece choreographed by her. Skinny Love is a piece about breaking down barriers and learning to accept all love. Obviously this is rooted in Alison’s relationship with Twitch. It’s wonderfully done and Jenna tells Fikshun he’s an all star in training. Nigel thinks the choreography was clever because it still spotlighted what Fikshun does best. Mary compliments Alison’s amazing technique but points out that none of it would have been possible if Fikshun wasn’t there to catch her.

Tucker takes the stage with all star Courtney and she has choreographed a Romeo and Juliet piece set to Zedd’s Clarity. Nigel thinks Tucker is dancing brilliantly and Courtney is an inspiration. For those who don’t know she has been diagnosed with MS and actually experienced a month of blindness last year. Mary just loves everyone and thinks that Tucker and Courtney really compliment each other. Jenna is in tears and tells Tucker that he moves her with every dance.

Paul is paired with all star hip hop guru Comfort tonight and this should be interesting. He is portraying a graffiti artist and the routine is super fast. Comfort’s choreography is fabulous and Paul looks like he had a blast. I’m not sure if he got down into the pocket of movement enough but Mary seems to think so. Nigel and Jenna both realize how uncomfortable it must have been for Paul to get down and dirty when he’s used to being on the balls of his feet.

Hayley is taking on a Rhumba with all star Dimitri and let me tell you, this thing is way hot. She discovered her man was cheating and really spiced up this number until she took her fake rock and threw it away. Jenna thinks she is flawless and Nigel tells Hayley she has yet to put a foot wrong. Mary thinks it was phenomenal and she’s absolutely right. There is no way she’s leaving tonight.

I may have to take that certainty back because Jenna is dancing with all star Mark who takes quirky jazz to a whole other level. After a few years as Lady GaGa’s back up dancer Mark is going to be amazing. They got a standing ovation and I’m not sure any of us knew what we were seeing. Nigel thought it was phenomenal and that Mark needs to be GaGa’s lead choreographer. He thought Jenna was insanely good and Mary loved the mix of styles and thought it was sharp and concise. Jenna thinks Jenna has a long career ahead of her.

It’ll be interesting to see what all star Twitch has in mind for Jasmine this week.  Of course it’s over the top and Twitch has decided they are both going to be super heroes. Jenna tells Jasmine that she just owned it and Mary loved how Jasmine wasn’t intimidated by Twitch. Nigel thinks Jasmine has stolen his heart and he thinks she gave Twitch a run for it.

Amy is lucky enough to be dancing with all star Travis and the piece is about the games people play in a new relationship. Total standing ovation and I’m not sure how many times I said wow watching this. It was effortless and quiet and just perfect. Jenna thinks they are both perfect and Nigel thinks she is just an angel and her trust is incredible. Nigel tells Travis he is a genius and will achieve more than he can imagine. Mary loved finally seeing a maturity in Amy that all of her previous performances didn’t have.

Now it’s the dreaded time in the show when two dancers must leave. Tucker and Jenna are going home while Fikshun and Hayley make it into the top six. Tune in next week for more SYTYCD.