Sons of Anarchy RECAP 12/10/13: Season 6 Finale “A Mother’s Work”

Sons of Anarchy RECAP 12/10/13: Season 6 Finale “A Mother’s Work”

Tonight, FX’s dark-around-the-edges drama, SONS OF ANARCHY, returns with the season 6 finale entitled “A Mother’s Work.” During tonight’s episode, the ramifications of Jax’s choices put his club and family in jeopardy.  Did you watch the last episode before the break?  We did and we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On last week’s episode and the penultimate episode all the lies and secrets started to come out.  The sons had to deal with the aftermath of last week’s shootings.  District Attorney Tyne Patterson was determined to pin it all on the Sons.  Tara was in a panic and she took off with the boys.  Nero learned from Juice that Jax had ordered him to kill Darvany, the mother of the 11-year-old who used a gun in a school shooting.

On tonight’s show season 6 comes to an end and it has been a violent season.  Tonight’s finale will have more violence and more shocks.  Jax is not pleased that Juice betrayed him by spilling info to Nero.   We know someone is going to die tonight because in the preview Samcro is digging a grave.  The question is whose grave is it?  Juice?  Tara who left with Jax’s boys? or someone else.

Tonight’s episode looks like it is going to be great and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of FX’s Sons Of Anarchy season 6 finale at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the finale of Sons of Anarchy.

RECAP: Jax is at the grave yard writing poetry, he says he has tremendous remorse for the acts of violence that he has committed but what bothers him most is that he justifies all the deaths. The DA is still wondering where Tara is, she never showed up.

Gemma is with Juice, she tells him that she is keeping busy because Tara was a crappy cleaner. Gemma wants to know if Juice is ok, he says he is sorry, he lost track of what he took at Diosa. Gemma is not stupid, she knows Juice knew what he took and what the consequences where. Juice then asks Gemma if she is going to tell Jax and she says no because he has enough crap on his plate now. Juice asks her if he shared things last night, she jokes that he revealed he was gay.

Jax is now with Gemma and the DA shows up, Gemma is furious. The DA wants to talk to Jax alone, everyone clears the room, including Jax’s men. She tells him that their ties are getting deeper. Then she asks about Tara and the boys, he says that she took them and went away for awhile. The DA mentions that she had a meeting with Tara and she didn’t show up. She then asks Jax if he ever struggles to be a good man; then she claims to understand the bond between Tara and Jax. She then tells Jax that he is a man, father and husband first and he should own his place.

Jax is now with the boys, he tells them that Tara was supposed to meet the DA; she had a deal and never showed up. Jax reminds everyone that Tara has seen a lot, but he doesn’t think she is running because she is with the boys. Jax knows that he has to find her first and then convince her not to rat. Juice asks what are they going to do if Tara rats, Jax says they will do what they have to do. Bobby says they won’t make that call until they have to, first things first, they need to find Tara.

Jax gets a knock at the door, Marcus is there to see him and give his condolences for Clay. Marcus reveals that he has concerns about changes about the club. Marcus doesn’t like the fact that Jax is giving up guns and says there should have been a meeting to tell them about it. Jax tries to reassure them that August was there only play with the Irish. Jax tells Marcus to call August himself for his guns.

Tara is still in the hotel with the kids, she picks up her cell phone and calls Mitch, he tells her the deal is still on the table, but she needs to go in right away. Tara says that she is in, she just needed time to think and will text him soon to arrange a meeting place.

Jax is at the bone yard and Nero is there; he hints at the fact that Jax was involved in Juice killing an innocent women, then he looked Nero in the eye and called him his brother. Marcus just arrived at the bone yard as well. Marcus brings up the fact that Jax killed the Chinese and that is going to hurt them. Chibs reminds them all that they are there for guns. Marcus shakes hands with Augusts’ man, they make a deal. Nero goes to help Marcus and his guys with the guns, Jax and the boys leave. All of a sudden Marcus and his men kill Augusts’ men and Nero is upset about it. Marcus says that he is just keeping food on the table.

Jax is still looking for Tara, he heads out when he gets a lead. Chucky is with Chibs and tells him that four black guys just got gunned down.

Marcus and Nero are at a cafe, Nero is still upset about what happened to the black guys.

Tara pulls up to a park with the children; Bobby and Juice are watching her. Tara is there with her lawyer, he has brought all the papers and tells her that the DA put everything in the documents that she promised. Tara tells him she needs a little time, he says ok and gets up to leave.

Unser goes to see Gemma, asks if anything new on Tara. Unser asks what will happen if Tara is running, Gemma says that Jax will find her and do what has to be done. Gemma leaves to go to Diosa and Unser stays with Wendy, she tells him she wants to go to her place and grab some of her stuff. Wendy asks Unser how his wife is, he tells her that she split, didn’t like his cancer. Wendy asks whey he sticks around Charming, he says because it is the only place where someone loves him. Unser asks Wendy if she is in love with Jax, she says no, they were just good drinking buddies who had great sex.

At the park, Jax and his men walk up and surprise Tara who is shocked to see them. Jax takes the children and orders Tara to sit down. He gives the kids to his guys, then tells Tara that he will not let her do this. Tara asks him not to hurt her in front of the kids. She tells him she sacrificed everything for him, but she just can’t see things the way he does, she just sees the lies and the violence and how it turned him into a monster. Jax reminds her that he never forced his life on her, she came back to him. Tara begs him to let her say goodbye to them before he takes them. Jax says that he is not going to hurt them or her, she doesn’t have to run anymore, she just needs to be a good mother.

Nero is home, he walks in to find Gemma and tells her has been in Stockton the whole time. Gemma sees that Nero is upset and asks if he wants to talk about and he says no, he wants to be alone. Gemma is upset, she tells him that she can’t handle this crap. Nero then asks her desperately if she will leave Stockton and Charming, leave her boy and run away from him. Gemma says she can’t do that, Nero says that he has to. Gemma storms out of Diosa, call him an asshole. Tara is in the hotel, she gets a knock at the door and it is the DA who then walks in to find Jax sitting in a chair.

Jax tells the DA he is going to turn himself in for supplying the gun that killed the kids, he wants all the charges dropped against Tara. The DA asks where are the boys, he says at the ice cream shop. Jax says he will turn himself in later that day, the DA tells him that he better honor this deal. The DA leaves and Tara thanks Jax. Jax tells her that he loves her, Tara gets up and tells him that she loves him too and then they kiss each other and fall on the bed.

Jax is now at the club and shares with the boys what he is going to do, Chibs says that there has to be another way. Bobby wants to know what they are charging him with, he says possession and violation. Tara’s lawyer thinks Jax will get parole in seven years and he is happy that the club is in a good place now. Jax hands the gavel over to Bobby and tells him that his leading is best with Chibs at his left, SAMCRO will be fine.  Jax says there is one more thing, he was wrong about Jess, he cannot be trusted and needs to be brought up to state. Jax then tells Bobby that whatever Tara wants, he is to support it.

Gemma is alone drinking when Unser walks in and asks if she is ok, he has been calling her and she hasn’t been answering. Unser tells her that Tara’s lawyer is pulling files from Charming, they are arresting Jax, Tara made a deal. Gemma wants to drive, Unser won’t let her because she has been drinking. She then tells Unser she needs her heart pills in the bathroom and when he goes to get them for her, she takes the keys to leave.

Unser shows up at the ice cream shop to see Jax and tells him that Gemma was in bad shape and she took his truck; Juice offers to go look for her.

Juice goes outside and hugs Jax, tells him he misses him, Jax whispers in his ear that he betrayed him. Jax goes back into the ice cream shop and Juice walks away.

Tara arrives home, Roosevelt helps her in with her bags and then leaves. Tara hears a door, she thinks it is Unser, but it is not, it is Gemma who jumps Tara and starts to beat the crap out of her. Gemma then tries to drown Tara in the sink, she grabs a large fork and stabs Tara repeatedly in the head until she is dead. Roosevelt runs in, he finds Tara dead and Gemma tells him that it had to be done, Tara made a deal and betrayed Jax. Roosevelt tells Gemma that Tara didn’t make the deal, Jax gave himself up to protect Tara. Juice walks in and shoots Roosevelt dead, he looks around and sees the fork that Gemma used to kill Tara. He then offers his hand to Gemma to help her off the floor.

Meanwhile, Jax is saying goodbye to his boys, he gives them to Chibs and tells him that Tara will pick them up after he goes. Jax says goodbye to all the guys, one at a time, hugging them. Chibs is crying, so is Jax.

We now see Wendy, sitting on her bed. Unser is having a smoke when Gemma drives up; she goes to him and hugs him.

The Mayans are sitting down with the Chinese when Nero walks in and he is told they are happy he is there.

Jax returns home and calls Tara, he finds her dead on the floor with Roosevelt. Jax is shocked, he bends down to be near Tara, but it is too late, she is dead. He picks up her body and hugs her, then kisses her. The DA walks in, she sees the whole bloody mess and you know she is thinking Jax did this.