Switched at Birth RECAP 7/8/13: Season 2 Episode 15 “Ecce Mono”

Switched at Birth RECAP 7/8/13: Season 2 Episode 15 “Ecce Mono”

SWITCHED AT BIRTH returns to the ABC Family tonight with a new episode called, “Ecce Mono.” On tonight’s show Bay is a straight-A student. Did you watch last week’s episode? If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap here for you enjoyment.

On last week’s episode the politics of being a senator’s wife were put to the test when Kathryn had an uncomfortable encounter. Daphne was getting mixed signals from Jace and Bay learned more about Mary Beth and Ty. Meanwhile, Angelo joined the country club and Regina started a new job.

On tonight’s episode Daphne has a cochlear implant, and doesn’t know American Sign Language. Having been spoiled by her parents to make up for the switch, she’s manipulative and not the best student. Bay, on the other hand, is a straight-A student, often trying to compensate for being the Kennishes’ non-biological daughter. In addition, Kathryn is a successful author of bodice-ripping novels and, while still married to State Senator John Kennish, their marriage is far from perfect.

Tonight’s episode is going to be the usual great episode and you won’t want to miss it, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of the show tonight at 8 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the return of  “Switched At Birth.”  If you just can’t wait we have a sneak peek preview and lots of spoilers, RIGHT HERE …

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13 years ago, both families find out about the switch.

John and Kathryn immediately want both girls after hearing about Regina’s drunk driving priors. They take her to court and due to heavy handed tactics win custody of both girls.

Fast-forward to the alternate present.

Daphne has a cochlear implant and she appears to be the more popular of the sisters. Bae is still moody but she’s also the smart kid in the family. So of course the two sisters don’t get along. Daphne can even pretend Bae doesn’t exist when she wants. Although Bae is smart, she stills feels like an outcasts. So much so that she’s already planning to leave home as soon as she can.

Daphne is spoiled and she loves to manipulate her parents. The only people that don’t get sucked into her fairytales are her siblings and Kathryn. John is surprisingly the pushover. When the two girls are forced to hangout their togetherness lasts for less than two minutes.

The only thing that hasn’t changed in the alternate world is that Emmett will always be there for Bae. He comes upon her walking home alone and offers this perfect stranger a ride home. She them goes off on tangent about not wanting to be murdered but the Emmett is this world is just as appreciative of her humor as the original love story.

Daphne on the other hand isn’t very good at romance. Like for instance she believes offering to go to his room is foreplay. Meanwhile Kathryn is having an affair with douchebag of a senator. Also Toby doesn’t have a Nicki. The only one that’s doing this right is Bae who set up a date with Emmett. She at least didn’t have to do a walk of shame like Daphne the next morning. But Daphne crying about it later shows how much being ripped away from her mother affected her. She may be the happier sister of the family however Bae was right; she’s just hides being sad behind a smile.

Daphne doesn’t sign and when asked she denies being deaf. Toby is shocked at meeting Emmett. He thought all deaf kids talked.

Bae and Emmett manage to form an instant relationship. So much so that he even helps her try to find information about Regina. What they find is a couple of letter from Regina to both girls and that the Kennishes had taken out a restraining order against Regina.
John does find out about the affair. He demands answers and Kathryn tells him that he doesn’t listen to her. Especially when she tried to get the family to learn sign language. He tries to defend himself by saying it was for the good of the family but Kathryn then tells him that despite what he thinks the girls are a mess.

And they won’t be getting better. Bae had shown the letters to Daphne and the girls decide to go and see Regina. In their own way they each need to see her. Unfortunately, Regina died a while ago and to strike a second blow; she died on their birthday.

They’re angry and confront their parents. John is reiterating everything he believed before. Regina was bad parent and an alcoholic. He only grudgingly agrees to meeting Regina again only to find out she’s dead. Kathryn understands what this means for their daughter yet John still believes he can fix everything.

The irony is that John does have his heart attack still but in the alternate universe there’s no Regina to call for help. The real John wakes in the hospital and tells Regina “Thank God, you’re here”.