Talking Bad Live Recap August 25, 2013 With Bob Odenkirk and Samuel L. Jackson

Talking Bad Live Recap August 25, 2013 With Bob Odenkirk and Samuel L. Jackson

TALKING BAD returns this evening with special guests Bob Odenkirk and Samuel L. Jackson. Talking Bad features host Chris Hardwick who will spend time with fans, actors and producers to recap the current episode of Breaking Bad. During the half hour show, Chris will take questions and engage in commentary with weekly guests.

Did you watch last week’s episode where Aaron Paul and Anna Gunn discussed the evening’s proceedings and took questions live.  If you missed the episode you can read our full and detailed recap here.

Tonight’s episode since joining Chris this week will be Breaking Bad‘s Saul Goodman himself, Bob Odenkirk, as well as actor Samuel L. Jackson.

Talking Bad airs tonight, August 25th at 11 PM ET on AMC and you don’t want to miss it. What do you think of Talking Bad not coming on directly after Breaking Bad?  I think the ratings might be higher if it directly followed.  Let us know what you think.  While you wait for the recap o Talking Bad, Celeb Dirty Laundry offers a live recap of tonight’s Breaking Bad Episode 11  RIGHT HERE!

RECAP: Chris introduces Bob Odenkirk and Samuel L. Jackson; he asks Bob how it felt like getting beaten up. He said it was a blast and that he loves fake fights; he can’t believe it’s his job and he even says he’d pretend fight right there. Bob said it took them at least 4 takes, Samuel says that the ass whooping was at least a 3.5; he even hoped for a pistol whip. Chris says he loves Saul on the show because he’s completely honest about himself, Saul agrees and believes he’s open about only using people for money. Chris asks what Samuel loves about the show, hes says it was fun and off beat; he loved how Walter was helpless and he took his own fate into his hands and just became a completely new person. Samuel mentions how he’s a devil who wants Jesse’s soul.

A fan asks Bob how it was to become the character Saul; he mentions how he did Mr. Show says that helped him get the role. Vince Gilligan actually called him up and once he was told to be a sleazy lawyer; he believed he could easily do that.

Saul mentions how some comedic actors do dramas and completely impress people, but he believes some comedic actors have problems with toning down the humor at times. He is very glad having been a part of it all, Samuel mentions how he believes that Saul is in his own little world and has scary connections; wondering why Saul now has people who can do weird stuff. Bob mentions that Vince said people like Saul because he gets his job done, Chris then questions the scene in the desert and asks Samuel if Walter was sincere. Samuel says that Walter is working everyone other than his kids and his wife; he says that Walter wants to do everything he wants before getting caught. Chris then mentions Jesse finding the ricen, how he realized that when his weed was taken from him at Saul’s that that was when he connected the dots and figured the ricen was stolen by Saul and he then flipped.

Chris asks Samuel what his reaction was to Walter’s video confession, he says he knew he’d blame Hank; how the two went out together a lot looking at Gus and also how he did pay for his medical bills. Chris asks about how Marie told Walter to kill himself, Bob said it was awesome. A fan calls in and asks Samuel what character he’d play on the show, he said he’d make a good Tuco.

Samuel says he was filming near Los Pollos Hermanos and almost wanted to go in once and order chicken just to make people think he was going to be on the show, but he didn’t. Chris shows some business cards that say “better call Saul” and have Saul’s picture on them, he then tells the audience they are going to have an Oprah  moment, he tells them all they are going home with a free pack.

Vince delivers his exclusive hint for next week, he says that the next episode is rabid dog and that the White family takes a nice vacation.

A fan asks if there is something Walter could do that Saul would actually turn him in for, Bob says that there is nothing; Saul is loyal to him. A fan asks Samuel if he’s rooting for Walter still; Samuel says he wants Walter to end it off in his own way without dying of cancer and doesn’t want Hank catching him. Chris asks Samuel if he’d hire Saul and Samuel tells him, hell yeah.

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