Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Split: Let the Angsty Songwriting Commence!

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles Split: Let the Angsty Songwriting Commence!

Taylor Swift and Harry Styles have just split, confirm several reputable sources. While we were expecting this split in the near future, by no means were we expecting it today, or even tomorrow! Sigh. One moment we are planning weddings, buying elaborate mansions, purchasing rare and random Beatles memorabilia for true love, and then the next moment we are dumping the potential. I just can’t keep up with this cray-cray-crazy girl. Several people around CDL have come to call Taylor Swift as the “Black Widow.” She’s struck again, folks. Wonder who her next victim will be?

To keep it fair, apparently the split was borderline mutual. But aren’t they always? Splits are always “mutual,” until later in the week when we’ll find out that Taylor was moving way too fast for lil’ Harry and that he was feeling smothered by Taylor’s obsession with love. I think that’s what it is. Taylor Swift is obsessed with relationships — any and all kind. Preferably, the kind that can be broken up, however.

A source for Life and Style magazine says, “They are both really busy and never in one place for long. Harry’s really upset about the split and is really sensitive about it. Loads of his friends told him to be careful and that it was never going to last, and he feels a little foolish now that it’s fallen apart so quickly.”

Taylor fell completely head over heels for the young One Direction singer, and after random hotel hookups and meeting the parents, the two just couldn’t make it last. So, whose fault do you think it is? Do you think Taylor Swift broke up with Harry Styles? Or was it the other way around? The young heartthrob was noted with saying, [She]’s one of those people you meet [who’s] genuinely a nice person. Some people you meet and they are not as nice as you make them out to be, but she’s one of those people who’s really just amazing.”

Hmm, apparently not amazing enough. We’ll keep you update as news develops. Because, I’m positive, it will develop. What was the cause behind the Taylor Swift and Harry Styles break up? You tell us! You know the story!

Image credit to FameFlynet