Taylor Swift’s Dad Warns Harry Styles Not To Hurt Taylor Swift And Stop Talking Marriage

Taylor Swift's Dad Warns Harry Styles Not To Hurt Taylor Swift And Stop Talking Marriage 0106

I’m almost thinking this whole daddy/boyfriend heart to heart conversation is a case of too little too late. Taylor Swift’s dad might have had the right idea but, at this point, who’s he kidding? He could tell Harry Styles not to break Taylor Swift’s heart all he wants but this is Taylor Swift we’re talking about. It’s inevitable. And really, shouldn’t he be talking to Taylor first? Shouldn’t he sit her down and tell her to stop throwing herself at every single, famous dude that comes her way? I’m just saying… Harry is the least of Taylor’s problems.

But that’s not going to happen – or at least we don’t know about it yet. Harry is the rooster in the hen house so Harry gets the sit down. According to The SunScott Kingsley Swift (great name) had a man to man chat with Harry and warned him to slow things down a bit. Apparently he likes the hot pop star but told him to put a kibosh on all the wedding talk.

Why can’t Taylor date a guy for more than a month without talking about weddings and babies? Does she intentionally try to scare every decent guy away?

So… will Harry listen? I doubt it. He’s already getting that milk for free so no heart to heart from his future father-in-law (whatever) is going to stop that now. In all fairness, Scott Kinglsey (great name) wasn’t telling the couple to stop their “sleepovers” or whirlwind vacations. His daughter’s virtue or reputation wasn’t really on his mind. No, just her heart. But where was he when she was stalking the Kennedys? Where was he when she was having Thanksgiving with the Gyllenhaals? Why now? Does he see something in this couple he’s never seen before. Is the Taylor Swift/Harry Styles relationship more serious than I’m willing to admit? Has Taylor finally found somebody willing to tolerate and encourage her crazy? This makes me nervous.