Taylor Swift’s Jealousy Over Harry Styles Wanting Other Hot Women

Taylor Swift's Jealousy Over Harry Styles Wanting Other Hot Women

Breakups are rough and we all know this to be true.  You put yourself out there and when things don’t go quite the way that you had hoped, it stings. When Taylor Swift walked out on Harry Styles over New Year’s I’m sure all of her friends and fans figured that she was going to need to take some time to get over it. Nearly three months is plenty of time, wouldn’t you say? I mean their love affair lasted only two months so she is talking about him in retrospect for longer than she even spent with him!

First there was word that Taylor had all but run into the studio with fresh and stinging new lyrics to help her work out all of that upset. Then at the Grammys she performed “We Are Never Getting Back Together” and burst out in a British accent in the middle of the song. Then at the BRIT Awards she singled out Harry’s ex, Caroline Flack in the audience when singing the words “You never loved me, or her.”

The vindictive thing has gotten a bit old, even for Taylor’s most diehard fans. According to the March 25th print edition of In Touch the consensus is that Taylor looks pretty pathetic and that there is a bit of desperation there. It’s almost like she is still using him to try and gain sympathy and attention. Perhaps she should pay closer attention to how good friend Selena Gomez is handling a serious split. She hasn’t really commented publicly or lashed out. Instead we see her continuing on with life and enjoying it.

Are you tired of Taylor’s thriving on the attention for her failed relationships with men? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  • DEE Williamson

    Grow up Taylor, you’re not 12 anymore !!!

  • kittylapurr

    Oh please, they dated for more than two months. I don’t know why you’re going to write an article if its not even accurate and one sided. Direct information has been released that they dated in March after the KCA, and Harry was caught kissing another girl ending in their break up. Harry obviously wanted another chance and she dumped Conor and got back with him. This is almost 7 years since her first album her expressing her emotions in songs shouldn’t be a shock to anyone including boyfriends. She is hurt and she is allowed to react however she wants. It was obviously a bad break up so she can be as veangeful as she pleases. And she is the most mature one here, she is expressing her feelings instead of playing games and being indecisive.