Taylor Swift: Meet Her Next Ex Boyfriend

Taylor Swift: Meet Her Next Ex Boyfriend

It’s easy to criticize Taylor Swift for her endless cycle of ex boyfriends and heartache songs, but the girl may have unearthed a genius system! Every time she gets dumped, she makes a few million bucks from her record label for the songs about the relationship. This will continue, until either her music career ends, or she meets a perfect guy, who will meet her unrealistic fairy tail dreams. Despite the serious emotional crisis she’ll one day face from all this speed dating, I’d say she’s doing pretty well for herself! But insiders are less optimistic about Taylor and her notorious break ups, and predict an emotional crash is coming!

Taylor is on a mad dating spree and won’t slow down . . . she can’t be alone for long and will have another boyfriend as soon as possible,” a concerned insider reported to Life & Style, print edition January 28, 2013. “I don’t see her slowing down. There’s always a new event, a new party, a new gig where she can meet another boy.”

Taylor may act the part of the good girl, but actually gets around a lot more than most female celebs her age! She’s dated 14 guys since 2009, and gives herself no grieving time in between, costing her the crucial ability to “learn how to be alone.” Psychologist Jeff McNairy is seems to think that Taylor’s case is textbook. “Dating one guy after another usually means that a woman is uncomfortable being by herself; it’s often based on insecurity or low self-esteem.” Could Taylor’s next big romance be with herself?

Unfortunately, no! Friends say that Taylor’s dramatic neckline and sexy silhouette at the People’s Choice Awards on January 9th was her way of officially ending her Harry Styles break up mourning period. “By wearing that dress, Taylor was saying to Harry, ‘I don’t need you—I’m so hot, everybody knows it, and everybody’s looking.’ She’s always looking for someone new.”

I think Taylor’s most telling relationship addiction symptom was buying that house up by Conor Kennedy’s grandmother! The couple dated for the summer, and she literally bought a house to be close to him! They break up, and a few weeks later, she’s with Harry! Slowing down on the boys may hurt her music career, but in the long run, it could save her from a nasty crash and burn! Do you think Taylor needs to take some time to herself, or is her speed dating just a time-efficient way to find Mr. Right?

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