Teen Wolf RECAP 7/22/13: Season 3 Episode 8 “Visionary”

Teen Wolf RECAP 7/22/13: Season 3 Episode 8 “Visionary”

Tonight on MTV the popular show TEEN WOLF continues with its eighth episode of the third season called “Visionary.” On tonight’s show, Scott, Allison and Stiles hear stories told by two unlikely narrators and discover a secret about the color of a werewolf’s eyes.  Did you watch last week’s episode? We did and we recapped it here for you.

On last week’s show Allison and Scott shared an intense moment while hiding from Mr. Argent.  This is the closest Allison and Scott have been in months and it looked like the two might kiss.  Why were they hiding? Well, Allison was snooping around in Mr. Agent’s drawers and found something. Mr. Argent came home early — so they had to hide from the big bad Argent!

On tonight’s show we are going to get a glimpse into Derek’s past. It’s going to be revealed that Derek used to be a lot different when he was younger.  Scott will be told that he can’t beat the crazy Alphas.

Tonight’s season 3 episode 8 is going to be an exciting one that you won’t want to miss, so be sure to tune in for our live coverage of MTV’s Teen Wolf at 10 PM EST! While you wait for our recap hit the comments and let us know what you think of Teen Wolf season 3 this year. Check out the sneak peek video of tonight’s show below while you wait for the recap!

The LIVE Recap Begins Now!

The show opens with someone running through the woods; it’s a young teen, someone we haven’t seen before (but I think this is a flashback). The teen runs into a another guy, who says, “You’re Hale aren’t you?” One of the hunters fires an arrow and kills the other guy. Another arrow is shot at Hale (perhaps Derek), but a new character grabs the arrow. We learn that the lead hunter is Allison’s grandfather.

We get back to the present. Turns out that flashback is being told by Cora to Stiles. He’s worried about the current state of things. Cora says that there’s something different about Derek now. Stiles asks what, why, etc.? Derek’s uncle walks down the stairs, and he says that Derek was a lot like Scott once, and to understand more about his character he needs to understand what “changed the color of his eyes.” Stiles asks what changed him . . . . Peter Hale says, “Well, a thing that changes most men, a woman.”

Meanwhile, Allison brings Scott in to talk to her grandfather. Scott asks him to tell him everything. But, of course, the grandfather wants something in return: he wants Scott to take away his pain — because he’s gravely ill. So Scott obliges him.

A girl plays the cello; a metronome’s going. There’s a noise in the background that distracts the girl. She goes out into the hallway and sees a young boy bouncing a basketball. It’s another flashback. The teenager is a young Derek — who is strangely reminiscent of Scott. He’s clearly taken aback by her. He goes after the girl to apologize for the noise. He asks for her name: her name’s Paige.

Allison’s grandfather’s surprised that there’s a third body, and he suspects that perhaps Dr. Deaton isn’t entirely who he says he is, that you’d be surprised what people are capable of. He also says that Deucalion can’t be stopped, that he’s tried to stop him before. Allison’s tired of humoring her grandfather, so she prepares to leave. But he gives them one last piece of information: “Deucalion might have lost his eyes, but that doesn’t mean he’s always blind.”

Stiles continues to get pieces of this story. Peter says that Paige and Derek started falling head over heels for each other. Peter says that back then he wasn’t just Derek’s uncle, he was his closest friend and confidant. Derek and Paige are making out in an old factory place, and he says something happened here. People walk in — a pack of werewolves. Deucalion, Kali, and Ennis are among the people, each with their own pack. Allison’s Grandpa says that they were trying to solve a murder. One of Ennis’s betas killed a hunter, who was in turn killed by one of the Argents.

Grandpa Argent says that there was a special werewolf in those parts at the time, one who was reveled by all other wolves, because she had the power to shift at will into a full wolf. In the flashback, we get a glimpse of her. In walks a black wolf. She slowly unfurls from her full wolf. He tells Allison and Scott that her name was Talia Hale — undoubtedly Derek’s mother, or close relative.

Talia says that it was the hunter’s right, that just like them they possess rituals. But Ennis isn’t having it. He makes a mark in the factory door — a spiral, symbolic for a vendetta.

Peter says that Derek saw opportunity in Ennis’s loss, that this might make for the perfect moment to always be with Paige. Somehow. Peter says that losing a member of your pack isn’t like losing family; it’s like losing a limb, says Cora. Cora asks what this story has to do with Derek’s story, but Peter says everything, that every story is merely a confluence of events. Peter says that Derek had this obsessive fear that something might happen to her, that something might happen to her if she finds out that he’s a Teen Wolf. In the flashback, we see a younger Peter say that there’s really only one way to protect her: turn her.

Peter tells Stiles and Cora that he kept telling him not to do it, but the flashback tells a different story. Peter seems to be encouraging Derek to give Paige the bite — he says it’s a “Gift.” It quickly becomes clear that Peter Hale’s an unreliable narrator.

Allison’s father and Allison’s grandpa investigate a place. There’s a large tree there. There’s a Celtic five-fold knot. Allison’s father, in the flashback, tells Allison’s grandfather that many druids would choose a large tree and use it as a symbol for the center of the world. If any harm came to this tree, it would potentially cause destruction to nearby villages.

Back in the current time, Allison asks her grandfather how her father knows so much about Celtic lore. He says, “Know thy enemy, Allison.” He says that the Druids functioned like emissaries to the wolves — a type of supernatural confidant. He proceeds to tell him the myth of Lycaon and Zeus and Deucalion, and how after Zeus turned Lycaon into a wolf he sought out the druids to turn him back into a human.

Back in Derek’s apartment, Cora tells Stiles that the Druids help the wolves stay connected with humanity — but only the Alphas of the pack knows who that person is, as their identities remain hidden/protected. Dr. Deaton was the emissary for Talia Hale’s pack, and, as we know, continues to fill that role for the Hale line of wolves. Deaton’s sister, Ms. Morrell, was/is the emissary for Deucalion’s pack.

In the flashback, Deucalion, Talia, and Deaton are meeting and Deucalion wants to extend an olive branch with the hunters, and wants Deaton to set up a meeting. Deaton warns him against this and tells Deucalion not to underestimate the Argents’ true nature. But Deucalion has a sense of hope — a vision for a peaceful future.

Still in the flashback, Paige enters a dark classroom, asking for Derek. She enters the hall and sees a werewolf there. He begins chasing her down the hallway before we cut to a commercial.

The werewolf, who turns out to be Ennis, bites Paige.

Grandpa Argent says that he knew exactly what was coming when Deucalion arranged for a meeting with him. He knew he was walking into a trap. Allison exclaims, ‘They attacked you?” He says it was an ambush, but the flashback tells a different story. Argent unleashed a gasous substance into the room — probably wolfsbane. He proceeds to kill all the werewolves. In this instance, we become aware that he’s also an unreliable narrator.

Peter says that Paige should’ve turned into a werewolf, but she didn’t. The bite didn’t take.

With his pack massacred, Deucalion crawls out of the distillery/factory. Grandpa Argent stands over Deucalion and stabs his eyes out with two arrows. Deucalion yells, “I had a vision for peace!” But Argent responds, “A little short sighted, don’t you think?”

Derek sits with a dying Paige. Before she dies, she says that she knew all along, that she’s seen things in this town before that nobody could explain. She cries, asking if she’s going to die, and says she can’t take it any longer. To end her pain, he kills her. Right before he does this, his eyes glow golden brown.

Peter says he remembers taking her body to a spot in the woods where she’d be found — another victim of a long line of Beacon Hills animal attacks.

In Deaton’s office, Deucalion asks to be left alone. One of his beta’s doesn’t leave him alone so he kills him. And we see that he can “see” when he’s a wolf, which is confirmed by Allison’s grandfather.

Upon leaving, Scott tells Allison’s grandfather that he doesn’t believe his story. The whole time they were there, Scott listened to his heart beat and noticed it never went up, never went down. He says because he was telling the truth, but Scott has another theory: because he’s such a good liar.

After hearing this story, Stiles is all emotional. Cora asks why he’s looking like this, and Stiles says because he doesn’t believe Peter. He thinks he’s an unreliable narrator, much like the narrator in Conrad’s Heart of Darkness, which they are reading in Ms. Blake’s English class. He says that, if he has to, he’ll ask Derek for the details himself.

In another flashback, Talia visits her son. She bends down. He says, “I did something, something terrible.” He says, “My eyes, they’re different.” They’re blue now. “But still beautiful,” Talia says.

In the final scene, we see Derek — in real time — visiting the scene where Ennis first laid that mark for vengeance.


This was quite an intense episode. Essentially, we were given the same story throughout, told my two primary narrators — Peter Hale and Gerard — each of whom colored the narrative with their own details, quite inaccurate. Hopefully next week Stiles and Scott will sync their stories and pull apart fact from fiction. The introduction of Talia’s character was interesting, and something tells us that she might make another appearance, in the current Beacon Hills landscape, soon. Do you think she died in that fire? It was also interesting to see the creation of Deucalion’s villainous nature.

Well, Derek’s on the war path and poor Scott’s just trying to keep everyone at peace. But who knows how long he’ll last before he’s faced with a decision that will leave him defeated. Tune in next week. Only four episodes left before the summer season finale!

If you watched, let us know what you think!