Teresa Giudice To Divorce Joe Giudice and Then Testify Against Ex-Husband to Save Herself – CDL Exclusive

Teresa Giudice To Divorce Joe Giudice and Then Testify Against Ex-Husband to Save Herself - CDL Exclusive

I wonder if the Bravo cameras caught Teresa Giudice and Juicy Joe Giudice strolling out of court hand in hand after posting a combined 1 million dollar bail on 39 counts of fraud related charges. My guess is no, but it doesn’t matter because every major news network will be rolling the tape all day long. I just can’t even begin to believe that Teresa didn’t know what was going on with their finances. Her signature was on all of the fraudulent documentation and she supposedly even filed a fake W-2 to help secure a loan!

These are huge mistakes crimes in the eyes of the IRS and these two clowns are facing years in jail if convicted – and there is no reason to assume they won’t be.  The government doesn’t bring a case like this without boxes of evidence and months or years of investigation.  They intend to make this very public couple an example so that regular folks will be honest and pay their taxes and not commit fraud.  The Man won’t lose this show trial.  Think Leona Helmsley, Martha Stewart, Wesley Snipes, Lauryn Hill… they don’t come for you until they have you cold. The best that can be hoped for in these cases is some sort of plea deal – the defendants don’t win!

Joe Giudice is finished and I really love how he has been in a world of trouble before but until now no one realized he was not a U.S. citizen! If you’ve watched this guy on RHONJ then you already know that he’s the kind of douche that will likely watch his family suffer and be dragged down with him rather than fall on his own sword. In other words he’s not going to take the blame and free his wife. Not if it means more jail time for him. Instead he will likely throw her under the bus.

Teresa’s only way out will be to turn State Witness, divorce and then testify against Joe, otherwise she’ll be locked away with him and then who is going to raise their 4 bratty kids? Exactly, Teresa has no choice here. She already has an attorney separate from Joe and in order to help his client he has to do everything in his power to distance her from her husband and his bad business.

The most likely case is that Joe will be deported to Italy after serving time and Teresa will get a slap on the wrist comparatively and then left to raise the kids alone. Will Teresa do whatever she has to in order to remain a free woman, including divorce and then turn on her husband in court – we think so. Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!