The Biggest Loser 2013: Season 14 Episode 3 Recap 01/14/13

The Biggest Loser 2013: Season 14 Episode 3 Recap 01/14/13

Tonight on NBC THE BIGGEST LOSER returns for the second part of its two night premiere of Season 13.  On tonight’s show called “Cut The Junk” one team will have to spend 4 1/2 hours a day with junk food.  Did you watch last week’s show?  We did and we recapped it here for you?

On last week’s show Nate was sent home from Jillian’s team and she looked devastated.  Although Nate only got to spend two week’s on the ranch he has since lost 75 lbs.  Nate told the Today show about his Jillian, “Jillian is such an inspiring person. She really teaches you a lot about yourself, and how you push past mental barriers. I learned a lot from her that I’ll carry on for the rest of my life.”

On tonight’s show“Cutting the junk” is this week’s theme, and the players begin with a trivia challenge testing their knowledge about childhood obesity. The losing team will have to spend 4 ½ hours each day – the amount of time the average kid spends watching TV – in a room surrounded by junk food, soda and video games.

Meanwhile, Dr. Joanna Dolgoff, “The Biggest Loser” childhood obesity expert and pediatrician, travels to the homes of kid participants Sunny, Lindsay and Biingo, to help the kids and their families cut the junk food and get on track with healthy eating. Then it’s one of the show’s craziest challenges ever when contestants have to race through a gooey bubble gum pit carrying 10 pound balls to win an amazing prize that everyone wants. Later, after a tense weigh-in, the players enter the show’s new voting booth to decide which contestant will be going home.

The Biggest Loser season 14 episode 3 airs at 8PM on NBC and we will be live blogging it with all the up-to-the-minute details. So make sure to come back to this spot and spend the evening with us! Make sure to refresh often to get the most current details!  While you wait for the recap, meet the contestants for Season 14 HERE!

Tonight’s recap: Alison invites everyone into a room where there are soda machines, vending machines and lots of junk food.  The contestants think nothing good can come of what they see.  Alison tells the competitors the best way to test Childhood obesity is knowledge.  So they are going to have a quiz.  The team that loses the quiz spends 4 1/2 hrs a day in the room and not working out.  Red team is safe, Blue Team and White Team are tied.

White team wins, Blue Team loses and they will be in the room with the junk food 4 1/2 hours a day with no trainer.  The white team is happy they did not lose.  The Blue Team is devastated.  Jeff is terrified that this will be his demise.  Michael does not want to be the one to tell Bob they lost the challenge.

Dolvett tells his red team even though the Blue Team is not there they cannot slow down – they actually have to move it up a notch.

The Blue Team is now in the junk food room and their 4 1/2 hours is starting.  Bob comes into the gym looking for his team.  Jillian tells him that his team is not allowed to work out for 4 1/2 hours a day.  Bob was not worried about the junk food he is worried how he will make it work in his future.

The White Team is working very hard with Jillian, so hard Jillian does not have to scream at her team.

Cate is having a hard time today and Dolvett tells her she has to keep going because she has not put a number up he is happy with.

Bob decides to go and see the junk room and is shocked!  He tells the Blue Team he has confidence in them.

The Blue Team feels trapped they think the junk room is a horrible place to be.

Bob is sending a Childhood Obesity specialist to the 3 kids on the show today.  The specialist is Dr. Joanna Dolgoff and she will be visiting each of the children’s houses so she can work with them on their nutrition habits.  All the children take her suggestions very serious.

The Blue Team is out of the room but they are feeling sluggish.   Bob thinks the Blue Team is behind the eight ball with this week’s disadvantage.  The Blue Team thinks it is going to be a long week.

The teams head to the Challenge and they see a Carnival.  In this week’s challenge each team member will take a gum ball through a gumball pit.  They have to take 20 gumballs across.  Every player on the winning team will get a free year of groceries.  The food will be fresh healthy food.

Lisa has her eye on the prize and she wants to win it.  The contestants are finding it hard to move in the Bubble Gum pit.  The Red Team wins the challenge and they are so excited.  Lisa is overwhelmed they actually won!

Last Chance workout and Dolvett is pushing his team.  Dolvett loves the attitude of his team, he is hoping they can pull off a win again tonight.  Dolvett is impressed with Cate and how hard she is working.

Jillian only has 2 team members left and she is working her people in the outdoor gym.  Jillian fights again this week with Pam and Jillian is getting frustrated.

The Blue Team is back in the junk room and this is the last day they will be there.  Bob comes in to see them and is not happy his team is lying around.  Bob asks the team how many calories have they burned in the room.  Bob tells them he wants to do the last chance workout in the room they have been stuck in.  The team is not pleased but Bob is adamant and makes them do their last chance workout in the junk room.


There is no red line but someone is going home.  This season they have a brand new voting room.


Jeff  – Current weight 359 LBS Lost 11 lbs
Alex – Current weight 225 LBS Lost 4 lbs
David – Current weight 278 LBS Lost 6 lbs
Michael- Current weight 409 LBS Lost 13 lbs
Gina – Current weight 223 LBS Lost 8 lbs



Francelina  – Current weight 242 LBS Lost 5 lbs
Joe – Current weight 326 LBS Lost 9 lbs
Jackson – Current weight 302 LBS Lost 2 lbs
Cate- Current weight 220 LBS Lost 2 lbs
Lisa – Current weight 225 LBS Lost 2 lbs



Danni  – Current weight 234 LBS Lost 6 lbs
Pam – Current weight 219 LBS Lost 9 lbs


The Red Team lose this week’s weight in and will lose one player.  No one wants to go home.  Dolvett is sad.  This year the players go in a booth alone and vote.  Joe has the highest percentage of weight loss so he is safe.

Cate voted for Jackson to go home.

Jackson voted for Lisa

Fracelina voted for Cate

Joe voted for Cate

Lisa voted for Cate

With three votes, Cate is eliminated, she is not The Biggest Loser.