The Originals RECAP 10/29/13: Season 1 Episode 5 “Sinners and Saints”

The Originals RECAP 10/29/13: Season 1 Episode 5 “Sinners and Saints”

Tonight on the CW their new fastasy drama, THE ORIGINALS continues with a new episode called “Sinners and Saints.”  On tonight’s show Davina (Danielle Campbell) confides in an unexpected ally and reveals shocking information about the witches, ultimately leading to a disturbing revelation.  Did you watch last week’s premiere episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you. [CLICK HERE]

On last week’s show with the annual Dauphine Street music festival around the corner, Davina, was itching for a night out, convinced Marcel to let her attend. Marcel cautiously obliged but asked Cami to keep a watchful eye on Davina. Agnes convinced Hayley to visit a mysterious doctor in the bayou where she made a shocking discovery. Meanwhile, Klaus took a special interest in Cami, who revealed some alarming information about her past, and a determined Rebekah was on a mission to get to the bottom of a recent strange encounter involving Elijah.

On tonight’s show angered by recent events involving the safety of his unborn baby, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) demands answers from Sophie (Daniella Pineda), believing she was involved. Sophie reveals to Klaus and Rebekah (Claire Holt) a troubling secret from her past.  Meanwhile, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) asks Klaus to accompany him to the bayou after gruesome remains are discovered, while Rebekah, Sophie and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) set off on a mission of their own. Davina (Danielle Campbell) confides in an unexpected ally and reveals shocking information about the witches, ultimately leading to a disturbing revelation. Daniel Gillies also stars. Chris Grismer directed the episode written by Marguerite MacIntyre and Julie Plec.

We hope you stop by for this epic show! Klaus, Rebekah, and Elijah have been some of our most favorite villains on TV, and we’re excited to see how this season further explores their complexities and character quirks.  Make sure to come back here later tonight at 8 PM EST for your LIVE recap. While you wait for the recap, check out the sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Davina tells Elijah she’s heard he’s honorable but for now all he can hear is her heartbeat – he’s hungry. He agrees that’s what they call him but he followed his brother into a vampire war in New Orleans. Davina says he doesn’t look well – in fact he looks sepia tone. He says mystical daggers can have that effect. Elijah tells her he believes the two of them together can stop the war. She asks why she should believe him and he says he’s ravenously hungry but hasn’t tried to eat her. He says he doesn’t feed from children. She pierces her finger with a pin and offers him blood. He takes her hand and wipes it on his mouth and shivers. Davina smiles ever so slightly.

Morning dawns in the Quarter. Klaus pounces (literally) on Sophie and asks why she allowed the witches to attack Hayley. She reminds them that she’s linked supernaturally to the wolf and that if she does, so will Sophie. She tells them that Sabine told this rebel witch faction about a vision she had about the baby and that spawned the attack. She swears. Rebekah doesn’t believe her. Sophie says Sabine has visions all the time but said this one seems outrageous. The vision indicated that the hybrid baby would bring death to all witches. Klaus says that makes him fonder of the baby.

Rebekah tells Sophie that Elijah is talking with Davina and he’s tasked her to keep Hayley safe in his absence. She wants to know just how extreme the witch faction is and Sophie says that Davina will have a lot to say about that crowd. Sophie says she wasn’t always an advocate for the witches and we see a flashback to her eight months ago partying hard. She says she only came back to NYLA to be a chef. She says her sister was always the serious one about the witch cause.

Flashback to Jane-Anne entering the bar and telling Sophie that the elders voted and decided to hold “the Harvest.” Sophie explains it’s a ritual done every 300 years to keep their ancestral power flowing. Klaus asks why he never heard of it and Sophie says not everyone takes it seriously and it’s more myth than reality.

Flashback to a Harvest that Sophie interrupts. It’s a blood ritual where the witches hands are being sliced. She says there would be four witches chosen for the Harvest and prepared the girls for months.

Marcel calls Klaus and interrupts the convo. Marcel tells him he heard about a gang of witches murdered in the bayou that looks like they were werewolf kill. Marcel wants him to come along since Klaus’ blood will cure werewolf bites it will decrease the risk. Klaus consents. Marcel is looking at photos of houses while they talk and when he rings off says – this is the one.

Sophie tells Klaus he can’t go out there now because she needs to gather the witches’ remains to consecrate them. Sophie says they’ll lose the link to the magic if she doesn’t do it by sundown. Klaus forbids her to go and says he can’t have anything linking the deaths back to him or Hayley. He tells Sophie to save the rest of the story until he gets back and tells all three girls to stay put.

Marcel heads into the church where Kieran is sweeping up the mess from the prior night. He asks Marcel if he’s there to see his prisoner he’s keeping in his church and Marcel tells him to lay off. He insists she’s not a prisoner and that he’s moving her tonight. Kieran isn’t happy that Marcel is using Davina to control the witches but Marcel doesn’t want to hear it.

Elijah finds a violin and asks Davina if she plays. She’s drawing and says she doesn’t play. Marcel comes in and Elijah is back in the coffin. She tells him not to disturb him because she has a spell in progress. Marcel tells her she’s moving her tonight and she’s giddy. Elijah is surprised that she didn’t reveal that he’s awake and she says it’s because they’re not done talking. He says that she and Marcel seem to get on well and she says Marcel is family. Elijah comments that it should be the witches that are her family and she says they deserve what Marcel is doing.

Davina says the witches made her part of their Harvest ritual and that they would be celebrated as saviors of the community but they just wanted more power. She says she ran away before they could complete the ritual and they have just a short time to complete the Harvest before the Reaping begins and that without the Harvest, there can’t be a Reaping. She says all of the witches will soon lose their power and will eventually not be witches at all. Elijah asks what it would take to complete the ritual and Davina says she would have to die.

In the cemetery, Sophie is taking some stuff and Hayley finds her there. She says if Sophie is going out to the bayou, that she wants to go too. She reminds her that whatever is out there seems to like Hayley and hate witches. Sophie says Klaus would be mad and Hayley says that she’s coming. Rebekah shows up and tells them they’re both idiotic. Hayley tells Rebekah to distract Marcel and Klaus while Sophie takes care of witch business.

Rebekah calls Klaus and tells him to stall because the three of them are taking care of the witch remains issue. He’s at a biker bar out in the boonies and asks Marcel where his informant is. They have a drink while they’re waiting and Klaus asks why he hasn’t returned Elijah. He says that Davina may be getting attached to him. Marcel wants to know why he’s so curious about her and tells Klaus he will never get her. Klaus asks how Marcel met her. He says it was eight months ago before he banned the witches from using power.

He says that the witches and vampires were getting along better back then. We see a flashback of him in the shower getting busy with Sophie. She tells him about the death ritual and the four witches they’re choosing for it. Sophie tells him the two of them being together is causing enough trouble.

Klaus laughs at him and calls him a hypocrite for getting busy with Sophie. Marcel says it was just a hook-up and Klaus laughs along with him. Klaus asks what Sophie did and he says she went to Father Kieran about it. Jane-Anne and the other witches tell the priest that they have to be able to fight back against the vampires. Kieran says it’s not allowed in his city and says that it will throw the human/vampire relationship out of balance.

Kieran tells them he is their only ally and if they go through with the Harvest, he won’t take their side with Marcel anymore. The witches say they will take it to the elders. The witches put a hex on Kieran’s nephew Sean to distract him from the Harvest issue. That’s the kid who killed all the people in the church! Cammie’s brother! Klaus knows about this but doesn’t tell Klaus.

Elijah strums the violin and asks Davina about the Harvest and says they would be die in the Harvest and be brought back to life in the Reaping. She says if she waits it out the witches will be punished and she’ll be free. Davina’s power will be gone too and she’s okay with that – she wants to be normal and says she can’t control the magic and hurts people even when she doesn’t mean to.

Elijah asks if she misses he friends. She tells him Tim is normal and doesn’t believe and Monique was part of the Harvest but someone fought for her – her Aunt Sophie so she was saved from the Harvest. Elijah is shocked to hear about Sophie’s involvement and looks thoughtful.

In the bayou, Rebekah asks about the Harvest. Sophie says Klaus told them to wait and Rebekah reminds them he also told them to stay out of the bayou. Hayley looks at some giant animal tracks and sash marks in the trees near the witch bodies. They hear a branch crack and call out for who’s there. A guy steps out of the tree cover and says – what the hell? An Original? Then he whisks away at vampire speed.

Rebekah calls Klaus and reports this happening. Klaus thinks the guy was Marcel’s informant the two of them had been waiting on – Thomas. She says they lost him and that the guy is probably on the way to tell Marcel. He says he needs a distraction and she says she’s on the way.

Davina tells Elijah that even her mother believed and wouldn’t stand up to defend her. Elijah asks how it went and she says her mother was so proud when they were all led out like princesses to be made an offering. The elders called upon earth, water, wind and fire to bring them in touch with the ancient source of magic. She says the magic in the ritual knife would put them to sleep then and they would awaken at the Reaping.

She says they just had to be cut on the palm for the blood sacrifice. Sophie busted into the ritual and tried to stop it but was unsuccessful. The first young witch comes forward and instead of cutting her hand, the Elder slashes her throat. Davina says everyone knew except the four girls that they would all be slaughtered. Monique was dragged forward as Sophie screamed for them to save her niece but no one helped. Elijah asks how she survived. Marcel and some vamps crashed the party and broke necks.

Marcel tells Klaus that Kieran told him about the Harvest and asked him to stop it. Marcel says he has a rule about not harming kids so he didn’t mind stepping in. The vamps attacked and took out a bunch of the witches and Marcel himself saved Davina from being killed. Marcel tells Klaus that Davina was special because she didn’t go quietly to be slaughtered and that they were kindred spirits. We see him holding her as her best friend died in Sophie’s arms.

Davina tells Elijah that as each girl died, she passed her power on to the remaining girls of the sacrifice and since she was the last, she gained all the power meant for the ritual. Elijah asks if the Harvest was working and Davina says something was working and they could have been lying to them about the girls coming back at the Reaping. She says Marcel saved her life. We see him whisk her away from the bloody ritual site.

Klaus tells Marcel he was a knight in shining armor and that Davina is a powerful resource for him. Marcel says he’s protecting her from the other witches because it’s pretty much her life or theirs. Rebekah shows up and asks how drunk they are. Klaus excuses himself to the bathroom. Rebekah says she hasn’t seen him that drunk since the 20s. He asked if she’s there to take Klaus home and she says there’s no other reason she would be there. She tells Marcel he doesn’t want to be on her wrong side and he repeats the statement back to her.

Klaus finds Thomas outside and asks him what he saw. He tells him and Klaus breaks his neck.

Elijah fixed the violin and tells her she can now return it to its rightful owner. She says there’s no reason to think she’ll see him again. The church starts to shiver and roil. Elijah tells her that all her power is too much to contain and she needs training. He tells her that his mother was a powerful witch and he as her grimoires can help her and teach her. He tells her that she should come with him. Davina tells him that the witches manipulated her and it ended badly for them. Elijah reassures her that it’s not a manipulation –it’s a simple deal.

Klaus finds Rebekah at the bar and she lost track of Marcel. Rebekah asks if he knew they were stalling him and Klaus says he actually thinks Marcel may have been stalling them.

At that moment, Marcel is at the church to take Davina away. She says she can’t wait. He grabs up her suitcase and Marcel says he’s going to leave Elijah there for Klaus as a parting gift. They walk out and Elijah rises from the coffin. In the sanctuary, Davina stops and says something is wrong. The whole church quakes. She tells him there’s something dangerous out there and to take her back upstairs. She collapses and Marcel catches her. Elijah has his hand held out as if he’s manipulating something (you can’t tell what) and he’s smiling.

Marcel tucks Davina into bed and leaves. She opens her eyes immediately and sits up. She’s remembering the day Marcel first brought her to the church and promises it will be just for a short while. He asks her what she likes to do so he can bring her some things to amuse her. He promises her art supplies and she tells him what she really wants is to make the witches pay.

Now, she sits up and calls to Elijah. He comes out of the shadows and tells her he’s pleased she stayed. She asks if he’ll keep his promise about the grimoire and he says he will. He tells her that he’s sorry her family betrayed her but says he won’t. He tells her that he will fight to protect his family until his last breath and she says she’ll fight the witches until hers.

Downstairs, Kieran stops Marcel and criticizes him for not getting Davina out of town. He accuses him of keeping her because she’s powerful. Marcel tells him to back down and Kieran tells him he controls the humans and he doesn’t want him on his bad side. He demands that Marcel stay away from his niece and he agrees and asks who it is and is surprised when he tells him it’s Cammie.

Hayley is upset that all those people died because of the vision about her baby. Sophie says that Sabine is out there. Hayley asks if the Harvest was real and Sophie says it was – that she saw it herself. Hayley asks how then can she be sure that the vision isn’t true.

Klaus waits for Marcel and chastises him for distracting him while he dealt with Davina. Marcel gets tetchy and calls Klaus a bitch for running out of New Orleans and Klaus knocks him on his ass and tells him he can take Davina any time he likes. He says Marcel has been playing king among children for too long and he shouldn’t mistake him for a lackey. Marcel charges him and is knocked back instantly. That time it was Elijah and he tells him that if anyone is going to teach Klaus a lesson it will be Elijah!

Klaus looks unhappy at that and Marcel is stunned that the older Original is up and about.

Rebekah tells Hayley it was her last trip to the bayou and Hayley says she has a connection to the wolves and she knows it’s a pipe dream to think she has family out there and isn’t alone. Rebekah says family is a pain in the behind and that she’s not alone. Klaus comes in and Elijah is right behind him smiling. Rebekah runs to him smiling and hugs him, visibly relieved. Hayley looks at him happily and then walks away.

Elijah loosens Rebekah’s grip on him and heads out after Hayley who is happy to see him. He says he’s back and she slaps him hard across the face. She tells him not to make promises he can’t keep. Then she says welcome home.

Elijah tells Hayley, Rebekah and Klaus that the whole story that drew them to New Orleans was fabricated by Sophie. He says it was all over Davina and not the vampire/witch power struggle.

Flashback to Sophie talking to Jane-Anne after Monique (JA’s daughter) died. Sophie tells her sister they are going to find a way to get Monique back. She says they’ll seal off the cemetery from the vampires and get Davina there and will personally slit her throat if that’s what it takes. She says it will be a secret between just the two of them.

Elijah explains how the sisters decided to take advantage of Hayley’s presence to create a story that would draw Klaus down there where he would take care of Marcel for Sophie. Elijah says that Sophie is prepared to do whatever it takes to get Monique back and that Jane-Anne gave her life to make sure it happens.

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