The Vineyard RECAP 8/20/13: Season 1 Episode 5 “Player Beware”

The Vineyard RECAP 8/20/13: Season 1 Episode 5 “Player Beware”

Tonight on the ABC Family THE VINEYARD continues with a new episode called, “Player Beware.” On tonight’s show Katie begins to second-guess her recent choices, while Ben asks Gabby for a job.  Did you watch last week’s episode?  We did and we recapped it right here for you.

On last week’s show Jackie was enamored with Lou, but he was still fixated on Katie; an unlikely pair must sneak around; Cat warned Sophi to keep her distance from Ben; Sophi got the courage to perform at an open-mike event; Katie opened up to Gabby about her love life.

On tonight’s show Jackie learns the real reason behind Luis’ surprise visit to her house and believes that the best way to get over him is to ask Jon out on a date. A devastated Luis realizes he can’t spend the rest of the summer in such close proximity to Katie and decides the only thing to do is leave Martha’s Vineyard and return home. Jon’s carefree attitude toward women catches up with him when Emily and Jackie compare notes. Katie begins to second-guess her recent choices, while Ben asks Gabby for a job. Meanwhile, an incident at a local party leads to a new understanding between rivals.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another fun one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for live coverage of ABC Family’s The Vineyard Season 1 Episode 5 “Player Beware” — tonight at 10 PM EST.

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It’s the morning after for Jackie and Lu. However despite chasing him all summer Jackie is finally ready to let him go. She says she wants to find a guy as crazy about her as she is about him. In other words she’s over Luis. She deserves better and so does he.
Jackie, Katie, and Gabby are out shopping when Katie talks about her relationship with Matt. An old friend had told her that she saw Katie more with Luis than with Matt.That’s what lead to Katie confessing to Luis she had feelings for him but needs space. Jackie asks when she told Luis this and Katie replies last night. Ouch! Confirmation that you were a rebound.

Things are pretty awkward right now between Katie and Lu. He kind of just wants to make his escape as soon as possible. The moment he’s by himself he calls his most trusted adviser; Mom. He won’t get into details with her bust she knows he’s hurting and is willing to give him time to tell her what happened.

Daniel sees Emily and he drops the bombshell. Her secret relationship with Jon is out. He saw them holding hands. He tells her they looked cute together.

Jackie though doesn’t know about the secret relationship so she asks Jon out on a date. He says yes and is getting ready when Daniel tells him he knows about him and Emily. Jon says its not bid deal between them. What he has with Emily is only a summer thing. Daniel attempts to warn him away from dating two girls especially when he suspects Emily has feeling for Jon but Jon won’t listen.

Lu is leaving. He can’t stay being around Katie so he tells Gabby he’s leaving early. She gets upset with him. He tells Cat and she gets upset with him. Cat is his best friend and she warned not to chase a girl with a boyfriend and he did it anyway. Now he’s leaving.

Gaby told Katie and even she can’t understand why Lu would just leave.

Emily cornered Daniel when they were out listening to Sophi. She wants to know what Jon said about them after Daniel asked. He breaks down. He tells her Jon believes they have an open relationship and is hanging out with Jackie. Emily never wanted an open relationship. She hasn’t been seeing other people.

Next day at work Emily tells Jackie everything. Jackie is shocked and admits she and Jon kissed on their date. Emily is furious. Its one thing for Jon to see other people and it’s another to try and date Emily’s friend behind her back. She goes to Jon and tells him it’s over. She actually had feelings for him but they’re done. Also he better not think of Jackie. Both girls won’t have anything to do with him. Then she pushes him into the water.

Instead of seeing what he did as wrong all Jon does is blame everything on Daniel.

Everyone is at party when of course drama starts. Luis is leaving yet Ben was poised to take his position. Emily got cheated although she remains good friends with Jackie. So where would a whole new crops of drama crop up if not with Jon.
This time he wasn’t necessarily his fault. All he was doing was talking to a girl when her boyfriend came over all jealous and ready to fight. Luis breaks it up before fists begin flying. Funny enough it’s the first time Jon was able to bond with Lu and it’s too late. Lu is leaving.

On the ferry out Lu gets a call. Who is on the other end?