The Voice RECAP 10/21/13: Season 5 “The Battles, Part 3”

The Voice RECAP 10/21/13: Season 5 "The Battles, Part 3"

THE VOICE is one of our favorite singing reality competitions because the judges – definitely have a good time and are even quite funny. Tonight, The Voice season 5 will be returning for “The Battles, Part 3”  on tonight’s show the artists feel the pressure as they’re paired in elimination duets for their coaches.  There was some amazing battles on last week’s show. In case you missed it, check out our LIVE RECAP — CLICK HERE.

On last week’s show the tensions was every bit as high on night two. Tonight’s show was just one hour, but the matchups looked promising: Jacob Poole vs. Mathew Schuler, Kat Robichaud vs. R. Anthony, Monika Leigh vs. Ray Boudreaux, E.G. Daily vs. Sam Cerniglia, Cole Vosbury vs. Lupe Carroll and Ashley DuBose vs. Justin Blake. Blake had already used both his steals, while Christina has one remaining, and Adam and CeeLo have both of their steals remaining.

On tonight’s show the “battle rounds” continue and the coaches enlist the help of the music industry’s top recording artists to offer their knowledge and skills as advisers. Adam Levine teams up with Ryan Tedder of OneRepublic, Blake Shelton with Cher, CeeLo Green with Miguel and Christina Aguilera with Ed Sheeran. In this phase, the coaches pit two of their own team members against each other in a dueling duet. After the vocal face-off, each coach must choose which artist from their team is the strongest, and has the option of stealing losing artists from an opposing coach. Each coach has two steals during the battle rounds where their artists will proceed to the new knockout rounds.

Tonight’s  The Voice “The Battles, Part 3”  is going to be an exciting one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of NBC’s The Voice – tonight at 8 PM EST!   While you wait for our recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about the new season of The Voice.

RECAP: The first battle of the night is Josh Logan and Michael Lynch from team Christina, Josh was a performer having doing gigs almost every night and is a dad. Michael is a landscaper and his Spanish singing won over three coaches. Christina chose the song “Harder To Breath” by Maroon 5; Ed believes that Josh really fits this song easily and Michael isn’t all that familiar with the song and has to work on it much harder. Christina wants them to do their own thing; she wants the two to really make it a battle.

Christina got frustrated with the guys with how they kept reading the lyrics; Michael was still having a hard time learning the lyrics but needs to try much harder.

Ceelo said he enjoyed both of their confidence but was surprised to how identical Josh sounded to Adam, Blake was really into it but believe that Josh’s voice is much more manlier than Adam’s. Adam was happy with the performance and loved see it; it was his first hit songs and believed that Josh overpowered Michael. Christina says that Michael is talented but decides the winner of the battle is Josh.

Next up is team CeeLo with George Horga Jr. and Juhi, George finally decided to take a chance at his dreams going on the Voice. Juhi finds education important but wanted to give music a shot before heading into that path. CeeLo chose the song “The Best I Ever Had” by Gavin DeGraw; both George and Juhi love the song. Miguel tells the two their flaw and makes sure Juhi has to pronounce her words much better when singing.

Adam says that it was interesting because he heard George hit a bad note but he actually made a massive comeback but he really like Juhi’s voice and believes their needs work on both sides. Blake says that there was one bad note from George, but believes there is something from Juhi that jumps out of him. Christina says they both brought that song alive; she really liked Juhi’s vocals. CeeLo loved the performance and lets the coaches know how great these two are; he believes that they are both great. CeeLo then decides that the winner of the battle is George.

Adam out of nowhere steals Juhi, he stole her because he didn’t believe that she was going to win and thought it was the only logical thing to do; he thinks they have work and believes she has potential.

Next up is team Blake with his first pair Austin Jenkes and Brian Tempes; Brian impressed both CeeLo and Blake but decided to stay true to his country roots. Austin’s father committed suicide and pursued music in his honor and loves what he’s doing now. Blake paired them up because of the denim, he likes their edgy sound. He gave them a song by the Begees. Cher wants Austin to not use all his power off the bat but to start off slower to amaze the listeners further into it. Brian always gets lost in the song and judge himself too much; Cher tells him he needs to work on it.

Christina really enjoyed the performance and loved both of them but connected more with Austin, CeeLo says that he hears Brian’s voice and it’s great but didn’t feel connected to him. Adam believes that Austin took the battle. Blake says that the song went better than he thought, he mentioned to Brian how they both lose themselves into the song but Austin left his heart on the stage. Blake decides that Austin is the winner or the battle.

Brian thanks Blake for everything and nobody steals him.

Next up is team Adam with James Irwin and Matt Cermanski, James returned from last year when he did not turn any chairs but got all 4 this time around. Matt came back for another try this year and believes the song choice would be much better; Adam agreed with it and is glad to work with him. Adam paired them together because neither of them made it last year, they also have a lot of emotion. The song is by One Republic called “Counting Star”, Jame and Matt felt more nervous having to do Ryan Tedder’s song. Adam loved them at the last coaching session; they are both incredible singers and really can’t see the finish product.

Blake says they had the same strengths and weaknesses; he couldn’t believe how great they were. Christina says that the Matt did an amazing falceto. CeeLo says he doesn’t know because he believes that the rendition of the song was awesome; he picks James. Adam says that he appreciates them and what they have done; it was perfect but believes both of them have work to do. Adam chooses James as the winner of the battle. Matt says thanks Adam working with him and it means a lot to him.

Next up with team Christina is Destiny Quinn and Lina Godazzi; both girls have a huge passion for music and believe it’s their time to shine. Christina won them both over with her smooth ways. Christina paired them up because they are very soft so she chose a song by the Dixie Chicks to throw them out of their comfort zone; Christina can’t feel their emotion in their singing. Christina wants them to go for it and wants them to show their best, at the rehearsal they nerves really hurt the girls. Christina then shows them what she’s expecting from them by performing the song herself.

Christina gives the girls a standing ovation, CeeLo says that Lina has a strong voice but loves how both of them had a strong passion; but felt Destiny really lived out that song. Adam said they were both connected perfectly but there was moments where they fell flat. Blake says that Destiny’s connection was just amazing and loved it so much; he believes though that Lina performed it better. Christina says that she wanted them to find themselves in the song and now decides the winner of the battle is Destiny.

Adam just steals Lina right before she says anything.

The last battle from Team Adam is James Wolpert and Will Champlin, James decided to leave school to go and pursue his dreams and even got all 4 chairs to turn. Will’s dad is a successful musician and won over the judges with his performance. Adam paired them together to take them out of their comfort zone; they are doing “Radioactive” by Imagine Dragons; Will has some pitch problems that he needs to work on. Adam believes that James has it done perfectly but needs to be more emotional performing the song.

Blake is laughing because Adam has no idea what he will do; he could not believe James because he doesn’t look what his voice actually is. He goes with Jame because of the surprise but likes Will a lot. Christina says that Will was very strong but believed James pushed himself a little to hard. CeeLo says he likes James style; he wonders where he could go. Adam says that it was much more even and believed they both did an incredible job; Will looks like what we hear but James looks like he could be working the stock market. Adam decides the winner of the battle is James.

Will says he is honored to have work with Adam and Ryan but Christina steals Will.