The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 5 REVIEW “The Governor Is Back”

The Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 5 REVIEW "The Governor Is Back"

On last night’s season 4 episode 5 of THE WALKING DEAD, you see leaves blowing on the road. Then you see Rick driving. He looks down at the the watch Carol gave him. He sees a zombie on the side of the road. He breezes past it. Rick looks like he is fighting his inner demons again.

Back at the prison it’s Hershel, Sasha, and Glenn trying to take care of this really sick guy. Speaking of sick Sasha looks like she is about to drop and Glenn isn’t to far behind. They are incubating the dude so he can breathe. Hershel orders Glenn and Sasha to drink his elderberry potion. He tells them he wants to make some new rules before the rest of the council gets back, first up he wants there to be spaghetti Tuesdays every Wednesday. Sasha look says bitch… please… I am way to sick for this nonsense. Hershel ask her if she thinks she can help the guy they just set up with a bag to breathe. Sasha is up for it. Hershel makes sure she knows when she is about to kill over she is going to need to get somebody else. Hershel then ask Glenn to make his rounds with him. Hershel and Glenn are going from cell to cell checking on all the other sick people. They notice that one guy seems to have died in his sleep, which in these circumstances that is probably the best way to go. They haul him up on to a stretcher and head outside to the deed when he turns. Lizzie happens by and ask what they are up to. Hershel tells her he needs to move the guy to a safer place (like the cemetery) and that she needs to quit being nosey and go get a book to read. Right when the guy goes all zombie Glenn stabs him in the head.

Hershel goes to see Maggie in place of Glenn who is tired and resting. Maggie offers to help he tells her hell to the no. Hershel ask about Beth. Maggie says she is ok (I don’t know I think Beth found her emotional off switch). Hershel tells Maggie to just keep safe and that he loves her.

Hershel checks on Glenn. Glenn looks like he is about to pass out. As he walks away Hershel watches looking extremely worried.

Maggie is outside poking Walker’s in the head (because that’s how you take out pent up aggression on this show.) Rick ask about everyone. Maggie says they are ok. Maggie then ask where Carol is, Rick deflects and ask specifically about Sasha and Glenn. Maggie tells him they are just peachy with a side of keen and kindly tell me where in the hell Carol is. I’m not going to lie for a second I thought he was going to lie and say she was a Walker snack. Rick instead tells Maggie the truth. Rick tells Maggie he didn’t want her there. Maggie tells Rick she would have done the same damn thing.

Rick goes and finds Carl. Rick ask if everyone is ok. Carl tells him yes. Rick then tells him he brought him supplies including fruit leather and to have everyone brush their teeth after eating. First: What is fruit leather? Is that like the new PC term for fruit roll up? Second: Brush their teeth…really? I’m pretty sure cavities are not on their top ten list of worries in the zombie apocalypse. Carl wants to go with his dad. He has his sheriff hat back on. Carl tells his dead he can’t always keep him from what happens. Rick knows its true but tells him it’s his job and he will try.

Glenn even near death is still helping Hershel. Hershel is checking on Dr. Caleb who is well aware he is about to kick it. Caleb has stock piled some guns under his bed you know “just in case”. Hershel doesn’t think it’s “just in case” time yet. Hershel is being his sweet, optimistic self. Caleb tells (more like yells) at him to make sure that everyone’s cell doors are closed. Caleb has a coughing attack. When it passes Hershel picks up his light and grabs Caleb’s face. Caleb has got blood coming out of his mouth and eyes which also happen to be glazed over. He is literally one cough, a gasp, and a drop on the floor from being a Walker.

After seeing Dr. Caleb Hershel decides to take his advice and is locking people in their cells but in his own sweet way. A guy comes running from what I’m guessing is a cell that hasn’t been locked yet and falls on the ground having convulsions. Hershel bends down and checks on him but as bad luck would have it he is dead. Hershel takes out a knife so he can do the deed but notices everyone is staring at him including the dude I’m pretty sure he just locked in his cell. Hershel tells everyone they need to get back in their cells. Sasha grabs a stretcher and helps him put the guy on it. Hershel tells Sasha who is literally gasping for breath at this point that she needs to lie down and rest. Hershel pushes the guy out of sight on the stretcher. Hershel stands over the guy and raises the knife above his head but can’t bring himself to stab him. Hershel covers his face with the sheet and then brings the knife down (nothing like taking the last character on this show with all their humanity still left intact and making them kill someone.)

Rick apparently was watching the whole damn thing. Hershel tells him he is the third one they have lost and that they are now burning the bodies. Rick ask Hershel the million dollar question of the hour “Are you OK?” Hershel tells Rick that he and the man he just stabbed in the head were talking about Steinbeck, and how he is aware the sick know what is going on and that’s why he didn’t want them to see him stab the guy. All the while Hershel’s looking defeated and his voice is cracking. So to answer your question Rick hell no Hershel is not ok. Rick offers a pep talk of sorts by telling Hershel that they see him keep going even though the choices left are slim. Hershel tells Rick he still thinks there is a plan and there is a reason behind it. Rick ask like a test. Hershel tells him life is a test. Rick gets to the point and tells him about Carol. Hershel is closing cell doors again when he comes to Sasha passed out with a dead girl in the bed next to her. While Hershel is helping Sasha the dead girl wakes up in all her Walker glory.

Meanwhile Rick and Maggie are trying to prevent the gate from falling in by propping wood up against it. It’s so freaking crazy how close they get to the Walkers and they act like it’s no big deal. One could grab them at any second. To help prove my point one decides to grab Rick’s ankle. Maggie takes care of that with her whack, bam, one less arm now ma’am axe. Rick tells Maggie he is really glad she is out there with him (no doubt). Maggie gives a half hearted smile and they get back to work.

Hershel is with Sasha who looks close to death. Apparently she is just dehydrated. Hershel tells her being a hero will do that. Sasha tells Hershel he should know. Sasha tells Hershel that she doesn’t believe in luck or magic that she does the math but doesn’t gamble, but she doesn’t know if she would still be there if he hadn’t have been so damn stupid. They both smile and laugh. Hershel tells her he is going to take that as a compliment.

Glenn looking worse and worse by the minute is still pushing on the bag putting air in the guys lungs. Glenn notices that he isn’t breathing and decides that now would be the perfect time to use his CPR training. Guy still is dead. Glenn over does it and falls on the ground coughing up blood.

Hershel is locking that guy from earlier in his cell for the second time. Hershel comes to a cell with two men in it. The one guy tells Hershel the other one is sleeping and he will stay with him. Hershel ask him if he wants him to take a look at him. The guy tells him no (hmmmmmmm…….The one guy is dead me thinks).

Glenn is unconscious and looks way worse than Sasha. Lizzie finds him gasping for air. She then sees a Walker pop out and yells for Hershel. Which brings the walker girl out of her cell and the one in the room with Glenn wakes up. The Walker girl attacks Hershel. The guy that was in the cell with the sick guy comes out with a gun. A woman comes running over and pulls the Walker off Hershel. The guy with the gun gets attacked by his cell mate and when he bites him the gun goes off and he ends up shooting the woman that helped get the Walker of Hershel in the head. Rick tells Maggie to go check on Glenn and Hershel she takes off running.

The gun goes off again. That guys cell mate is eating him up. Bet he wishes he had let Hershel in the cell when he had the chance. Hershel sits up and looks around. Lizzie is luring the one that was in the cell with Glenn away from him. She is walking backwards which we all know you shouldn’t do in any type of situation because one is bound to trip sooner rather than later. Hershel finally realizes what it is Lizzie is doing.

Rick goes looking for Carl and decides whispering is the way to go even though he couldn’t hear him when he was telling at him earlier. Surprisingly Carl comes running and is more than happy to help his dad.

Lizzie is still talking to the Walker likes it a puppy and walking backwards. Sure enough she falls. Lizzie is in panic mode screaming like a banshee. Lucky for her Hershel comes running up the stairs, grabs the Walker, and pulls a classic WWE move and throws him over his shoulder. Hershel makes sure Lizzie is ok and then ask her where Glenn is.

Maggie is flying down the hall. She gets to the door and starts screaming for her dad. When she doesn’t get a response she starts using the axe to attempt to break the glass. No dice and to top it off she gets it stuck in the door. Maggie screams in frustration.

Hershel leads Lizzie back safely and puts her in a cell with a little boy and then gives them both strict orders to stay put. Hershel finds Glenn gasping for air and tells him to hold on.

To add insult to injury Maggie ends up breaking the handle off the axe when she tries to,get it out of the door. Maggie then whips a gun out ( she had it the whole time and still thought a axe was the better way to go….unbelievable.) Maggie holds it up at the window but doesn’t shoot and opts instead to run.

Hershel realizes that it is beyond chaos downstairs and runs over to the now Walker Caleb’s cell for the guns. Caleb grabs Hershel. Hershel stabs him in the head. Hershel goes in his cell to get the guns apparently “just in case” has arrived. Glenn meanwhile is still not breathing well.

Rick and Carl are outside still working on the damn fence. The Walker’s are just coming in droves. The wood snaps and the gate finally gives and the Walker’s are all up in the prison. Rick tells Carl to run. They run into a guard tower and come out on the other much safer side. Carl ask what they do. Rick wants to get the bus and put it against the fence.

Hershel gets a gun and starts loading it.

Rick and Carl also grab some guns and extra ammo. Rick gives him the Cliffs Notes version of how to use a machine gun. They start popping them off like they are those ducks at the shooting game at the carnival.

Hershel meanwhile is about to kill the girl Walker when he notices Lizzie watching. He starts leading her away by walking backwards of course.

Rick and Carl are still shooting away I guess they want the biggest prize. Carl kind of takes the lead at this point which is kind of interesting in a strange kind of way.

Maggie is running down another hall. Maggie shoots out the window and jumps through it Jill Valentine style.

Girl Walker is still after Hershel. Hershel is still walking backwards. Hershel shoots her and the other two that follow. For those of you keeping count Hershel has now killed five people this episode.

Rick and Carl are still shooting.

Poor Glenn I cannot believe he isn’t dead yet. Hershel tells him to hold on and that they still have something and takes off running. He goes back over to the Walker he threw over his shoulder and calls him a son of a bitch.

Maggie comes around a corner and shoots some Walker guy in the head. She sees her dad fighting with the Walker and aims at him. Hershel tells her not to do it that they need the bag for Glenn. I really hope they sterilize it first. Maggie shoots him in the head anyway. Hershel rips the bag off and Maggie goes running towards Glenn. Glenn has so much blood coming out of his mouth. Hershel finally gets the bag on him. Hershel tells Maggie he didn’t want her in there. Maggie says she knows but she did it anyway. Hershel wipes the blood off her face. Lizzie ask if it’s over. Maggie tells her she hopes so. Then in what has to be the most bizarre thing I’ve seen tonight Lizzie puts her boot in the blood on the ground and starts moving it around.

Back outside Carl and Rick are now stabbing the Walkers that didn’t die from gunshots. Carl just looks at his dad and keeps going. Here a stick,there a stick, everywhere a stick stick. Carl sees the van coming and tells Rick everything is going to be ok. Rick looks uncertain and kind of like he might cry. Carl takes off running out to the van. Rick opens the gate for them to get in.

Tyreese ask about Sasha. Rick tells him he doesn’t know. Tyreese runs in and holds her in his arms.

Liquor Bob is helping Hershel mix the medicine. Maggie tells her dad to go rest. Hershel gets up and goes into a Dr. Caleb’s cell and sits on the cot. Hershel closes Caleb’s eyes. Hershel opens a bible and tries to read it but puts it down and breaks down crying.

It’s a new day and while Rick washes off Michonne drags the bodies onto the bed of a truck. Rick ask if she needs help. Michonne tells him she’s got it. Carl comes running up to Rick. Rick tells him he needs to talk to Darryl. Carl ask if he has to of it right then. Rick tells him no. If I was Rick I would out that off for as long as possible as well.

Hershel and Tyresse chat about Glenn. He is breathing on his own. Darryl remarks that he is a tough sin of a bitch. Hershel says he is. Darryl tells Hershel he is also a tough son of a bitch. Hershel says I am. Darryl them ask about Carol’s whereabouts. Hershel tells him he needs to talk to Rick regarding that matter. Hershel tells Darryl she is ok. Which nobody really knows for sure at this point. Hershel then again tells him to talk to Rick.

Hershel and Michonne head out with the bodies.

Rick and Carl are picking peas.

The Governor is standing outside the prison watching them. Looks like the Rat King is back. Wonder what his one eyed army of twisted has in mind for Rick and company.


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