The Wanted Life RECAP 6/2/13: Season 1 Premiere

The Wanted Life RECAP 6/2/13: Season 1 Premiere

Tonight on E! is the premiere of their new reality show, THE WANTED LIFE.  The show goes inside the rock and roll lifestyle of UK music group The Wanted.  The group is one of the music industries most talked about bands and the show will reveal the daily and very chaotic lives of the 5 UK musicians – Max, Siva, Jay, Tom and Nathan – that make up this edgy and talented powerhouse as they descend on Los Angeles for the first time to work hard and play even harder.

In the new series, viewers will see Max, Nathan and Jay attempt to juggle the limelight and being single, while Siva and Tom try to keep up with the boys while not neglecting their long term girlfriends, putting  the house in which they all share in a constant state of tension.  And whether it’s meeting the First Lady of the United States Michelle Obama and performing at The White House,  shooting a music video for their latest hit “Walks Like Rihanna,” or living through the prospect of losing Nathan from the group when he needs emergency throat surgery, The Wanted prove that the power of five is unbreakable.

On tonight’s premiere episode called, “Party Like A Popstar,” the members of The Wanted and their girlfriends move into a mansion in Los Angeles to record their highly anticipated new album, but it isn’t long before partying and an unexpected heath scare threaten the band’s continued success.

Tonight’s season premiere of The Wanted Life airs tonight at 10PM on E!  We will be covering the show and bring you all the details of the shenanigans of Max, Siva, Jay, Tom and Nathan, so don’t forget to tune in.  While you wait for the recap, hit the comments and let us know how excited you are about getting a birds eye view of The Wanted!

Tonight’s episode begins now – Refresh Page for Updates

The boys are hanging out inside and begin an impromptu party. Nathan can’t enjoy the party because although he can drink back home in the UK its illegal to drink under 21 in the US.

The boys head to the studio to discuss new song. While each member lays down a solo vocl the others mainly, Max and Nathan, shoot some pool. They talk about girls. Max is enjoying American women although he knows on of his main appeal to them is his accent. But hey he’s 24 and single.

The girlfriends are out shopping together. Kelsey and Nareesha are complete opposites but are good friends because only they know what it’s like to date someone from The Wanted.

Back at the house, Max suggests a party. Nareesha and Siva are apprehensive over the party. They just want some peace and quiet but they may be in luck. Before there’s a house party, the house should at least be clean. The guys get it clean in time and Nareesha tells her boyfriend that still have a lock on their door.

Max has met someone at the party. The two go off alone while the party continues. As its getting later, Nareesha pulls Siva asidaside to tell him their going to bed. Tom sees this and feel those two should be enjoying themselves.

The morning after brings a whole source of new things. Max apparently had the girl overnight and the house looks completely trashed.

Back in studio, the guys are still laying down vocals when Tom keeps forgetting the lines. Something their manager takes note of. The manager stops by the house later to give everyone a gentle reminder that they need to be at their best during performances. Also they cam out to LA to work not just to party. Now if only the boys would listen.

They go out party again that night but this time Siva notices how he’s growing up differently than his bandmates.

Scooter , the head manager, calls in the guys for a meeting. He has been getting phone calls about how the guy have been partying hard. They had shown up drunk to Macy’s day parade. Scooter enforces to them that those who build you up can always tear you down. This time the boys take it seriously.

The boys get through their show only to have Nathan voice be hoarse after. He says he’ok but is he really?

Nareesha is out with Siva when she brings up their living situation. She tells him they need to figure out a new way because they can’t continiue with the other guys being the way they are, The other guys can’t help to mention Siva when they’re all out together. Tom believes Siva is becoming disconnected from the group because of Nareesha.

Nathan’s voice still isn’t back. His throat is also hurting so they’re taking him to the doctor. Will he be ok or is this the beginning of the end?