Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Very Happy To Be Away From Each Other

Tom Cruise, Katie Holmes Very Happy To Be Away From Each Other 0313

This isn’t really news. But the fact that, for some reason, it is news makes it news to me. You feel me? Tom Cruise is happy! Yea! Why is there a story on that? Why did his friend and Rock of Ages director, Adam Shankman, need to tell a newspaper that? In the past Tom has had no problem letting the world know his happiness levels (remember the couch episode?). So either Tom is most definitely ecstatic to have the Katie Holmes years behind him or he’s trying to repair his crazy ass image. His last movie tanked. He’s finishing up with All You Need is Kill. Oblivion should be coming out soon. If those two movies bomb is Tom’s career finally over?

I guess not if he’s happy.

“They are incredibly happy,” Shankman said. “I’ve just been emailing with him. He’s coming back. He’s shooting in London and seems as happy as a clam. I know he sees his daughter. Katie seems really happy. You just fight through all the noise. And it’s noisy.

Oh, so I get it now. Tom Cruise is happy again AND he sees Suri Cruise. Even though she’s papped in NYC every day with her mom he still sees her, OK? Skype should not be disregarded as a valuable parenting tool!

I’m just messing with you Tommy. I’m sure this little reassurance from Shankman has nothing to do with the Life & Style lawsuit that’s going on right now. The one we all hope gets nice and dirty so we can listen in on all the spilled secrets. But I have no doubt Tom Cruise is just cruisin’ along. It’s what he does. Ever since the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes’ split he’s worked like crazy so I doubt he’s given himself time to even recognize the fact that he’s alone again. Let’s see how happy he is when he’s at home with nothing to do. Or do you think Scientology will have a new wife for him by then? Is that what this crazy filming schedule is? Is it just keeping him busy and buying him time until the next one comes along? Sounds about right to me.

Is Tom Cruise happy or is he just saving face? Can he recover if these upcoming movies fail?


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  • LIARLIAR2013

    Jack Reacher has currently earned >$215 Mil WW, that’s tanking? People get your stupid facts straight. A movies that tanked are Broken City and Gangster Squad – WITH BTW THE MOST WANTED MEN IN HW! GMAFB. People just want to take shots at TC for no F-ing reason.

  • LIARLIAR2013

    Of course TC is happy, Popeye the Sailor Man, moved on. The should never have gotten together in ther first place. Women is BUSTED – bad teeth, and fat calves, FU patela. Her legs are like freaking stumps. I mean for real, Nicole at 44 is 1000 times better looking than this 34 year old look woman. He went into the gutter and got exactly that “a child with daddy issues.”

  • LIARLIAR2013

    Of course he’s happy “Popeye the sailor man” has moved on. They would never has gotten married had she not been knocked up, guy was just trying to the right thing. People forget that woman had already given birth prior to the marriage. And his last movie “Jack Reacher” is over $215 mil WW, so I would not call that tanking. I mean besides his religion, which our constitution allows us to believe what we want, what’s the reason for all the hate? People move on, they both have. It was a mistake of a marriage, let it rest.

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