Tom Cruise Writes Katie Holmes Heartfelt Letter, Hopes To Rekindle Relationship

Tom Cruise Writes Katie Holmes Heartfelt Letter, Hopes To Rekindle Relationship 0702

I thought we were over this? It’s been a year. Both sides have taken beatings but have moved on. Tom Cruise even managed to promote a movie that didn’t bomb at the box office. That shows some sort of effort on everyone’s part to forget the embarrassment that came with Katie Holmes’ stealth desertion. But the pint-sized star is still looking for some closure – or he’s just a masochist. Who can ever be too sure with this guy anymore?

Is Tom Cruise reconciling with Katie Holmes because he’s still in love with her or because he wants to move forward for the sake of Suri Cruise? According to Look magazine, it could be a little bit of both. A source told the mag he still considers Katie the love of his life but most of the anger has drained away and he’s realizing he’d rather have her in his life as a co-parenting friend than nothing at all. Considering the two have barely uttered a few words to each other, let alone been in each other’s presence over the past 365 days, that might take some convincing. But that’s why Tom wrote her a heartfelt letter! The word is out on whether Katie is open to the relationship.

Tom seems like the kind of guy you’d rather have working for you than against you but I’m not sure how having him back in her life with affect Katie. Will he  try to be one of the girls? Will he ask her about Luke Kirby? Will he make an appearance at the divorce party? How awesome would that be??

I don’t know though… this could all be too soon. It takes some divorced couple years to be able to stand in the same room together again and most didn’t have quite the dramatic finish that Katie and Tom had. I’d guess Katie needs more time. She’s still trying to navigate what it means to be the former Mrs Tom Cruise. She’s still trying to snag her first big acting break. Reconciling might make it all about him again and delay her independent status in Hollywood. I’d stay away for a host of other reasons but the career ones should be enough for Katie for now. No matter how toothy his grin is, Tom Cruise is no Bruce Willis. He doesn’t have the confidence to walk the red carpet with a younger dude everyone knows is banging his ex-wife. God, how amazing would that be if it ever happened though!!

What do you think of the Tom Cruise/Katie Holmes letter story? Do you believe this letter even exists and is Katie in the right mind to even take it seriously?

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