Dean McDermott Divorcing Tori Spelling – She Refuses Sex, He Demands Millions – Report

Dean McDermott Divorcing Tori Spelling – She Refuses Sex, He Demands Millions - Report

Tori Spelling and Dean McDermott have built an empire on their happy marriage—from a reality TV show to books to jewelry—but a new cheating crisis threatens to destroy it all. Just six months after the birth of their fourth baby, the couple are fighting in public, and insiders claim divorce is on the horizon. What’s got the family-centered couple feeling fiery? Tori fears that Dean’s addiction to sex will lead him to other women, and the only way she can keep him around is with money!

Tori believes Dean has been seeing two different women for years,” an insider told Star Magazine, print edition March 11, 2013. “She’s so suspicious, she monitors his email and put a tracker on his phone. She’s even had a private investigator follow him!” As if having him stalked isn’t insane enough, Tori has taken to “regularly checking his internet history. She has found loads of porn on it.”

Dean is only happy when his sex life is wild, but Tori “is scared of getting pregnant and fat again. They argue about sex all the time.” It doesn’t help that “Dean told her she looks fat,” and thinks her slow weight loss is laziness! To make matters worse, Tori seems to have justified his cheating as an uncontrollable symptom of his sex addiction.

Now, “Dean is moving out for good—he’s been searching for a place to live.” Preparing for a whirlwind divorce, he’s also “been studying Tori’s and Candy [Spelling’s] finances for months and says he will use the kids as leverage to get big money. If Candy doesn’t kick in some of her fortune, Dean will go for full custody and make it as difficult as he can for Tori and Candy to see those kids.” Even with hundreds of millions (sort of) at stake, we’re more concerned about their four kids!

Of course, none of the divorce news is on Tori’s personal website, which focuses more around motherhood advice and a glimpse into her glam life. Then again, she wouldn’t exactly want to broadcast that her brand is built on a foundation of lies! Do you think there’s trouble in paradise, or are a few public arguments being blown out of proportion?

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