True Blood RECAP 7/14/13: Season 6 Episode 5 “F*** The Pain Away”

True Blood RECAP 7/14/13: Season 6 Episode 5 “F*** The Pain Away”

Tonight on HBO TRUE BLOOD continues with a new episode called, “F*** The Pain Away.” Can you believe we are already at the half point of season 6, the show is quickly speeding towards the finale.  On tonight’s show Eric and Tara resort to drastic measures to rescue Pam and Sarah reconnects with Jason.  Did you watch last week’s fabulous episode? If you missed it we did a review of the episode HERE. So head over there and you can get caught up before tonight’s episode airs.

On last week’s episode Sookie confronted her growing attraction to the mysterious Ben Flynn who was 1/2 fae and had a huge suprise. Eric  countered Burrell’s brutal anti-vampire initiatives by hitting his nemesis where it hurts the most, his daughter. Growing up all too quickly, Andy’s faerie daughters end up keeping dangerous company.  Bill had his eye on them for their blood, but Jessica lost control.  Sam and Nicole made a connection. Bill tasked Takahashi to synthesize a new kind of blood, but he was not successful.

On tonight’s show Sookie has Ben/Warlow in her cross-hairs she has a ball of light and she is circling him telling him she has no idea why vampires feel the need to lie to her, threaten her and terrorize her in her own home.  Sookie knows he is Warlow.  Meanwhile Jason is going to have two ex-lovers show up next week: Sarah Newlin and Jessica who will be seeking his forgiveness.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another bloody exciting one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of HBO’s True Blood Season 6 Episode 5 “F*** The Pain Away,” tonight at 9PM EST! Remember also to bookmark Celeb Dirty Laundry and check back here for our live True Blood recaps, reviews, news, and spoilers! While you wait for our recap, we have tons of spoilers and a sneak peek video for tonight’s episode, CLICK HERE …

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Tonight’s show opens with Warlow and Sookie making out and Sookie telling Warlow to get the F off her because she has a vampire killing bubble.  Warlow tells her he loves her, he is her destiny and is his.  She asks him if he loves her so much why did he kill her parents.

Over with Bill and Jessica she is sobbing she tells Bill she did not mean to drain Andy’s kids and then she starts to kiss Bill.  Bill tells her she is high on fairy blood.

Warlow tells Sookie the night he killed her parents they were trying to kill her.  Sookie throws some fairy light at him and tells him she does not believe him.  Bill feels the pain and then he heads over to Sookie’s house.  Sookie sees Bill come in and says Great!!!  Bill tells Warlow as his maker he commands him and demands that Warlow go with him.  Warlow follows Bill out.

Andy pulls up to Bill’s house with his gun and heads into the house, he is screaming Bill’s name and Andy finds his daughter’s on the floor and they all look dead.  He is really upset he sees they all have been bitten by a vampire.  Bills screams for Bill to come and answer to his crimes.  Andy finds one of his daughters who is still alive and picks her up and takes her out.

Tara comes to see Eric and tells him that the vampire cops have Pam, he wants to know what he is going to do.  Bill and Eric come up to where the guards are and they give themselves up.   Pam is walking through the camp and sees all the experiments that is happening to vampires.

Burrell wants to take his daughter himself to the camps.  Sarah tells Burrell that now that Willa is turned she is gone and he has to accept it.  Sarah tells Burrell that even though Willa is gone maybe they should consider having children.  Burrell tells Sarah he cannot let Willa go.  Sarah wants Burrell to marry her.  She warns Burrell not to take her for granted, she tells him when a women comes in black lingerie you unwrap it.  Burrell leaves.

Warlow asks Bill who he is Bill tells him he is the prophet he drank Lilith blood and therefore he commands Warlow.  We get a flashback to when Lilth met Warlow and when she turned him.  She told Warlow that God told her about him and he is destined to save man kind.  Warlow tells Bill he made him into something he despises.  Bill tells him he made him into their salvation.

Jason comes home and finds Sarah sitting on his stoop.  He wonders why she is there because they did not exactly last part on the best of terms.  She tells Jason she has a new man and Jason tells him that is good cause Steve  was a gay vampire.

Sarah is there to save Jason’s soul.  Jason tells her his soul is just fine.  Jason tells her he is not the same dumb kid he use to be, he has been places and done things.  Sarah tells him they have a connection and she is not giving up on him.  Sarah claims she never fel more holy than when she was with him and she believes God wants her to F him.  So they proceed to bed and have lots of sex.

Andy brings his daughter into the Sheriffs office and finds some V and he feeds it to his daughter.  He tells her it will make her feel a lot better.  She is alive and says, “Daddy!”

Alcide comes into a bar and introduces himself to a lady at the bar, Jenny he tells her he is the leader of the pack of Shreveport.  He wants to know if she has seen Sam, she claims she has not.  He heads to the bar and meets  a man and his father is sitting at the bar too.  His father tries to give him advice, tells him if he was not so angry he might benefit from his advice.    Alcide jumps on his father and tells him to get out of his life.  He tells Alcide he needs cash and Alcide throws it at his father.

Meanwhile Eric and Tara are now in the vampire camp to and Eric tells Tara to find Pam.

Jason wakes up and someone is banging at his door, it is Jessica.  Jessica tells Jason she did something so unspeakable.  She tells Jason that while she was eating “them” she got turned on.  Jason is not following.  Jessica asks Jason if he ever loved her.  Jason says he did.  Jessica wants to know why?  He wants to know what he loved about her, Jason tells her everything, but her heart most of all.

Jessica then starts saying, “What if Bill is not God, what if Bill is the Devil.  Maybe I am serving the Devil.”

Then Sarah walks in and tells Jason that she did not know he had a vampire girlfriend.  Sarah is pissed because she says Jason has been sleeping with a vampire whore.

Jessica jumps on Sarah and goes to beat her and then she is pulled out of the room and it is the LATVF.  Sarah called them and they take Jessica away.  Then Sarah tells Jason he defiled her body with his vampire loving pecker. LOL!

Eric is in a white room with several other people and balls fall on the floor.  He picks the ball up and the person who does not get a ball gets shot.  It is clear it is an experiment to see what they will do.

Later Eric walks into a room with many vampires and asks if anyone has seen Pam.  No one answers him and everyone gets up.

Pam is in the room with a man and he asks her to lie down.  He tells Pam she is being studied.  He tells her if she does not lie down there are guns pointed at her.  She asks him if she is in therapy.  She does not want to be in therapy.  He tells her his interest in her is intellectual.  She is going to stay there until she talks to him.  He is going to ask her questions and if he feels the answers are true then he will give her a human donor and she will get blood.

He asks Pam what value does she put on his life, she answers none.  She tells him he smells like tuna and she cares more about the tuna than him.  Pam gets her reward she gets to drink from the human donor.

Sookie comes into Merlottes  – Sookie tells Lafayette that the thing that came out of her ceiling was a fairy vampire.  Sookie tells Lafayette she needs to find her way back to the truth and she needs Lafayette’s help to do it.

Terry is having a drink with one of his old war buddies, Justin.  He wants to know why Terry called him up.  Terry asks him how he would like to kill him.  He tells Justin he tried to kill himself and he tells Justin he could not do it.  Terry tells Justin he killed Patrick.  Arlene comes over and Terry introduces Arlene to Justin.   Arlene leaves and Terry tells Justin Arlene wants him to cover it up.  Justin agrees to kill him.  Terry asks for a couple of days to get his affairs in order, he just does not want to know it is coming.

Andy is watching over his daughter who is sleeping on the couch.  Holly comes over and Andy tells her it was Jessica who attacked his daughters and killed them.  Holly tells him that maybe it was some kind of accident.  Andy does not believe it was an accident, he knows Bill was taking their blood too.  Andy wants to kill Bill, Holly tells him not to do it, Bill is stronger than him and if Andy gets killed his daughter will have no one.  Holly tells Andy he is calling off the search party and as far as people know the girls went back to their Mom.  Holly promises to get them through it.

Over with Sam, Nicole is getting dressed.  Sam apologizes, he drank too much, but he tells her he will get them out of the mess.

Over at the Vamp Camp Jessica is there now and she sees Tara.  Jessica asks Tara where they are and Tara tells her they are in Hell.  Jessica believes it because she drained Andy’s fairy daughters.  Jessica asks Tara if she believes in the devil.  Tara tells her no, but her Momma did.

Jessica tells Tara maybe they don’t deserve to live.  She did not have to kill those fairy girls.

Pam is still talking to the therapist. He asks Pam if she feels remorseful when she kills another vampire.  Pam tells him she feels no remorse at all.  He asks Pam about her maker, she tells him that she has no maker she has been released.  He asks her how she was released.  She tells him all a maker has to say, “I release you.”

She tells him when her maker released her she was hurt but now she is over it.  The Therapist does not believe her.

Nicole is making a phonecall and Sam stops her.  They are arguing and Alcide’s father comes out of and sees them bickering.

Jessica gets a vile of blood and she tells Tara she does not want it.  Several vamps walk up and Tara stops them.  Willa walks by and sees Tara.  She screams Tara and the guards tell Will she is VIP and does not mess with the other vamps.  Then the guard propositions Willa.

Jason calls Sookie he leaves a voice mail and tells her he messed up with Jessica, he is going to make it up with Jessica.

Meanwhile Sookie is with Lafayette and they are going to summon her parents she wants to ask them direct what happened the night they died.

Lafayette calls for her parents from the grave and he tells her they don’t want to come and then all of a sudden they are there.  Sookie starts talking  to her parents and tells them the vampire that murdered them Warlow is here.  Sookie reaches for Lafayette’s hand and then sees her parents talking to Warlow.

Warlow tells Sookie’s parents that he is going to change Sookie into a vampire.  He tells Sookie’s parents that when she comes of age he is coming back for her.  Warlow leaves and Sookie’s father puts her in the car and tells her mother that he is going to kill Sookie before he is going to let her be turned into a vampire.

Sookie’s father appears and Sookie says to her father I thought you loved me, why were you going to kill me.  Then her father goes into Lafayette’s father and accuses Sookie of loving Warlow.  He ties Sookie up and puts her into the trunk of Lafayette’s car.

Back with Bill and Warlow, Warlow has Takahashi and he is threatening to kill him.  We then get a flashback to many years ago when Lilith changed Warlow to a vampire.   Bill tells Warlow he never needed his village.  Warlow tells Bill he wishes the vampire race extinction, he despises vampires.  Warlow tells Bill he should have just stayed dead.

Sarah brings Governor Burrell to see her gay vampire ex Steve Newlin.  She tells him this will make him appreciate her even more.  He sits down and it is a two way window and he can see Eric on the other side.  Burrell asks Eric about his daughter and Eric tells him to F himself.  Burrell tells Eric to F him because he forced him to take his daughter to the vamps.  All of a sudden Sarah says cue the stake and a door opens and there is a stake.  Then Eric says give me something to kill and a door opens and it is Pam.  The therapist is on the other side and he tells Pam to show him how much Eric does not mean to her.  Neither Pam nor Eric does anything.

Back with Lafayette who has been taken over by Sookie’s father – he opens the trunk and she kicks him but he overpowers her.  Takes her to the lake and she screams I don’t want to die, he dunks her head in the water and he is going to drown her.