True Blood RECAP 8/11/13: Season 6 Episode 9 “Life Matters”

True Blood RECAP 8/11/13: Season 6 Episode 9 “Life Matters”

Can you believe Truebies the penultimate episode of season 6 of TRUE BLOOD is already here?  It seems like the season just started and it is almost over?  On tonight’s episode called, “Life Matters” the members on Bon Temps say goodbye to Terry.  Make sure to have you Kleenex box ready because from what we have seen it is going to be a real tear jerker.  Did you watch last week’s fabulous episode? If you missed it we did a recap of the episode HERE. So head over there and you can get caught up before tonight’s episode airs.

On last week’s episode Sookie had to decided whether or not to broker a deal between Warlow and Bill to save her friends.  Bill saw Warlow as the answer to saving the vampires from destruction.  Sookie spoke to Warlow and he named his price to help her, he wanted an eternity with Sookie.   Sookie finally decided she did not want to be laid next to her parents when she died since they wanted to kill her so she decided to agree to Warlow’s terms.  However Bill nor Sookie counted on Eric’s interference.

On tonight’s show a desperate Bill (Stephen Moyer) tries to ferry Warlow (Rob Kazinsky) away from the faerie plain, but Sookie (Anna Paquin) is having none of it. Meanwhile, Eric (Alexander Skarsgård) arrives at vamp camp, looking to inflict serious human damage. In Bon Temps, friends and family take emotional turns remembering a fallen neighbor. Bill feels the pull of Lilith’s (Jessica Clark) sirens.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another bloody exciting one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of HBO’s True Blood Season 6 Episode 9 “Life Matters,” tonight at 9PM EST! Remember also to bookmark Celeb Dirty Laundry and check back here for our live True Blood recaps, reviews, news, and spoilers! While you wait for our recap, we have tons of spoilers and a sneak peek video for tonight’s episode, CLICK HERE …

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Tonight’s show opens up with Sookie and Bill finding Warlow who has been almost totally drained by Eric.  Bill wants what little blood that Warlow has left but Sookie tells him to back off.

Sookie bites her wrist and gives Warlow his Blood – Bill keeps demanding that Warlow come with him – he takes Warlow by the neck and demands he tells him how to get out of the faerie plain.  Bill threatens Sookie.  Sookie gets a big ball of faerie light, throws it at Bill and sends him flying away.

Eric shows up outside the vamp camp and he is hyped up on Warlow’s Blood.

Meanwhile it is Terry’s funeral.  Arlene shows up and the reverend she wanted it is there.

Warlow sees Sookie wants to go and she tells him that Terry’s funeral is happening.  Warlow asks if she is still willing to be his.  Sookie lets him know when she makes a promise she always keeps it.  Sookie is concerned if Warlow is really okay.

Sookie faerie transports to Terry’s funeral and goes over to Arlene to support her.  Sookie goes to sit with Hoyt’s mother and Alcide shows up at the funeral all dressed up.  Sookie thanks him for coming.

Back to the vamp camp perimeter and we see there are many decapitated and body parts and Bill walks into it all and exclaims, “Eric.”

Eric is in the vamp camp he has one of the people outsides hand and uses it to get in – he sees someone he calls overload and rips his part of him out.  He tells him he is coming back to make sure he bleeds out.Eric then goes into the Male Gen Pop an dlets all the vampires go.  One vampire remains and Eric tells him to go.  He tells Eric is mentor is in the drawer – Eric opens the drawer and the vampire clearly drank the True Blood and is dying.

Back to the funeral the preacher is giving Terry’s eulogy.  Andy is the first relative to get up and speak.

The released vampires are evicting their revenge on the captors while Bill continues to look for Eric.

Eric comes into the women’s Gen Pop and tells them all to go free – Eric sees Jason lying on a table and he has been bitten by many vampires.  Jason tells Eric that they took Pam, Willa, Tara, Jessica and Violet away.  Eric asks Jason if he knows his way around and Jason tell him yes and Eric gives him his blood to heal him.

Eric and Jason head out in the halls – meanwhile we see that Sarah Newlin was hiding under a bunch of dead people.

Back to the funeral Sam is talking about Terry and giving his memories.

Eric finds Pam’s doctor and he tells him he is going to kill him.  The doctor tells him he is dying a happy man because he f**ked Pam.  Jason stands by snickering at the doctor.  Eric told the doctor he is not going to kill him he is going to let Pam kill him.

Back at the funeral Lafayette gets up to speak and he looks magnificent in a suit and purple eye shadow and fake lashes.

As Eric walks through the vamp camp her hears a scream and it is Ginger.  She calls Eric her Kinight in shining armor.

At the funeral the reverend asks if anyone else wants to speak and Sookie gets up to speak.  Sookie tells the people at the eulogy that she knows people think she is different and she admits she is telepathic.  She gives her memories of working with Terry before he was married to Arlene and the first moment Terry met Arlene.  Sookie tells Arlene Terry loved her the moment he met her.  Big tear fest.  Sookie goes to sit down and Alcide is there and gives her a shoulder to cry on.

Bill finds a soldier and asks him to take him to his friends that are going to meet the sun.

Sarah Newlin walks to the top of the octogram room that Jessica, Sarah, Will, Tara and Steve Newlin are in and starts to open the ceiling to the sun.  We get a look at the room and Bill is there and they are all feeding on him – so the light won’t affect them.  Steven Newlin is trying to get in to get a bite.  Eric walks up to Steve and starts to strangle him.  Bill tells Eric to let him drink his blood, but Eric refuses.  Eric tells Bill that Steve has had his hand in many of his loved ones being killed.   Steve begs for Eric to let him live but Eric tells him he has no future.

Meanwhile the roof opens and Sarah Newlin screams die fu**ers and Steve looks up and screams, “I love you….Jason Stackhouse” and dies.  Sarah sees the vampires are not burning up and runs away. Eric walks up to Pam and tells her he saved something for her.  She looks over sees her psychiatrist and says to Eric, “You take such good care of me!”

Back to Terry’s funeral Arlene is speaking and having flashbacks of Terry.

Violet thanks Bill for letting her see the light.  Pam is dancing with her dead psychiatrist.  All the vampires are celebrating.  Pam asks if they have killed everyone who needs to be killed.  Jason says, “All except one” and leaves.

Violet drops Bill down on the ground, he does not look well.  Everyone leaves and Bill sees Lilith’s sirens who tell him to shhh!

Next we see Jason chasing Sarah Newlin.

Back at the funeral the reverend is about to have the marines give a gun salute.  Big John Dixon asks to speak.  He tells the crowd he loved Terry and he is not good at speak but he is going to sing a song, “Life Matters.”

 Jason has a gun and he has Sarah Newlin on the ground she tells Jason it is God’s will she was doing.   Sarah tells Jason he is not a killer, Jason tells him it is Jesus.  If Sarah can talk to God, he can talk to Jesus.

Sarah asks him what will become of his soul and Jason tells her at least he has one.  He puts the gun to her neck – then takes it away and says he does not want anymore blood on his hands, even hers.  She drives off and Jason walks away.

All the vampires are dancing in the Sun and Eric walks around and starts smashing bottles of Tru Blood.  Eric is still pissed off.

Meanwhile there is a truck delivering Tru Blood that vampires hijack.

The sirens come to Bill and tells him his time on Earth is over.  Bill tells them he is not going anywhere.  He calls for Jessica and she hears him and leaves to get him.

Eric goes back to the room where they had him tied up while they injected Nora with Hep V and he smashes the room.

Bill tells Lilith’s sirens to go away, he did what they wanted him to do.  Jessica and James come into the room and Bill begs Jessica not to let them take him.  James gets an idea that they should feed Bill their blood because Bill’s blood saved them, maybe their blood can save Bill.  Lilith’s sirens come closer.

At the funeral the marines have the 21 gun salute for Terry the marine gives Arlene the flag from Terry’s casket.

Back at the vamp camp the vampires still are walking in the sun and look happy.  Jessica comes out and Bill follows, it looks like Jessica saved him.  Violet thanks him.

Violet walks up to Jason, calls him darling and hugs him.

Pam sees Eric across the yard and tells says to him, “Don’t you dare leave me.” Eric shoots straight up in the air and is gone!

The End!