True Blood RECAP 8/4/13: Season 6 Episode 8 “Dead Meat”

True Blood RECAP 8/4/13: Season 6 Episode 8 “Dead Meat”

Season 6 of TRUE BLOOD is quickly racing towards the season finale.  On tonight’s eighth episode called, “Dead Meat”  in the vamp camp, Jason gets to know Violet, while Sarah is going to go to extremes to keep Tru Blood flowing.  Did you watch last week’s fabulous episode? If you missed it we did a review of the episode HERE. So head over there and you can get caught up before tonight’s episode airs.

On last week’s episode Burrell was dead so that meant Sarah Newlin was running things at the Vamp Camp and she warned everyone that no one could know she was in charge.  You imagine what it was like with Sarah running things, somehow I don’t think Sarah is going to be around for a long time.  The vamp camp came up with a way to get rid of the vamps.  They produced new Tru Blood for the vampires and it was laced with Hepatitis V.  Willa warned Pam not to drink the blood, Will knew about the infection.  This is what Lilith was warning Bill about and how the destruction of the vampire race could come about.

On tonight’s episode Sookie faces a major dilemma in deciding whether to broker a deal between Warlow and Bill.  Bill sees Warlow as the answer to saving the vampires from destruction.  Over in vamp camp, Jason gets to know Violet, while Sarah goes to extremes to keep Tru Blood flowing.  Alcide  makes a decision that will impact the futures of Nicole and Sam.  Written by Robin Veith; directed by Michael Lehmann.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another bloody exciting one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of HBO’s True Blood Season 6 Episode 8 “Dead Meat,” tonight at 9PM EST! Remember also to bookmark Celeb Dirty Laundry and check back here for our live True Blood recaps, reviews, news, and spoilers! While you wait for our recap, we have tons of spoilers and a sneak peek video for tonight’s episode, CLICK HERE …

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Tonight’s show opens with Eric and the goo that was Nora.  He asks Bill how long he has know it would happen.  Bill denies he did, he just had a vision.  Bill reminds Eric he has a mission still.  Eric is pissed off and he tells Bill off, he cannot believe that Bill is asking him to fight when his sister is still warm in his hands.  Eric wants to know where Warlow is and Bill tells him he is with Sookie.  Eric is not surprised that Bill did not fight Sookie, his precious one.  Eric gets a little bit crazy, starts flying around, tells Bill he is not a God and Bill orders him to leave his house, Eric leaves.

Meanwhile back with the Wolf Pack they still have Nicole and Rikki tells Alcide he is not the leader of the Wolf Pack anymore.  Rikki challenges Alcide.  She gets two seconds.  Rikki accuses Alcide of betraying them for a shifter.

Alide asks Rikki if she is going to fight her, she does not believe that Alcide has the balls to finish her off.  The fighte commences and Warlow starts to beat the crap out of Rikki.  Just before killing her he stops and Rikki mocks him and tells him she knew he did not have the stones.

Back at the vamp camp Violet asks Jason what he did to get thrown into the pen with the vampires.  Jason admits he had sex with Burrett’s girlfriend.  Jason thanks Violet for saving him, but Violet tells Jason he is hers and she is going to feed off him as often as she wants.  Jason asks if Violet is going to pass him around.  LOL, Violet that she is a Catholic and he is hers for ever, even if they get out of the vamp camp.

Sookie is in the graveyard and she heads bak to see Warlow and ties him up again.  Warlow is holding up but he is hungry, she offers him her blood to drink from her wrist.

Sookie tells Warlow about being at Arlene’s house and she wants to ask him a favor.  Sookie wants to know if he would do something for Bill, well actually not Bill but for her vampire friends.  Sookie promises when she makes the deal she will make sure Bill does not kill him.  Warlow agrees to do it if Sookie will be his forever.  Warlow professes his love to Sookie.  Sookie tells him she needs some time to think about it, eternity is a long time.  As Sookie walks away Eric was watching her.  Eric tries to find the portal to the fairyland.

Jessica and James have just finished making out and she tells him that if she died right now she would be happy.  James tells Jessica he likes her too.  James wants to know how Jessica convinced Jason to bring her here, she claims it is a long story and she just wants to enjoy their time together.  As they are about to make out guards break in and James is taken back to Gen pop.

As Jessica and the guard are walking they see Pam and her psychiatrist walking out of a room and it is obvious they just had sex. Ewww…..

Sam is cleaning out Terry’s drawer and it is a touching scene.  Alcide shows up and he tells Sam his pack days are behind him.  Alide tells Sam that Nicole and her mother were kidnapped by Rikki.  Sam offers Alcide a beer.

Back at the Vamp camp Pam and Jessica are put in Gen pop.  As they walk in the Gen Pop is offered Tru Blood.  Steve Newlin grabs his bottle and heads over to sit with James.  Steve tells Steve he is feeling unpopular.  Steve goes to drink the Tru Blood and James tells him not too.  Steve stops.

Sam gives a drink to Nicole and her mother – Sam apologizes for what they have been through.  Sam offers them his place and he is going to sleep in the bar.  Nicole’s mother goes to bed and Nicole tells Sam her nerves are fried.  Sam smells something on Niole.

Sookie is taking a shower and as she gets out she has a flashback to the vision of Warlow she had coming out of the roof of her bedroom.

She grabs a bottle of  alcohol and listens to her messages and hears Jason telling her he is going to make things right with Jessica.

Sam heads to the bar and Alcide is drinking Rye he gives him his condolences on Terry.  Alcide tells Sam he caught Nicole’s scent and asks Sam what he is going to do about it, Sam does not know.

Jessica and Tara asks Pam what she is going to do about Sam and Violet.

Meanwhile in the room Violet is feeding off Jason and tells him he is delicious.  Jason asks Violet not to rape him, and she tells him she never rapes, she is not that sort of girl.  Violet lets Jason know when they make love it will because Jason wants too, and she will make him beg her.

Back with Lafayette he is cooking up a breakfast for Arlene, Holly and Adelynn.  Lafayette tells Arlene not matter what happened they are cool.  Lafayette tells Arlene that before he leaves he has to tell her something when they went to the bank they found a life insurance policy he took out four days ago for 2 million dollars.  Arlene is upset and start to think about how it is her fault she let herself be glamoured and it is Andy’s daughter’s fault for mocking Terry.  Adelynn read her mind and got upset and left the table.  Arlene yells Adelynn has to stop reading minds, she might not like what she reads.

Sookie comes over to Bill and asks him if he intends to kill Warlow – Bill promises he will not because he still has to synthesize his blood.  Sookie starts talking to him and Bill gets impatient and Sookie tells him off.  Sookie tells Bill that for Warlow to cooperate she has to become his fairy vampire bride.  Bill tells her it is worth it because she will save her friends.  Sookie is pissed and walks away telling him she will let him know.

Sarah comes into the Vamp Camp and she is told that a small percentage of vampires are refusing to drink the Tru Blood.  Sarah asks if her husband is one of the vampires, Sarah decides to torture Steve to find out what is up with that.  it does not take long to make Steve blab that it was James who told him.

Holly’s boys head over to see Andy’s daughter and offer to take her out for the day and off ourse they show her some alcohol to entice her, she agrees.

Back at the vamp camp James is taken into the Octogon with James.  Steve apologizes to James and then starts weeping.

At Merlotte’s Nicole’s mother is making a reservation to leave.  Sam asks Violet to say because he loves her, Nicole tells Sam he loves her too.  Nicole’s mother is pissed.  Sookie walks in and Sam tells her she came at a bad time.

Nicole needs time to speak to her mother so Sam and Sookie go to the office to talk.  Sookie hugs Sam, she did not know Sam was dating someone again.  Sookie wants to speak to Sam, she shows Sam that she can make a ball of light and that ball of light can kill vampires.  Sam asks Sookie why she is there.  Sookie tells Sam that part of her always thought she could be with Sam.  Sam tells her to put the ball of light away and tells him that her timing could not be worse.  Sam’s girlfriend Nicole is pregnant.  Nicole does not know Sam can smell it.  Sookie bounces out and Sam says goodbye to her.

Arlene, Holly and Terry’s mother are at the funeral home going over arrangements.  Terry’s mother tells them she wants a 21 gun salute.  Arlene asks his mother if she is out of her F**King mind.  Arlene is told that is how the men in the Bellafleur family are buried.  Arlene gets hysterical and gets up to leave she tells them all that the Terry they are burying is not the Terry she knew, it is a lie.  Andy gets up and leaves too.

Arlene tells Andy that she is not taking the money and she knows who killed Terry, Justin.  Andy tells Arlene then who wins, the insurance company.  Andy begs Arlene not to track down Terry’s killer.  Holly tries to convince her not to make Andy do it.

Arlene tells Andy she wants carnations and she wants Reverend Daniels from the black church.  Andy agrees to do it.

Sookie heads to the graveyard with flowers.  She tells her parents she use to come for solace – her memories of them is lullabies and baking cakes, but now the memories are gone.  They have been replaced by pain, murder and darkness.  Sookie them says, “Death is not the end anymore, it is just a pit stop, with no end in sight.”

She tells her parents to F**k off and screw them because she will be damned before she will spend eternity lying by their side.  She drops her flowers on their grave.

The spokeswomen comes into the vamp amp where they are producing Tru Blood she wants to talk to Governor Burrell.  She sees Tru Blood taken into the camp and wants to know where it is going.  Meanwhile Sarah comes to see her, she demands to speak to the Governor.  She asks what the place is and Sarah tells her it is a Governor compound.

Sarah tells the women they have to support each other and Osaka’s spokeswomen kicks Sarah in the crotch.  She sees they are altering her formula and freaks she picks up her phone to report to Osaka.  She runs through the vap camp and Sarah follows her.  She falls on top of a grate over the Gen Pop of the men and Sarah smashes her head into the grate until her blood is pouring down.  Sarah then takes off the women’s high heel and smashes the spike into her head and kills her.  Sarah exclaims, “Thank you Jesus!”

Sookie calls Jason and his answer machine picks up, she asks him to be careful and come back in one piece.  She also tells him Terry is dead and the funeral is the next day.  She also asks Jason if he knows where Niall is.  Sookie tells him there is so much she wants to talk to him about and she will save him a seat at the funeral.  She tells Jason she loves him and hangs up.

Next Sookie calls Bill, she tells him to pick her up in one hour.

In the graveyeard Holly’s son and Andy’s daughter her fooling around and Eric comes upon them.  Holly’s son asks Eric not to hurt Adelynn.  Eric asks the two brothers to stand together and glamours them and tells them they never saw him and they never saw Adelynn.  Meanwhile Adelynn runs away.  Eric runs after Adelynn, catches her and bites her.

Sookie is all dressed up waiting for Bill.

Violet is asked why she is not drinking Tru Blood – the guard tells her she must drink it even though she has Jason.  Pam confronts Violet and Violet asks why they are not drinking the Tru Blood.

Pam, Violet, Jessica, James, Steve and

Addelynn is running down the road and Andy drives the police car up, stops the car and starts screaming her name.  Addelynn asks if he is mad at her and he says NO.

In the graveyard Sookie has brought Bill and asks him to hold her hand – she transports them to the fairy place where she has Warlow hidden.  When they get there Warlow is still tied up and it looks like he is dead.  Sookie asks who did it to him and Bill exclaims, “Eric!”