True Blood Season 6 Episode 7 REVIEW “Eric Loses His Sister”

True Blood Season 6 Episode 7 REVIEW "Eric Loses His Sister"

On last night’s episode of TRUE BLOOD the show opened with them loading the tainted True Blood onto some trucks. Eric is watching through a window and calls them sneaky f**ks ( I couldn’t agree more myself). Eric talks about how it’s full of Hep V, Willa ask what it is. Nora tells her it’s this and opens her shirt, she is shaking something awful and you can see all of the vains in her. (It’s not a pretty site). Eric tells Willa to go back inside and tell Pam not to drink the True Blood. Willa is on it, Eric tells Willa he will come back for her. Willa says I got it, just go. ( I love how bad ass being a vampire has made her) Eric picks up Nora and vrooms out the door. Next we see a guard walking and he opens the door with the dead doc and the guard from last week ( he is just sitting on the floor laughing, on the good side at least he isn’t dead, right?) The guard who is still sane walks to another door and puts a key in it,which makes a alarm and a flashing light go off and yells breech. Eric is vrooming here and there and trying to get Nora out. Guards are coming out of everywhere to help with the breech. Jason comes out of a room and sees his in to help Jessica. Eric hides under the truck getting ready to leave, a guard comes out with a mirror and looks under the truck and finds Eric, Eric grabs him and snaps his neck. Eric yells up to the truck driver that its all clear. Eric puts is feet on the bars under the truck, he puts Nora in top of him and holds on with one arm while he drags the guard with the other one. Once they get out of the place Eric drops the dead guards body and puts it around Nora.

Some guards run past Willa in her newly acquired doc jacket (she borrowed it from Nora) she takes out the hand and goes to a door and opens it. There is Pam in a yoga pose. Willa tells her she thought she would be chained up. Pam tells her she would be but she has a fan in the psych dept. (awwwww how cute the shrink has got the hots for Pam). Pam ask her what she is doing there. Willa tells her Eric sent her to help her. Pam gets up looks at Willa and says in a voice filled with insult “Eric sent you? To help me?” Willa responds rather nasty “Yes he did, and if you want me to save your ass you might want to tone it down with the attitude”. Pam bends her head to the side and tells her she is all ears. Willa tells her they are going to start giving her True Blood she cannot drink because it has Hep V in it. Pam ask her what its. Willa tells her she doesn’t know but it’s not good Nora has it. Pam ask who else knows. Willa tells her just her and Pam. Pam tells her to keep it that way, to tell Jessica and Tara, but to f** k everyone else (isn’t that Pam’s job?) Pam makes it clear if every vampire knew that they would know something is up and they can’t risk that. Willa ask how they are treating Pam. Pam tells her like a princess. She tells Willa to get back in there with the rest of the vampires and that she will see her soon enough.

Guards are running down the hall (right passed Willa, you would think they would know what she looks like, she is Burrell’s daughter). She uses the hand to open the gate to get back in with Tara and the rest of them and ditches the coat and the hand in the door directly in from of it. Willa squeezes back in (no harm no fowl, oh wait, strike that).

Eric shows up at Bill’s and kicks his door open thank you very much. Bill comes down the stairs. Eric tells him he doesn’t know what Bill is (that makes two of us cupcake) but that he saw Sookie stake him and he lived (so he could be bat shit crazy this season). Eric goes on to say that if Bill is God ( good boy Eric work that ego) he will help Nora. Eric carries her to a bed upstairs and lays her down. Nora tells Eric she is hot and wants to know how that is possible. Eric tells Bill to give Nora some of his blood. Nora is like hell no that is Lillith’s blood (and I in no way want to be as insane as your friend Bill here). Eric is begging her, Nora continues to refuse. Bill tells Eric he can’t blame her look what it did to us (what is this us business? Don’t blame Eric because you couldn’t handle it). Eric is not in the mood to reason and really doesn’t care about any of that. Bill tells Eric that it is Nora’s dying wish and that they have to honor it. With that Eric tells Bill he can leave. Bill looks at Nora and then goes.

Sarah is driving in her car listening to allocation classes (this girl is as crazy as they freaking come). She drives up to Burrell’s and notices that there are no guards and that the front door is open. She goes out back and finds what she wasn’t looking for. All the guards are still laying around dead and Burrell’s head is still on the statue. Sarah sits down in front of it and talks and cries and cries and talks, and then she kisses him on the lips (ewwwwwwww). Sarah gets her act together and realizes by way of God (naturally) that she is in charge. The Senator shows up and there is Sarah sitting at Burrell’s desk cheerful as she can be. The Senator ask her what happened. Sarah is like ummmm are you blind or just surprised by what they are capable of. The Senator says he isn’t surprised just disappointed. Sarah is trying to sell it to the Senator, she tells him that no one can know that Burrell is dead. The Senator buys it. Sarah gets what she always has wanted POWER.

Sookie and Warlow are laying naked in faerie world. Sookie is tripping that she is laying in the sun naked with a guy. Warlow is trying to convince Sookie to marry him. They are having a conversation, Warlow tells her that she doesn’t believe that was just sex, Sookie tells,him no it never is (preaching to the choir Sookie, it’s a shame Sarah is missing it), when Sookie hears something, it’s Arlene laying on the ground next to a grave ( if that is Terry that is some quick turn around, the grass is already back on top of it). Sookie tells Warlow she has to go see about her. Sookie then turns to Warlow and ask how she gets out of faerie world, Warlow smiles and tells her to use her light that itill work because Sookie has some of his blood in her. Sure enough Sookie lights up and disappears. Sookie runs over to Arlene. Arlene ask whee she got their. Sookie said she just heard. Arlene is explaining it all to her she is a hot mess. Arlene doesn’t know how to tell her kids. Sookie tells her she is going to be there to her.

Sam calls Lafayette. Lafayette informs him about Terry. Sam is a little confused. Sam goes back to the hotel room and tells Nicole to call her mom to come and get her, that is friend died and that he has to go home even though it isn’t safe.

Sookie goes back to Arlene’s with her and as soon as she sees Lafayette she goes off. She calls him a voodoo queer (lol) and demands to know what is in the box. Lafayette doesn’t know. Andy offers to help her tell the kids. They go to find them. Holly thinks that someone else should find out what’s in the box before Arlene does. Lafayette agrees and tells Sookie they have a errand to run. Lafayette also tells her that maybe next time she can get her ass kicked.

Back at vamp camp one of the guards calls Jessica and motions for her. Jessica looks scared and says great. She is in led into a room and Jason is in it. Jason walks around to her and gives her a hug and tells her he came to help her. Jason tells Jessica he wants to do right by her. Jessica says she is ok with staying. Jason tell her he was watch when they tried to get her to have sex with that other vampire. Jessica tells him if he really wants to help he can’t get the vampire that wouldn’t have sexy with her so she can thank him. Jason leaves to get him.

Nicole walks into the bathroom and sees Sam taking a shower she takes off her clothes and gets in with him. (Because there is never ever such a thing as a bad time to have sex on this show).

Lafayette,and Sookie are at the bank with the box. It’s a envelope addressed to Arlene, inside is a life insurance policy for Arlene, Sookie points out it was only bought three days ago. Lafayette then realizes that Terry had it all planned out. Sookie wants to know when leaving your family was a good idea. Lafayette doesn’t know. Sookie hands him the policy and slams the safety deposit box shut.

Alcide is dropping his dad Jackson off at home. Alcides dad tries to talk him into moving next door to him, he tells Alcide he doesn’t have to go back. Alcide tells him he does. Alcide drives away.

Nicole’s mom shows up at the hotel to pick her up. Nicole gives Sam her number. Sam tells her that maybe he will use it. Nicole hopes that he does. Nicole gives him a hug and tells him to be careful.

Jason brings the guy James for Jessica. Jessica thanks Jason and the ask him to give her some privacy. Jessica sits down and ask him why he didn’t just rape her. He tells her that he believes that vampires make the decision to forfeit their souls and that he chose to make a different choice. Jessica ask what they did to him, he shows her that one of his fangs is filed down. Jessica apologizes. He tells her she has nothing to apologize for. Jessica tells him that they are all going to die in their and she doesn’t mean eventually she means soon, that they are putting Hep V in the True Blood and not to drink it. Jessica tells him she has never been with a vampire and that she wants him to have sex with her (like I said never a bad time on this show NEVER).

Bill is heading into his study when Eric says from the stairs that Bill can day walk to. Bill says yes. Eric ask how. Bill tells him he will explain later. Eric tells him he didn’t want to come there. Eric tells him he will do whatever he wants just cure Nora. Bill tells Eric he had the vision (you know the one where they all burn). Bill tells him he is going to get Warlow, and that he is the reason he can walk in the day. Bill wants Eric to help him kill Warlow. Eric agrees. Bill gives Nora some of his blood. Eric ask Bill to leave. Bill gets up and leaves.

Sookie and Lafayette are back at Arlene’s with the policy. Andy tells Sookie now is not a good time. In walks Arlene she is uber drunk. Sookie and Andy’s daughter start reading each others mind. Holly is introducing her boys to Andy’s daughter. Bill walks in and offers his condolences to Arlene. Arlene is drunk (but she still catches on that Bill is out during the day) and when she nearly falls Bill steadies her. Bill them walks up to Andy and tries to make nice, Andy goes along with it. Bill them turns to Sookie and tells her that he needs to talk to her in private. Bill tells Sookie that he needs Warlow to save Pam, Tara, Jessica, and Eric. Bill tells her is she doesn’t help she will have their blood on her hands to, and to bring him Warlow soon.

Pam is led into the shrinks office. This is pretty much how it goes. Pam is playing him by telling the shrink she isn’t hungry because she is horny. Pam has him good, she tells him she was whore in her human life(told you it was Pam’s job). The shrink is so turned on he lays his pin and book down. Pam is on top of him in like a nano second.

Sarah walks up to Jason and tells him that Burell is dead. Sarah has the guards slice his wrist and throw him in with the female vampires. They smell him, but Tara comes to his rescue. The vampire from a few episodes ago (violet?) tells the girls that Jason is hers.

Alcide gets back home, he tells them that Sam gave Emma back to Martha, and that Sam and Nicole are dead. Alcide finds out they know that last bit is a lie when low and behold they bring out Nicole and her mom. Alcide is in a hell of a tough spot now.

Eric is asking Godric to use his magic on Nora and to give her one more chance. Eric looks horrible and is crying. Nora ask if he remembers when he gave her a second chance, he tells her he does and……cue the flashback. Eric is talking to some important guy back in the day of ladies and sires about a woman the sire has a particular affection for. He ask Eric to go and get her from London. Eric goes to get her and of course it is Nora. Eric takes her to his father to save her from the sickness that is killing her.

Eric is sitting in a chair looking at Nora. Nora tells him their relationship ends as it began, only this time he can’t cure her. Nora tells him to let Pam and Willa walk beside him. Nora closes her eyes and Eric freaks out and begs her not to leave, next thing you know he is crying over a bloody bag of goo. Eric looks up and sees Bill. Bill looks upset as well.

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