True Blood RECAP 8/18/13: Season 6 Finale “Radioactive”

True Blood RECAP 8/18/13: Season 6 Finale “Radioactive”

Tonight is the night Truebies, the season 6 finale of TRUE BLOOD.  Can you believe?  It seems like the season just started and it is over already.  Tonight’s season finale is called, “Radioactive” and on tonight’s finale Sookie considers her future with Warlow, will she become his faerie vampire bride?  Did you watch last week’s fabulous episode? If you missed it we did a recap of the episode HERE. So head over there and you can get caught up before tonight’s episode airs.

On last week’s show Bill tried to ferry Warlow away from the faerie plain, but Sookie was having none of it. Sookie felt Warlow was too week after being almost drained by Eric.  Meanwhile, Eric arrived at the vamp camp, looking to inflict serious human damage. In Bon Temps, friends and family took emotional turns remembering Terry, it was a real tear jerker and I went through several tissues. Bill felt the pull of Lilith’s sirens, but Jessica and James saved him.

On tonight’s show Jason is feeling an attraction to a vampire and we know Violet sticks around for another season so it has to be her.  Sookie is going to have to make a decision about Warlow, he survived Eric almost sucking all his blood out of him – so now she has to decided whether she will keep her word and be his faerie vampire.  A new crisis hits Bon Temps as the vampires infected by Hep V are on the march.

Tonight’s episode is going to be another bloody exciting one, which you won’t want to miss. So be sure to tune in for our live coverage of HBO’s True Blood Season 6 FinaleRadioactive,” tonight at 9PM EST! Remember also to bookmark Celeb Dirty Laundry and check back here for our live True Blood recaps, reviews, news, and spoilers! While you wait for our recap, we have tons of spoilers and a sneak peek video for tonight’s episode, CLICK HERE …

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Tonight’s show opens up with Sookie watching them put earth over Terry’s grave.  Alcide comes up to her and offers her a life to the Bellefleurs, she invites him to join her.  Sookie and Alcide have a talk and he surprises her.  Alcide wishes he could be a telepathic and he could get into Sookie’s head and find out what she was thinking.

They hear a noise and it is vamps – they walk towards the noise and it is Bill, Jessica, Pam and the rest of the vamps that drank Bill’s blood dancing and having sex.  Sookie sees Jason and she wants to go in him.  Alcide tries to stop her because it is “day walking vamps.”  Sookie tells him she is a survivor like him and leaves to get Jason.

Sookie slowly walks towards them, the vampires are joyous to be able to be in the sun.  Sookie looks on amazed, she sees Violet feeding on Jason under a tree.  Jason tells Violet that he wants her and wants to know when that day is going to come.

Jason runs over to them, Violet gets upset when he sees Sookie.  Jason tells her she is his sister, Violet smiles holds her hands out and goes over and passionatly kisses Sookie.  Jason tells Sookie that Violet is European.  Jason lets Sookie know that he belongs to Violet she makes him feels good.  Sookie warns him to be careful.

Pam sees Sookie and runs over and hugs her – she is actually happy to see Sookie.  Tara comes over and hugs Sookie too and Tara tells her she has Bill’s magical blood, she knows she is high, but she is happy.

Meanwhile Warlow is decorating and making a May pole and Sookie orbs over to the faerie plane.    Sookie tells him the maple pole he is making is beautiful.  Warlow tells Sookie how they will be joined.  Sookie lets Warlow know she keeps her promises but she just saw her friend buried.  Sookie admits she has feelings for Warlow, but her friends are safe and they are not in danger.  Sookie does not see what the rush is.

Sookie suggests that Warlow and her date each other – that they spend time together in the real world.  Warlow is not pleased he does not like the fact he feels she is going back on their deal.

Sookie is not ready to leave Arlen, Tara and Jason and she tells him so.  Warlow looks at her and then hauls off and hits her and asks her, “Who the F*ck she thinks she is talking too.”

Jason and the vamps are playing volleyball and having fun as Pam looks on.  Tara asks Pam what is wrong, she tells Tara the buzz has worn off and she is going after Eric.  Tara cannot believe it and she threatens to release her.  Pam asks Tara to take care of Willa and disappears.

Bill is in his house and Jessica runs in – he is very upset – all the blood that he lost has made him lose his abilities.  He does not feel Lilith anymore, he feels like himself.  Bill tells Jessica that the blood that is allowing her to walk around came with a price.  Bill sacrificed Sookie to save everyone.  Bill lets Jessica know that Sookie will be turned to a vampire soon.  Jessica tells him to go and save Sookie.  Bill claims there is not time, Jessica tears a strip off him and demands he goes to save Sookie.

Bill asks for Jason – Bill tells Jason the situation and Jason cannot believe that Sookie would agree to be Warlow’s faerie princess bride.  Jason tells Bill he needs to save his sister and they are on the faerie plane.

Bill tells Jason they have to go to Andy and asks for his daughter’s assistance.  Bill knows Andy will never agree.  Jason and Violet are going to ask Andy.

Bill is walking Hido Takahashi in the forest, he is begging for his life.  Bill glamours him, and tells him to leave – he gives him a bag it is full with money.

Jason and Violet knock on Andy’s door.  Jason asks to come in and tells Andy he has to invite them in.  Andy realizes Violet is a vampire and won’t let them in. Violet explains she is 800 and although Adelaide smells good but she is monogamous with Jason.

Jason beseeches that Adelaide helps him save his sister.  Adelaide reads Jason mind and see he wants her to save his sister.  Andy refuses to let her help.  Adelaide wants to help because Sookie is the only girl like herself she knows.

Andy finally agrees and tells Jason they are going in heavy.

Warlow has Sookie tied up and he tells her he did not wait 5,500 years for her to share her with the people of Bon Temps.  Sookie threatens to throw her light away.  She realizes Warlow does not want a vampire bride he wants a vampire faerie bride.  Warlow admits he only wants to have sex with her and feed off her.  She calls him a monster and he smiles and she asks why he is smiling.  He tells her it is night and he bites her.

Adelaide, Bill, Andy, Violet and Jason are in the cemetery.  She can read Sookie’s mind and she hears her say she does not want to be a vampire.  Adelaide is having problems finding the portal but finally Violet scares her into it.  They all orb into the faery plane and Bill tells Jason to grab Sookie.  He takes Sookie and Bill tells them to leave.  They all orb away leaving Bill and Warlow fighting.

Violet is feeding Sookie her blood and Warlow has gotten away from Bill and he shows up at the house where they have Sookie.  Jason, Andy and Violet fight Warlow with no success.  Warlow comes after them, Bill comes and tries to stake him but cannot and Warlow sends him flying.  He locks Jason and Andy up with Adelaide.  Violet is passed out on the floor.  Warlow comes upstairs and picks up Sookie and he tells her she will come to love him.  Out of the portal comes her faerie grandfather Niall he grabs Warlow and asks her for help.  Jason grabs a stake and stakes Warlow.  Niall asks for help and Sookie and Jason pull him out of the portal and it seems he is back.

All the vampires lose light – now that Warlow is dead there ability to walk in the light is gone.

Eric is naked and in Sweden suntanning naked lying on a lawn chair on a mountain of snow, reading a book and starts to burn up. Oh no, is Eric dead?????

Six Months Later – Bill is having an interview about a book he wrote.  The interviewer tells Bill that his book is a 300 page confession – in the book Bill admits he killed Burrell.  Bill tells him that Burrell created a virus that infected 1/8 of the vampire population, he does not believe anyone is going to arrest him.

Sookie is watching TV and Alcide comes in shirtless and tells Sookie she needs to come to bed and he picks her up.

Meanwhile Jason and Violet are still together and are having oral sex.  Jason wants to have sex with Violet.  She refuses to, she tells Jason – that she warned him she is going to make it difficult.  Jason tells her he is not even looked at another women.  Violet tells him in due time.

It looks like Alcide and Sookie are dating and are on their way to church.

It looks like everyone is meeting in church and for some reason they are taking blood samples to see if they are blood carriers of Hep V.  Sookie walks up to get her test and gives her index finger.

In Church Reverend Daniel Gets up to talk and he tells everyone they have to join together the communities.  The Reverend tells them there are bands of vampires, sick and marching and picking off small towns.  They have to join together to make sure that does not happen to them.

Sam gets up to talk – Sam talks about Hep V and tells them they are doing blood tests because people could be carriers too.  Sam and Bill have put together and have come up with a plan.  Sam tells them that Arlene Bellefleur is having a social tonight and they will get the results there.  A women in the audience asks what the catch is.

Sam tells them he is asking every healthy not infected human to provide blood to a healthy vampire.  The vampire vows to save the human and the human will save the vampire from getting infected.

Over at the party James is singing and everyone is eating and drinking.  Jessica is at the social and she is looking for someone.  Alcide and Sookie are negative, but neither is interested in staying long.  Tara’s mother comes over to see her, she wants to talk to her.  Willa introduces herself to Willa’s mother.  Willa tells Tara’s mother that they are friends.

Tara’s mother apologizes to her for everything she did to her.  Tara is speechless.  Her mother admits all the terrible things she did too her, including not feeding her.  Tara ‘s mother asks Tara to feed off her.  Her mother thinks that this is a chance for them to heal, she wants to nourish her baby girl.  Tara is hesitant and then bites her.

Adelaide is watching TV with Andy and someone comes to the door, it is Jessica.  Andy raises his gun and calls Jessica a murdering piece of crap.  Jessica tells Andy she wants to protect them.  She would like to give him his children back but she cannot so she wants to protect them.  Andy lifts his gun up, Jessica closes her eyes, he slams the door in her face.  Jessica walks away and then stops.

Alcide and Sookie try to leave the party.  Bill stops them and asks if they are leaving, Bill wants to speak to Sookie alone.  Bill asks Sookie if she met anyone, but she has not.  Bill lets Sookie know she needs protection more than anyone at the social.  Bill offers his protection to Sookie, he tells Sookie that she can trust him.  She does not buy it.

All of a sudden Alcide asks Bill if he can smell it, Bill agrees he can smell it.

In the woods there is a gang of infected vampires marching towards the social.


That is it for Season 6 – what did you think of the episode CDLers.  Let us know!