Zac Efron Blames Everyone But Himelf For Cocaine and Molly Addictions – Pathetic or Predictable?

Zac Efron Blames Everyone But Himelf For Cocaine and Molly Addictions - Pathetic or Predictable?

Even though Zac Efron‘s team has been using People and other celeb-friendly tabloids to try to get across the impression that Zac was only addicted to alcohol, and he fell by the ‘wayside’ due to negative influences from friends, TMZ is painting a different, more revealing and accurate story.

According to the report from TMZ, Zac went to rehab TWICE for cocaine, not once like originally reported. According to the reports, Zac was into both cocaine and molly, and had been for two years. He reportedly went to rehab once in March and thought he was fine, but relapsed when he went to work on a film set. After filming, he went back into outpatient care, which apparently did the trick.  We’ll see….

Now, his team is clearly trying to blame other people for Zac’s addition. Obviously, it’s easier to swallow ‘poor little rich movie star getting influenced by the big bad druggies’ than ‘poor little rich movie star did coke to have fun’. TMZ claims that Zac’s addictions were down to four reasons: 1) Zac is having problems with his parents, who were apparently trying to ‘control his life’ and career, even though he’s at an age where he can make his own decisions. 2) Zac is depressed about his film career, which hasn’t seen a single hit since High School Musical and 17 Again. 3) Zac had ‘girl issues’, which apparently have nothing to do with Vanessa Hudgens, but other mystery girlfriends. 4) Zac was hanging around some negative influences, which he has since gotten rid of.

Now, the #4 is the only one that matches People’s version of the story, so it’s probably true to some extent. Obviously, to have access to coke means you need to be in regular contact with people who do coke, who probably aren’t the best influences. However, everything else is due to Zac, and Zac only. I mean, every actor has problems. Every actor is insecure about their film career, and a lot of actors have interfering friends, family members, and business partners. Every actor has ‘girl issues’. In fact, EVERYBODY has relationship problems, family problems, and career problems. So Zac’s problem is self-control, nothing else.

His team will no doubt continue putting the blame on others, but I think it’s obvious to anyone that this is all on Zac. Fortunately, he seems to understand that, even if he’s refusing to take responsibility for it.

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