2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games: How Many of the Athletes are in Love with Ryan Gosling? (VIDEO)

2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games: How Many of the Athletes are in Love with Ryan Gosling? (VIDEO)

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympic Games are right around the corner and, in addition to inviting some of the planet’s most talented athletes to celebrate the world of sports and competition, the committee has added twelve new events to the schedule. Ninety-eight gold medals will be awarded this year, making this the biggest winter Olympic games in history.

New team events will be added to the biathalon, luge, and figure skating categories, creating the opportunity for more gold medals and more chances of success. Many athletes are excited to participate in these new events, as it celebrates the vision of the Olympics: bridging the old and the new, all in an effort to preserve tradition and promote new events for athletes to be innovative within their respective fields. For a complete list and description of the new events added to this year’s program, check out the first video below.

If you think these wintertime athletes are cyborgs, and all work and no play, then you’re mistaken. If you ever found yourself wondering what these athletes are like outside of the competition, then consider checking out the hilarious and fun video of several athletes talking about the things they can’t live without. For example, many of the women athletes interviewed confessed they harbor a deep, deep love for a shirtless Ryan Gosling. Perhaps he should pay them all a visit and give them a little pep talk before their big events? I’m thinking they might appreciate that (Did you hear us, RyGos?)

Devin Logan (Freestyle Skiing) shows off her favorite boots (customized with her nickname “D-Lo”) and John Daly (Skeleton) reveals that he employs, on average, about three different pomades to wrangle his hair into a state of stiff perfection. For more athlete revelations, and to discover more about their lives outside the realms of athletics, check out the second video below.

Don’t forget to catch the 2014 Winter Olympics. Coverage begins February 6th on NBC. Let us know in the comments section below what you’re most looking forward to during these games!



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