24 Live Another Day LIVE Recap: Finale “Day 9: 10:00 PM-11:00 PM”

24 Live Another Day LIVE Recap: Finale “Day 9: 10:00 PM-11:00 PM”

24: Live Another Day airs tonight with a new episode called, “Day 9: 10:00 PM-11:00 PM.” On tonight’s episode the day comes to an end in the season finale with Jack doing everything in his power to prevent a terror plot and an international crisis. But to save the world, he’s faced with an unthinkable and grave decision.

On last week’s episode, in the penultimate episode, Audrey pursued diplomatic channeled to try to prevent a full-scale war. Meanwhile, Jack Bauer lead Kate Morgan and Mark Boudreau on a mission to locate their target before it was too late and the world was changed forever. Did you watch the last episode?  If you missed it we have a full and detailed recap, right here for you.

On tonight’s episode, in the highly anticipated season finale, the clock ticks toward the final seconds of Jack Bauer’s most heroic day. As the world teeters on a terror plot of mass proportions, Jack and the team reunite one last time to avert an imminent international crisis. With little time left and the fate of the free world on the line, Jack is faced with an unthinkable and grave decision. Lives will be lost and the American administration will grapple with the day’s most devastating news as the clock stops.

Tonight’s episode is going to be exciting; you’re not going to want to miss even a minute of this finale episode. We’ll be blogging it right here for you. In the meantime hit up the comments section and tell us your thoughts on the return of Jack Bauer while you enjoy a sneak peek of the finale episode below.

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It’s 10 pm in London and the #24LADFinale is starting. Audrey sits in the sniper’s sights on the park bench while Jiao struggle to breathe – she was shot in the shoulder. Audrey looks at her and then stands. Her hone buzzes and she takes the call. Cheng tells her not to move. Audrey says she wants to help her friend. She tells him she won’t run but just wants to help. The sniper puts a bullet through Jiao’s head to finish her. Audrey asks Cheng what he wants and he tells her if she moves again, the sniper will kill her. She sits back down.

At Stolnavich’s, Kate says his emails look mostly personal. Jack says he wouldn’t leave anything out in the open that was obvious. He cracks into a secret compartment in a desk drawer and finds an item. He scans the DM’s fingerprint on it and finds emails about a freighter leaving the harbor in 40 minutes. Mark gets a text from Cheng with a photo of Audrey in the sniper’s sights. Cheng calls Jack and says if he follows him, he’ll kill Audrey. He says those are his terms.

Kate says going after Cheng is the only way and Mark says he’s condemning Audrey to death and tells Jack that she loves him. Jack tells him to shut up. Jack wants to go after Audrey but she reminds him he’s under presidential orders to go after Cheng. She says she’ll go after Audrey and he tells her to keep the CIA out of the loop, to take out the sniper then get Audrey. He also tells her to keep him in the loop.

Heller meets Ritter at the CIA station and is taken upstairs. Ron tells Heller that he hasn’t heard from Audrey’s secret service team in 15 minutes. He also hasn’t heard from Jack. Heller is told the Chinese are continuing to act aggressively. Heller orders their forces on higher alert and tells them to get President Wei on the line.

Chloe stands at the side of the road and a couple stops for her. She asks to use their phone and calls up Jack. She says Cheng had her and Adrian is dead. He says he needs to capture Cheng alive to stop China from attacking them. She says she’s at Millswood and tells him to pick her up so she can run back-up. She tells him she wants to make it right and says Adrian lied to her. He goes to pick her up at 10:09 pm.

At 10:13 pm, Wei takes the call from Heller. He tells the Chinese president that they will defend their station at Okinawa and says they need to stop this before it goes nuclear. He tells Wei they are tracking down Cheng and asks him to halt his naval advance as a gesture of good faith. Wei says it is their position that Cheng is dead and that’s their position. Heller tells him if they cross the 12 mile limit, they’ll fight them.

Cheng shows up to the docks and is told to get him and his men on board and out of sight. He says they’ll be leaving in 15 minutes. Cheng asks for it to be expedited but is told it’s not an option. Jack picks up Chloe and she gets the comms gear ready. He asks her why she went with Adrian. She tells him she tried to get the device away from Adrian. She says he manipulated her and used her knowledge in part to create the device and says she needs to try and make it right.

Jack says she can help. He tells her it’s simple – they need to capture Cheng alive. She asks why he’s doing this without the CIA and he says they have Audrey with a sniper on her and will kill her if they see CIA action. He tells her it’s not her fault and to let the blame go. At 10:16 pm, Audrey sits in the sniper’s crosshairs nervously. Kate is nearby checking out the situation.

She calls Audrey and says she’s there to help but she can’t react. She asks her to nod if she understands. She asks if she knows where the sniper is and says to look down if the answer is no. She says she needs to draw the sniper’s fire so she can locate him. She asks her to nod if she’s good with it. Kate says on three to make a sudden movement. She counts.

Audrey moves and the sniper shoots. He misses her and she sits back down. Kate says she has him and that it will be okay. The sniper calls Cheng and tells him that Audrey tried to make a break for it and he laid down suppressive fire to stop her. Cheng tells him if anything seems out of the ordinary, he’s free to kill her. Kate calls Jack to give him an update.

She says she’s going to lay down some suppressive fire so Audrey can make a run for it. Kate says she’ll take point and tells the others to move on her command. Jack and Chloe race for the docks. They get there and jump out. Belchek meets him and Chloe says she can track them on satellite but is having a program getting online. She sees a dish she can latch onto and says she’ll stay in touch on comms.

Jack shoots the lock off a building so she can get access. He thanks her and wishes her luck. At 10:20 pm, she heads into the building. At 10:24, Kate creeps closer to the sniper’s lair. She calls Audrey and tells her that she’s going to have a clean shot on the sniper. She tells her when she hears a shot, run to the tree behind her left shoulder.

Chloe tells Jack she’s got the satellite imagery and tells he and Belchek they are clear. She stops them and warns them of two guards which they take out. They move forward. She points out a guard on top of a container and he takes him out as well. They press on. Chloe points out two more guards and men on the bridge. She tells them to go now.

He and Belchek take out the next two at the same time efficiently. They are close to the ship by 10:26 pm. They step on board and Chloe says there is a man at the top of the stairs and one in front of them. They grease those guys and move on. She says she’s got a dozen more in pairs. He asks about Audrey and she says she hasn’t heard anything. She thinks Cheng is in the comm tower because most of the guards are there.

A tech tells him someone is running the local satellite and thinks they’re being watched. Cheng calls the guards and doesn’t get them. He tells the tech to cut the satellite feed with the device and sends guards out to find them. Chloe tells Jack that Cheng knows they are there. She tells her to get Audrey out now. Cheng dials up the sniper and says to kill Audrey. Kate and the others fire as Audrey runs. Audrey is okay and she sends someone to make sure the sniper is dead.

Kate calls Ritter and says she has Audrey and tells him to call the Secret Service. She tells him to send a team to the Southampton Docks. She says she’ll explain more when she gets there. Chloe tells Jack that Audrey is sfe but they cut off her feed. Then her comms go offline as well. The tech still has the feed and says he thinks it’s Jack and another.

Cheng pulls a gun on the captain and says they have to leave now. Jack tells Belchek to go to the engine room and stop them however he can. He goes to get Cheng. Kate tells Audrey that Jack is going after Cheng. There are more of Cheng’s men at the park entrance and they exchange fire. Audrey takes a bullet. Kate calls for medical help. She tells Audrey to stay with her and starts first aid. She loses her at 10:32 pm.

At 10:36 pm, the Admiral gets a call and tells Heller the Chinese are still full speed ahead and he needs permission to respond. Heller wants to wait to hear from Jack. Ron gets the word that Audrey is dead. Jack tells Belchek to fall back and reset. He copies. Jack gets a call from Kate on cell and she tells him that Audrey is gone. She says Cheng had a back-up shooter. She tells him how sorry she is.

Jack hangs up the phone. He pulls off his gun and then unholsters another. He’s breathing shakily. He hears footsteps above him and then grabs his guns, puts on his big boy pants and screams as he strafes with machine gun fire taking out a bunch of guys. More run after him and he’s in the kitchen. He’s shooting, throwing meat cleavers and has gone nuts.

Belchek tells them to shut the engines down and they do. Jack is on the bridge. He knifes a guy and shoots several more as he gets closer to Cheng. He gets to him and pummels the crap out of him and says he should have stayed dead. Heller gets word that the Chinese have breached the 12 mile line. The phone rings and Heller takes the call. He has Cheng and shows him on the screen.

He tells Gavin to initiate facial recognition and dial in the Chinese. Gavin goes to work. He tells Cheng to tell them who he is but he won’t speak. Jack pulls a sword off the wall and tells him again to tell him who they are. He finally does and Gavin says they have facial and voice match. At 10:42, Heller says to get Wei on the line now. Jack lops off Cheng’s head after telling him – this is for Audrey you son of a bitch.

Heller asks if Wei got the file and he says he is looking at it. He says this confirms everything he’s told him. Wei says they need to verify it but Heller says to turn his ships around before they have to respond. Wei caves and says he’ll have his ships withdraw but he wants reparations for the lost ship and lives and Heller agrees.

Ron goes to Heller and says he needs to talk to him. He tells him that he should sit down. Heller refuses and tells him to cough it up. Ron says that Audrey is dead. He says she was shot by one of Cheng’s men when she met with Jiao. Heller says it’s impossible because she had a full detail but Ron says all those mean are dead too. He says they positive confirmation. Heller collapses.

At the docks, Jack goes looking for Chloe. Her chair is overturned, she’s not there and there are blood splatters. He and Belchek follow them. Jack gets a call from an unknown caller. He asks who it is, when and where and says he understands. He says he’ll be there and to set it up. It’s 10:46 pm. By 10:50 am, 12 hours later, Kate turns in her after-action report to Ritter.

He tells her it wasn’t her fault that Audrey died and she couldn’t have known about the second shooter. She says she knows that but is still clearly upset. She lays her CIA credentials and gun on her desk and leaves. Mark is being held by Ritter at the CIA. He tells Mark that he’s being transported back to the states under the President’s orders. Mark asks how Heller is and Ritter says he’s on Air Force One now.

Audrey’s coffin is loaded onto Air Force One while military present salute. Davies is there and offers him his sympathy. He tells Davies he’s been a good friend. Heller says there is nothing to be done, nothing anyone can do. He tells him the day before they came to London, he was looking at a photo of a woman on his desk, a beautiful woman, and he knew he knew her but couldn’t think of her name.

Heller says he looked at it for a while and then poof, it came to him that it was Audrey. Davies tells him again he’s sorry. Heller says he won’t remember what happened today or anything period. He says he won’t remember that he had a daughter that died in such a horrible way. He walks with her coffin to the plane with his hand resting on it.

Mark is lead out to a car in handcuffs to be flown back to the US. Outside London, a helicopter lands. At 10:56 am, a car races toward it. There is someone in the bulding watching this. Jack gets out of the car. He looks around. He and Belchek walk toward the heli. Belchek asks if he’s sure he wants to do this and he says yes. Jack walks out where he can be seen and Chloe is pulled out of the chopper.

Jack yells out that she walks first. The man pushes her toward Jack who then starts walking toward the heli. There is a gunman in the building. Chloe tells Jack he doesn’t have to do this and he tells her she’s right, that she’s his best friend. He clasps her hand, says thank you and asks her to look in on his family when she can. She walks to Belchek and Jack goes to talk to them man.

He tells him that if he reneges on their deal, he will take their whole world apart. The Russian says he is the only one they want. He tells Jack he’d like to say he’s going to enjoy Moscow, but would know he was lying. Jack looks back at Chloe and Belchek as he boards the chopper with the Russians. Belchek tells her to go get in the car and she does. The heli takes off with Jack and the Russians on board at 10:56 am.