Longmire Cancelled, Older Demographic Suffers, Furious “The Longmire Posse” Fans Boycott A&E – Will Netflix Buy The TV Show?

Longmire Cancelled, Older Demographic Suffers, Furious "The Longmire Posse" Fans Boycott A&E - Will Netflix Buy The TV Show?

In August, A&E shocked viewers by cancelling their hit drama, Longmire. After the season 3 finale ended in an excruciating cliffhanger, the network announced the popular TV show was cancelled, and they would not be renewing it for a fourth season. So, why would A&E axe their most watched scripted series? Well, money talks. And, according to A&E, the millions of Longmire viewers that turned in every week were “too old” and it was a tough sell to advertisers. As CDL reported via GLOBE, the older demographic with which Longmire was very popular supposedly did not appeal to A&E’s advertisers who prefer a younger (more easily influenced?) viewing audience. Does this mean that great and popular shows are going to be cancelled because the audience is too old? Is this ageist? Is this fair?

The problem with canceling a television show as popular as Longmire, is A&E now has millions of disgruntled viewers on their hands who are campaigning hard for the crime drama and even threatening to boycott the network’s other shows all together. According to the October 20th edition of GLOBE Magazine, “A campaign has been started to find another cable company, like the USA Network or Netflix, to pick up the series. Currently, letter-writing campaigns and internet posts are pressuring cable companies to remove A&E network from their packages.” The magazine goes on to explain that there is also a group of die-hard fans on Facebook that refer to themselves as “The Longmire Posse,” with nearly 30,000 members the group works around the clock campaigning for a network to pick up the modern day western.

With the producers, cast, and major media outlets like GLOBE Magazine working non-stop to save Longmire, there is a good chance it could be picked up by another network. Just recently Netflix purchased the rights to the TV drama The Killing after it was dropped by AMC, so it isn’t unrealistic to assume they could do the same for Longmire.

Are you as devastated as we were when A&E cancelled Longmire? Do you think USA or Netflix will pick up the drama? Are you joining Longmire fans in their boycott of A&E? Let us know what you think in the comments below!


47 responses to “Longmire Cancelled, Older Demographic Suffers, Furious “The Longmire Posse” Fans Boycott A&E – Will Netflix Buy The TV Show?”

  1. Deb says:

    I don’t watch the so-called “reality” shows because they are as “real” as fairy tales, only with no redeeming qualities and which appeal to the lowest facet of people. So after A&E cancelled The Glades last year, the only show I did watch was Longmire. With their cancelling Longmire there is no reason to watch A&E anymore.

    I do hope Longmire finds another, BETTER home. It was one of my favorite shows: well-written with a great cast.

    • Beverley Hughes says:

      The fact is: There is NO SUCH THING as reality television. They are ALL scripted. It’s just cheaper to get “real” people instead of actors to “perform”.

  2. SourceCodeX says:

    AETV was ne

  3. This was dumb, dumb, dumb. Too old? Hey, A&E and its moronic advertisers, WE’RE the ones with the $$$$ – it’s called discretionary income to buy the better cars, travel and upgrade the home. Idiots.

  4. SourceCodeX says:

    AETV cares about money and not the viewer.They don’t care about quality TV like they did long ago. I will never watch that channel again. I asked TWC to remove them from my basic package and wrote AETV exactly how I felt. There goes my money from their revenue pocket. Long Live Longmire! I hope the show is picked up soon. I call Netflix every month to see when they will add season three. What a show! What tragedy AETV dropped such an amazing show.

  5. Too old says:

    I have not watched that channel and won’t I miss criminal minds and I really liked bates motel but if we have sunk so low that shows like that keep going and a show that is not about mental defects can’t get picked up that tells me the whole tv industry is circling the toilet and I don’t have to be part of the zombies that just allow it!

  6. Jackie Hill says:

    Love Longmire!! I can’t believe A&E would cancel such a wonderful show…Bring it BACK!

  7. DeAnna Dawn says:

    My old self banned A&E from MY old house…… Someone should explain to those idiots at A&E that the old folks are the ones with the extra cash to shop….. #longlivelongmire #proudpossemember

    • Charlee Baker says:

      Love it. Couldn’t have said it better myself. AETV locked on my remote. Told my son if he watches it in my house (which he won’t) that he could pay the bill. LONG LIVE LONGMIRE

  8. Stan Morrison says:

    Good bye AETV, #longlivelongmire

  9. kowgirl says:

    I was devastated by the cancelation of Longmire! It was one show I couldn’t wait to see every week. Shame on A&E for labeling their viewers too old! Just as A&E has cancelled Longmire, I have CANCELLED A&E from my viewership. #LONGLIVELONGMIRE

  10. kowgirl says:

    I certainly hope so John! I will follow it anywhere it goes :-)

  11. DaisyMae says:

    Will never watch A&E shows again. Longmire was one of the best shows on TV. A&E didn’t think their decision through very well. Yes, making money is the goal but you have to consider the loyalty of your audience. The sacrifice of a few advertising dollars one hour a week can win you an audience willing to give your shows a shot and increase viewership for the long term. The negative publicity of this decision will do more harm financially to A&E in the long run than the few bucks of profit that would not have been made in the here and now. Show some integrity, eat crow and admit a mistake, and bring the show back. You will probably be suprised by how much respect you gain back from viewers and the free positive publicity as a result.

  12. Ponyshoes says:

    Feel sorry for the casts of other AETV offerings now and in the future. Nothing AETV puts forth will prosper, until they do right by six million fans they insulted and defamed. AETV has garnered Leper status for viewers, soon cast members.

  13. Joe Boone Slawson says:

    I always thought A&E was a little flakey!!! NOW we know!!!! I watch two shows on television a week, “Longmire” WAS one of them!!!! Everything else is trash and not worth my time…. I can NOW reduce my satellite bill and discontinue A&E from my listings!! I hope EVERYBODY else does that as well!!! Let the POSSE Speak!!! By getting into the white collar idiots pocket books!!!!!

  14. Durbin Goodwin says:

    I will NEVER watch another A & E show again nor the network for that matter. Longmire was one of the best shows on television. As always, greed won out. Message to advertisers, we old folks (and I am not really that old) also spend money and probably have more money than the age group they are seeking. If I never see another reality show it will be too soon.

  15. Nate says:

    What is A & E’s. Problem? Longmire is quality programming and they cancell it because the viewers are too old? More like to intelligent for most of the other mindless junk on the air. What nimrod made this decision? Longmire is a quality show with loyal followers and you just told those people they don’t count for anything. Pull your head out, admit you screwed up, and bring back one of your best shows.

    • Cuttler says:

      More importantly, what is wrong with advertisers still using 1970’s logic (when the coveted 18-49 demo was conceived) that that is were all the disposable money is in today’s market. Studies show that that money is now with the 25-54 demo and that is were the advertisers should be focused and what they should be playing for!!!

  16. 1stserve says:

    From your lips to God’s ears!!!!

  17. 1stserve says:

    I was so disgusted with A & E for cancelling Longmire, I have stopped watching that network( with a small n). Most of the viewers of Longmire are the ones that have the bucks. Not the young. No jobs or education. So that is why they love all those horrible reality shows. No brains putting on one of those things. No real writing or acting.
    Longmire is is on the top of their game with all of those good qualities. I was thinking that AMC might pick it up and have a show over with their great show, Hell On Wheels. Makes sense to me. But whoever is smart enough to pick up this show will reap great rewards.

    • ChrisTS says:

      I agree about AMC, but we don’t need to dump on younger people. My kids are educated, and one is underemployed, but both watch it with me when they visit.

  18. Joe29 says:

    Screw A&E and all the phony reality series, a great show like Longmire deserves to be on the air. Oh and I am 46, my wife 42 and kids 18, 22, 27 and they all watch it as well.

  19. SourceCodeX says:

    AETV cares about money and not the viewer.They don’t care about quality TV like they did long ago. I will never watch that channel again. I asked TWC to remove them from my basic package and wrote AETV exactly how I felt. There goes my money from their revenue pocket. Long Live Longmire! I hope the show is picked up soon. I call Netflix every month to see when they will add season three. What a show! What tragedy AETV dropped such an amazing show.

  20. Betty McGuire says:

    As a huge fan of the drama Longmire, absolutely I’m boycotting A&E. If I’m not valued as a viewer, I certainly don’t value them as a network. Maybe if A&E’s advertisers see enough of us in the “undesired” demographic drop them, someone will get a clue. I no longer want A&E to have Longmire because they have proven that they don’t deserve such a quality show.

  21. Bobaloo2u2 says:

    I am considered “too old” for the demographics A&E wanted. They totally underestimated the financial power of the baby boomer. I also know a good show when I see one. Longmire is a solid show with superb writing, excellent acting, with suspense and drama. Honesty, integrity meant something. The stories were getting better with time. It was shocking to have it canceled because of wrong demographics. If 5.6 million people (the second highest viewers behind Duck Dynasty) are not good enough, I’d like to show them ZERO demographics. If you have 5.6 million people following your show, then change your demographics — work with it — not against it! Obviously, they won’t loose all 5.6 million viewers, but they made 5.6 million people angry.

    I am also a member of the Longmire Posse. I have no desire to continue to watch A&E because I don’t trust them. They prefer reality shows. I prefer a good story. Why would I start watching a show they will cancel because I’m the wrong demographic????? A&E lost my support when I became irrelevant to them. #LongLiveLongmire!

    PS: It’s not hard to boycott A&E when there isn’t anything there to watch.

  22. Roland Thompson says:

    There is no reason any longer to watch AETV!

  23. Patty Kennedy says:

    I am very upset about the cancellation. Hoping USA picks it up. I no longer watch A&E. Boo and shame on them.

  24. Darcy Longmire says:

    This Longmire fan will never watch A&E ever again

  25. jillybean says:

    Netflix please pick up Longmire!! It is an excellent show with great cast, storyline. How could they just drop the show with such a cliffhanger? I am sick and tired of Reality shows. Save the day! Save Longmire

  26. WindyCityAnn says:

    A&E really blew it. I had never heard of Longmire until it got cancelled and it hit the front page of the WSJ. Now, half way through the DVD of the first season, I and my family are Longmire fans and seriously pissed at A&E. No problem boycotting them for sure. Listen you tv execs, quit thinking the old way and realize good tv for adults CAN make money…you just have to think outside the box. Or are you too young to be able to handle complex creative and rational thought?

  27. Disgruntled Longmire fan says:

    I have not watched AETV since they cancelled Longmire, and I will never again.

  28. ChrisTS says:

    Well, there was that one moment with Walt’s girlfriend. :-)

  29. Jordan Winters says:

    Boycotting A&E

  30. Longmire Supporter says:

    First it was Duck Dynasty. (Cracker Barrel learned their lesson within 24 hours!) now Longmire? REALLY? Get a clue A&E. Even in demographics you should not use age as an excuse to cancel a program, Maybe there is more to it since the story centers around Longmire and the rez Why does everything center around political correctness. BTW: A Martinez got his acting start in the soapy SANTA BARBARA. He was a good actor WAY back then. #LongLiveLongmire LLL.

  31. Another Susan says:

    The October 2014 issue of the AARP Bulletin has an article titled “Selling Us Short.” It says that a Neilson study done with the ad agency BoomAgers showed that Boomers “make the most money and spend what they make.” And Boomers switch brands so easily that the founder of the ad agency Bouchez Page calls Boomers “brand promiscuous.” We are 50 to 69 years old, for those who don’t know, and proud of it.
    So shame on A&E — Longmire viewers are an advertisers dream. We may be older but we are financailly able and busy consumers. A&E’s ad revenue loss. Pick this program up USA! Oh, and no more watching anything on A&E at our house.

  32. Rose Barton says:

    Longmire cancelled??? With the fan base it has another network would be foolish not to pick it up. It is ABSOLUTELY ONE OF THE BEST SHOWS THAT HAS BEEN ON TV FOR AWHILE. I have never missed a show and always hated when the season ended and could hardly wait till the next season began. I pray it will be continued.

    Rose B.

  33. Dennis Harris says:

    i no longer watch a&e i used to watch it all the time no more i will be watching the network that has longmire

  34. V J East says:

    I was extremely disappointed when Longmire was cancelled. Especially when there are so many disgusting shows on television today. I don’t want to watch any more of those obnoxious “Wives” shows (example) give me a quality product like Longmire any day.

  35. Beverley Hughes says:

    I’m insulted by A&E. And if viewers of reality television are the type of audience they want, fine. Longmire will be picked up by a network that appreciates the quality of the show as well as the intelligence of the audience. America is dumbed down enough by television. Here is a show with heart and soul, good honest characters, great actors, life lessons, morals, etc. and they tank it. Way to go A&E!! I will never watch anything on your channel. Never did until Longmire and never will now.

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  37. Donna Frano says:

    Actors have contracts through January. No worries.

  38. Bob Martin says:

    A&E brainfart, the viewers that are “too old” are the parents of the “Kids” that watch their other junk. My son wanted a Duck Dynasty theme birthday party and do his room up same, after A&E pulled this I changed his party theme and wont let him buy so much as a DD Tee Shirt!

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  40. roddtx says:

    Yes I boycott A&E, who wouldn’t? But Longmire will find a home but poor network decision making has cost millions in lost revenue so I think a firing is I order for those idiots. I also fail to understand how the networks believe 50 and above audiences do not shop…have they lost their minds? GO LONGMIRE, COMEON AMC…GRAB THEM UP

  41. Tom Brown says:

    Will watch the show no matter who picks it up. #LongLiveLongmire

  42. Pam says:

    A & E Network sucks, they wouldn’t know a good show if it bit them in the ass, I’m never ever going to watch that good for nothing network again. Longmire was the greatest. Long Live Longmire.

  43. Maybeeee says:

    A&E decided to drop Longmire because companies didn’t wanting to advertise to the older demographic of people who watch the show? HELLO, I’m 50 and have more money than a 20 year old… And FYI, most of the advertising during the Super bowl is to the same older demographics. So why hasn’t another network picked up the series?