Gwyneth Paltrow Dumped By Chris Martin For Alexa Chung – Couple Happy In Love – Will Live Together in England

Gwyneth Paltrow Dumped By Chris Martin For Alexa Chung - Couple Happy In Love - Will Live Together in England

It seems that the “uncoupling” divorce of Gwyneth Paltrow and Chris Martin was not the only “conscious” decision the couple has made about their relationship. Apparently, conscious cheating was the norm with Gwyneth and Chris and both were okay with it. The one rule they had was to not get too involved. You know…keep it fun, right? I wonder if their “conscious wedding vows” included that stipulation.

The one problem with Gwyneth’s idea to allow an open relationship—which has surely benefited her over the years—was that her hubby wasn’t into being promiscuous, but was more on the hunt for a little less-pretentious mate. He seemed to have found one in Alexa Chung. Multiple sources are reporting that the two became oh-so-close at the Glastonbury Music Festival in June 2013. The two were quite close throughout the entire festival and were spotted by multiple fans looking very comfortable together.

It was reported by LaineyGossip that Martin had, in fact, fallen for Alexa noting, “While Paltrow accepted her husband’s fling with a “skinnier” “fashion It girl”, it is reported that she “never expected he would fall in love. And that he wouldn’t be able to fall out of love even after he ended it.” ONTD reported that a festival attendee confirmed seeing the pair sitting by a fire away from the crowds at 4AM that Sunday morning. Many are now speculating that the two will begin a relationship since the Coldplay frontman is officially “uncoupled” from his estranged wife.

Interestingly enough, Alexa gave an interview in January 2014, telling Grazia Daily that she seems to prefer lead singers as potential mates, “I have no preference. I didn’t mean it to pan out that way. Even [my first boyfriend, photographer David] Titlow was a lead singer in the 80s. In a band called Blue Mercedes. I didn’t intend to date lead singers. Actually, there have been other occupations, but [the musicians] are the ones people wrote about.” She further went on to share her comfort level with musicians, “I don’t know why. Maybe I’m somewhat musical. I would never be brave enough to make music, but I’m definitely very intrigued by the process. I suppose they’re the people with the most open timetables, so it’s very easy to hang out with musicians because they’re always around. I’m comfortable with them, I understand the whole thing, you know?”

I’m sure her love of England just sealed the deal. Alexa has shared how much she loves England and how she misses being there when she is in the states. You may recall that this was a source of contention between Gwyneth and Chris. He wanted to move back to England, while Gwyneth wanted to stay planted in the US.

Alexa sure seems a better fit for Martin. Stay tuned CDLers…this story is likely far from over. Who do you think is a better partner for Chris – Gwyneth or Alexa?

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  1. drdebo cherry says:

    she smokes…..funny….

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  6. Guest says:

    She and Chris are together as much as possible and she can be as she is working on her career. They basically live together.

  7. guest says:

    Alexa makes Chris happy after years of misery. I say that is a wonderful thing PLUS she is so so so much nicer than Gwynie!