Amber Heard Pregnant: Fiance Johnny Depp Must Hide Baby Bump From Amber’s Old-Fashioned Father! (PHOTOS)

Amber Heard Pregnant: Fiance Johnny Depp Must Hide Baby Bump From Amber's Old-Fashioned Father! (PHOTOS)

Johnny Depp and Amber Heard solidified a permanent place for themselves in the tabloids two years ago when their relationship became official. According to the rumors, some weeks they are planning a fall wedding, some weeks they are broken up, and some weeks they are expecting a baby. The August 25th edition of OK! Magazine confirms that there’s some truth to one of those rumors, Amber Heard is pregnant with Johnny Depp’s baby! Even more amazingly, reports suggest Amber has put on weight and is sporting a baby bump!

The magazine claims, “They may never get married, but Johnny Depp, 51 and Amber Heard, 28 do have big news. They’re expecting! After telling friends for weeks now that they are “actively trying” to conceive Amber is showing every sign that it worked.” A friend of Amber’s told OK! that, “She’s glowing and has definitely put on four or five pounds. And, she goes home early every night now.”

This article in OK! Magazine just adds to multiple other signs and stories that have been leaked to the press regarding a possible bun in the oven over the course of the last few weeks.

There really is no doubt in our minds that Amber is pregnant; ironically, there is no doubt in Amber’s dad David Heard’s mind that she is not pregnant. In a recent interview, David was certain that his daughter and Johnny Depp would be tying the knot this autumn. And when asked if he was going to become a grandfather, he explained that the Heard family is “traditional” and there will be no Johnny Juniors until after Depp and Heard say “I Do.”

It sounds like Johnny and Amber are trying desperately not to upset Grandpa Heard, and that is why they haven’t confirmed Amber’s pregnancy. The celebrity couple is obviously trying to get down the aisle before her baby bump becomes blatantly obvious.

Do you think Amber Heard is pregnant for real this time or is it another false alarm? Let us know what you think in the comments below!

Amber Heard in LA on August 3

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10 responses to “Amber Heard Pregnant: Fiance Johnny Depp Must Hide Baby Bump From Amber’s Old-Fashioned Father! (PHOTOS)”

  1. Avmir says:

    I don’t know, the only thing i know for sure it’s when it occurs (Amber = pregnant) Johnny will lost the little amount of sanity that still remains into his head :D he will go all crazy for the baby, even crazier of what already he is for Amber, droolling 24/7, gushing 24/7 and his face could dissapear behind a big toothy smile…
    It would be ADORABLE to see him like this =)

  2. Phydeaux says:

    She is SO unattractive!

  3. noabmer says:

    If she looks glowing it’s probably the toxic waste coming out of her skin. She is smiling b/c she knew the paps were there. She is putting on her usual diva show and nothing more. Having a baby with this fame ho money sucker would be the worst thing Johnny could do right now or any time in the future

  4. andy says:

    Yeah like avmir said, it will prove he’s lost his mind, it will also prove a tiger doesn’t change it’s stripes and Amber will have succeeded in making those “I want be famous” claws permanent. However, I don’t think she realizes she won’t get the fame and acclaim. It will however prove that Depp is a real dumb ass.

  5. Kyra says:

    There is no baby bump and she looks the same. Just more BS

  6. Duh says:

    OMG four days ago he was possibly leaving and now she’s pregnant. Do you not remember that heard spits out false stories all the time. Winner here! He’s going to be jam packed over the next year doing movies while she can’t travel? No way. Not to mention she’s had almost not attention for over 3 months. Sounds more like she jonsing for articles.

  7. DrMomLovesLife says:

    Maybe I’m wrong, but isn’t Amber openly bisexual? I find it difficult to believe that a “conservative” parent would find that easier to accept than an unwed pregnancy (if she is, indeed, pregnant).

  8. frank says:

    .. She is the most tiresome woman. I do not get what Johnny see’s in this bimbo! She is BORING, not even half way pretty,, her personality is brassy and unappealing. She is only in this for all the fame she can get. And Johnny Depp has lost almost all of his fans and respect over this girl, not to mention his mind!!

  9. mrs depp says:

    I don’t believe that amber is pregnant, one johnny’s said that he doesn’t want anymore because of his age.