American Idol Rush Week Bombs: Fans Confused by Twist and Annoyed By 5 Unfair Eliminations

American Idol Rush Week Bombs: Fans Confused by Twist and Annoyed By 5 Unfair Eliminations

This week marks the very first ever “Rush Week” on FOX’s American Idol, and now that viewers finally understand the new twist, it isn’t settling well among them. We were all a little confused about what exactly American Idol’s “Rush Week” entailed, now that we have saw it played out last night live, we aren’t fans of it.

Last week the American Idol judges announced the Top 15 of the American Idol men and women. However this week, only ten of the Top 15 men and Top 15 women are actually singing live for America’s votes. Apparently between last week’s episode and this week’s episode the American Idol judges sat down and chose a Top 10 for each category.

The contestants and the viewers had no idea who the Top 10 girls were last night, until the judges announced their names and they were rushed down to the stage to perform. By the end of last night’s live show, five singers were eliminated, and America never even got to vote for them or hear them sing live. At the end of last night’s show, viewers realized that Andrina Brogden, Jillian Jensen, Brandy Neelly, Austin Wolfe and Kenz Hall had been eliminated and they never even got a chance to hear them sing live and vote for them.

As if axing five of the Top 15 without any real explanation wasn’t annoying enough, the whole “Rush Week” theme really put a damper on the night’s performances. The majority of the ten girls that did get to perform, delivered what could easily be considered their worst performances thus far. Who could blame them? It was their first time singing ever on live television, and they had no idea whether or not they would even be chosen to sing. They were all secluded in a booth and had to wait and see if their name was called out next, knowing that if their name wasn’t called, they were going home. No pressure guys!

Were you a fan of American Idol’s new “Rush Week” twist? Or are you as confused and annoyed by it as the rest of us?

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