Angelina Jolie Pregnant by Brad Pitt: ‘Miracle’ IVF Baby, New Addition To Family? (PHOTOS)

Angelina Jolie Pregnant by Brad Pitt: 'Miracle' IVF Baby, New Addition To Family?

Will the tabloids ever, ever give up on trying to make Angelina Jolie pregnant? Just because they were right once, way back before Shiloh [Jolie-Pitt] was born, doesn’t mean that the audience will continue to buy into it. Yet here we are, with yet another report alleging that Angie’s pregnant – and this time, with a ‘miracle‘ IVF baby.

Because Angelina underwent her preventative surgery last year, the report suggests that she had her eggs frozen so that she and Brad Pitt could have another biological child in the future should they see fit. And now, Angelina’s apparently bearing the fruits of her decision, and after undergoing IVF treatments ‘earlier this year’, she’s pregnant again!

A source even tells Star Magazine, “Now she’s pregnant! Angie is so happy about it, she’s already call this her ‘miracle baby.'”

Um, when exactly was she supposed to have undergone IVF treatments? She didn’t even have time to complete her final surgery, yet she had time to go to the hospital for several IVF treatments? While directing a movie, doing re-shoots on another movie, going through all her humanitarian work, and taking care of her six children?

Of course, reality often doesn’t parallel these reports. I seriously doubt Angelina and Brad are looking to increase their brood – at least, not right now. They’re both so busy with their careers and their lives, and their kids are on the cusp of growing up. Give it another few years, and no doubt Angelina and Brad will add another kid [or maybe even a few other kids] to the family. However, I don’t think either of them cares about whether the kids are their biological kids or their adopted kids – to them, it’s all the same, as it should be.

Photo Credit: FameFlynet