Angelina Jolie Pregnant After Successful IVF Treatment – Seventh Child

Angelina Jolie Pregnant After Successful IVF Treatment - Seventh Child

Expanding their rainbow family has always seemed a little more important to Angelina Jolie than planning an over the top wedding to Brad Pitt and it looks like any wedding plans will be pushed back again. After detailing her double mastectomy last year and admitting that she will ultimately have her ovaries removed to ensure that she is not the next victim to the deadly cancer that runs in her family and killed her mother, Marcheline Bertrand, Angie kind of insinuated that one more baby might be in the cards. Now, according to the May 26th print edition of Star Magazine those new curves that Angie has been sporting in recent weeks are because she is indeed pregnant.

A few years ago Angie reportedly had her eggs frozen and she opted to use them recently in an IVF procedure with the hopes of achieving a healthy pregnancy. Supposedly she and Brad were skeptical about it working and they were ecstatic when they realized that the pregnancy test that Angie took was positive. The couple was supposedly gearing up for a summer wedding in France but that may be pushed back until the newest family member can also share the special day with them.

Sources close to Angie say that she is very hands on and can certainly handle a 7th child. However people that have seen her out and about with the kids seem to tell a different story- one that paints a picture of kids that are totally spoiled and out of control. Do you think another child is the answer for Angie and Brad now or would they be wiser to focus on the huge family that they already have? Tell us your thoughts in the comments below!

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    great. another kid to exploit. she really does love the looks of herself and brad cuddling a baby though. So do the tabloids. very important for them.

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    I agree.. what Brad and Angelina do is their business. I’m all for big families and was raised in one. Good for them if they want to have more!