Awkward Recap 10/28/14: Season 4 Episode 17 “The New Sex Deal”

Awkward Recap 10/28/14: Season 4 Episode 17 “The New Sex Deal”

Tonight on MTV their comedy series AWKWARD about an under-the-radar teen continues with an all new Tuesday October 28, season 4 episode 17 called, “The New Sex Deal.” On tonight’s Jenna [Ashley Rickards] rents a party bus for Valentine’s Day.

On the last episode, the battle of the sexes erupted again; Tamara and Jenna’s “Dude Database” went viral. Did you watch the last episode? If you missed it, we have a full and detailed recap right here for you.

On tonight’s episode after the battle of the sexes, the Valentine’s Day prospects are dim.

Be sure to tune in for AWKWARD on MTV at 10 PM EST and check here for a live recap of all of Jenna’s angst and Tamara’s freak outs. Hit up the comments to tell us what you think of the episode and what you think will happen with Jenna, Matty, Tamara, Jake, Sadie and all the others in Season 4. While you wait for the recap, check out a sneak peek of tonight’s episode below!

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Jenna is hated by everyone because all the guys in school are holding out because they’re still mad about being rated by the girls. Tamara says the Great Repression has ruined Valentine’s Day. Jenna reminds her that she was in on it too. Jenna opens her locker and a pile of blue balls falls out of her locker. Some guys says she gave them blue balls so they’re giving them back. A girl comes up and dumps a slushee on her head.

Val wonders what Will has planned for V-Day and tells Lissa her BF started out as her stalker. She then tells Lissa that she just found out her sister was really her mom. Lissa says her mom sent her BF/brother to another family and her dad is in gay rehab. She says this is making her not trust God’s plan. Jenna learns about the New Deal ending the Great Depression and that inspires her to find a solution. She makes a call and barters for something for $200. She’s booked a party bus.

Matty hassles Jenna about the blue balls and she says she rented a party bus and reminds them about the Julies and their double decker. Jenna says the driver looks the other way. Matty agrees to ride it. Val goes to chat with Will about V-Day plans and he says he’s out of town to go diving this weekend. Val asks why he’s going and he says he needs R&R. She tries to drop a hint but he’s clueless and goes.

Tamara has booze for the bus and then Sadie and Sergio pull up. She’s mad that he’s working and says she hopes he chokes on a chalupa. Lissa is there and says Sadie can be her date. Sadie says that’s just sad. Matty pulls up and gets out looking good. Jenna does a lady swoon until she sees he’s got Gabby with her. The turn out is pretty lame so far. They all wonder where the bus is.

Tamara tells her to focus on ending the drought not on exes. Jake rolls up and Tamra obsesses a little. The party bus rolls up and Theo says it’s a stripper’s meth lab. The dude rolls out and asks for the Benjamins up front. They all load up in the depressing looking bus. Sadie asks if something died in here and the driver says someone did last week but he febreezed. Jenna grabs the stripper pole which comes loose from its mooring. It’s just sad.

They try to have fun. Theo and Cole are there, the usuals and some randoms. Jenna says her party bus is more like a funeral processional. The driver says no open containers so the booze is out. They decide to play never have I ever with warm water. Theo says never have I ever ridden in something so revolting. Cole adds – or on – and they drink. Sadie says she’s never been in a mobile leprosy unit. Matty says he’s never been with a MILF and Jake has to drink.

Tamara asks who he banged and he won’t give. Gabby says never has she ever scored triple digits in mini golf and Matty has to drink. Jenna is annoyed with Gabby and Matty’s flirting. Jenna says never has she ever taken someone’s virginity. She forces Matty to drink then she does and he wants to know whose V card she swiped. She says it wasn’t Luke and then the party bus comes to a slamming halt.

Val complains to Ally and Lacey that once she let the stalker in, the romance died. They are at the school to chaperone the dance and Ally has a drink sack in her cleavage and offers Val a chance to suck on it but she says she’s on duty. The bus puts the kids out at the school and Lissa sees some candy and pops it in her mouth – she wonders why the candy heart says Molly. Jenna sees a condom fell on the floor and asks what guy was breaking the sex ban tonight and Matty has to admit it’s his.

Gabby stomps out and Matty follows in shame. The others pile out. Theo and Cole wonder where their party favors of and realize the vestal virgin Lissa took the pill. They are intrigued. Val decides to drink from Ally’s booze boobs and then they realize they are late to the party. Jenna says they need to get the booze off the bus. Turns out the bus driver guzzled it all and everyone gangs up on Jenna for sucking.

Jenna tells Tamara she’s taking all the heat for something she did with her. Lissa is high and asks Cole and Theo if she could have the gay gene like her dad. They asks if she loves a girl and she says her mom but then also says Sadie. They tell her that they bet Sadie smells like puppies and they send her over in all her horny, stoned glory.

A girl comes over and threatens Jenna with violence if she doesn’t get laid tonight. Desperate, Jenna takes the stage and says she’s sorry about the ranking thing but says it shouldn’t ruin the dance or V-Day. Tamara calls Jake a MILF slayer and tells her to help but Jake reminds her she’s the BFF. Tamara takes the stage and admits she was in on it. She gets boos. They encourage the guys to cut lose without worry about being ranked. Lissa heads over to Sadie and starts touching her then kisses her.

That gets the guys going and they all run to the girls. Lissa asks if she can touch her hair and Theo and Cole say this is their finest work. Jenna thanks her and Tamara says she should have volunteered as tribute days ago. The chaperones show up finally. Jake tells Tamara a little about the MILF and says he’s been getting her off multiple times. Tamara agrees to give Jake a try at taking her to O town again.

Matty asks Jenna what she was pulling with the game in front of Gabby and says she’s getting aggro. He tells her thanks to her game, Gabby left and he’s alone. Lacey says she remembers getting kicked out of a dance when Kevin went down on her and Ally says that’s romantic. She lights up and Val says it’s not cool but then pushes her under the fire alarm to keep smoking.

Sadie tells Val that Sergio bailed on her to work and Val says they can hang but then Sergio shows up and Sadie says she has to be a spinster alone. Val says she’s the biggest loser here but Will is there. He says he wanted to kick it old school so he’s been stalking her ass all night. They smooch. Jake works on Tamara and she’s just meh but then then he finally hits the right spot and makes her moan. The sprinklers turn on thanks to Ally and everyone breaks into wet smooches. Looks like the nookie drought is over for everyone except Jenna.

At school, Jenna is happy that everyone is back to just hating her like normal. Sadie tells her she ruined Lissa’s life who is suspended for two weeks because of her molly. Tamara asks if she’s seen Jake. Jenna asks her not to go over since Matty is mad and Tamara says he’s in the right because she wronged him. Jenna apologizes to Matty and he says he was being dickish too. He says Gabby isn’t mad and just wants to take things slow.

He says she’s a virgin and he respects that. He says some things are worth waiting for. He goes over to Gabby. Jenna is mad because she realizes Matty thinks Gabby is worth waiting for but he clearly didn’t feel that way about her.